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Johnny Bravo Character Ask 2

I don’t necessarily see the Studio as a place where everyone is always ready to bone no matter what, so someone like Johnny who hits on literally every person he’s attracted to will still get plenty of rejections one way or another. Still, I thought it’d be fun to see him hooking up with someone who says “yes,” and Jasmine just kinda came to mind as a casual partner he could have fun with.

Jasmine x Lapis

Okay, so many, many years ago (back when I was still on Blogspot), I tried to do a big orgy pic that featured a bunch of the characters I’d drawn up to that point. It was mostly populated by characters I thought I’d be drawing a lot at the time, most of whom I haven’t actually drawn more than a handful of times looking back at it now. I put a lot of work into this pic back then, and it’s kinda hovered over my head for a long time. I’ve decided to go back to it, working on it piecemeal in smaller pics. If I get enough of it done this way, then maybe it won’t seem so daunting to go in and finish the full thing somewhere down the line.
This pairing of Lapis and Jasmine was done around the time I drew both of them for the first time, and was the most completed segment of the full image. So I went in and finished it. This drawing is extremely old, and I’d draw these two different if I did it today, I think, but hopefully people will still enjoy seeing them together even if the lineart’s not up to my current standards.

Aladdin Character Ask 2

This Ask is referencing an older pic of mine where Aladdin is selling himself on the street. I figured it’d be fun if he dressed back up like in that pic and demonstrated someone buying “the top item”, which would’ve been 1 hour of time with the right to finish in his ass. Someone on the Discord recently joked about how, between recent work and some upcoming stuff, I’d been doing a lot of full nelson content lately, and I figured since we haven’t seen Aladdin in that position yet I might as well lean into it for this pic.

A Wish for Genie

This is a pic that kinda snuck up on me. I’m not sure what exactly sparked it, but I found myself thinking about a few older pics involving these three I had started but never finished. I didn’t really like the idea of going back to any of those projects, but I did feel like taking another stab at the threesome, so here we go. I know I’ve gotten a few requests for stuff featuring Aladdin, and I hope those folks will enjoy seeing him here.

Bulma Briefs Character Ask 3

So this Ask interests me, ’cause it’s a rare case of being able to have the character answer “no” without removing the interesting parts of the answer. Honestly I don’t have any characters I’d consider, like, a strapon specialist… As frequently as I engage with strapon porn, it hasn’t come into my work all that much. Still, I figured Bulma listing off some other possible contenders but not fully accepting the proposed title fit pretty well. As for Bulma’s partner here, I wanted to use a non-Dragon Ball character (as I always do for Asks specifically referencing the Studio), but I wasn’t sure who to use. I ran a randomizer of characters I’ve drawn, and got some interesting possibilities. A runner-up was Lord Dominator, ’cause I really liked the idea of Bulma hooking up with a hot alien chick, but in the end decided this role didn’t really fit her. Jasmine was a bit different. For some reason it’s really easy for me to imagine Bulma and Jasmine getting along well (perhaps because they both come from privileged backgrounds, or both having an association with the color blue? I’m not sure), and I decided to go with her for the visual portion of this Ask. It could’ve really been almost anyone, but I like this fit.


January ’20 One-Shot

Here’s last month’s One-Shot comic, released here now. This one sees Sora pairing up with a handful of princesses from the first Kingdom Hearts game. A lot of this one was left up to me, including poses and locations. I tried to place each scene in an area from the game where Sora actually met the character being shown. Hope you all enjoy the comic page!

On the Balcony

This is a quick and simple pic. Some time ago I ran a poll asking what Disney princesses you all liked, and while the top spot jumbled around a bit, Jasmine seemed to spend a lot of time at number one and was sitting comfortably ahead at the time the poll closed. So, when I was looking for a quick straight pic I could do to balance things out a bit around here, I went to her.

I had some fun with this one, as I used the colors from the actual balcony scene. I don’t usually use such strong purples in my shading, but for this pic it was nice and I’m happy with the final result. I don’t suspect this is the last time I’ll draw a Disney princess (or even Princess Jasmine, for that matter), and I might try a different palette next time.

Those of you who follow the cBox probably saw that I had to take my computer into the shop again yesterday. I don’t think there’s anything seriously wrong with it, but it doesn’t recognize the wireless adapter inside it and I think it needs to be opened up to fix. I’m mostly waiting for them to get to me, as there were other computers ahead of mine, but I’m optimistic that it’ll be a quick fix once it’s done. Thankfully, everything I did to continue working last time is still in place, so I was able to keep working on this pic and should be good to continue on others. It’s a bit difficult for me to draw new content right now, but anything I did the early sketch work for I should be able to keep working on. Really, the only thing that might be affected by this (unless the computer’s gone for a week or more) is the comics.

Also, I’m currently collecting the names of female characters you guys would like to see more of. I always enjoyed doing the Woman of the Month when WWOEC was around, and I’d like to try randomizing the suggestions of my followers to pick an obscure lady to draw sometime this month. I currently have four nominees, but I’m willing to take on a few more before I see who the lucky lady is.