EcchiMask – Study Break, Page 5

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Here’s the fifth page of EcchiMask’s comic “Study Break”, with colors provided by yours truly. On this page, Gohan’s oral efforts yield results, as his dad unloads all over his face. Enjoy!

Rogue Riding

I’ve had the inclination to draw Rogue here a time or two in the past. Recently I decided to go ahead and do a simple dildo pic with her, since I figure that’s what would make the most sense when considering her powers. This is my first time doing anything with X-Men: Evolution, I believe, but maybe it won’t be the last. 🙂

March ’19 Patreon One-Shot

This One-Shot was selected from a list of ideas submitted to my Patreon, like all of the One-Shots I do each month. This script called for a return of Gohan and Zangya together, and we even kept them in the same basic location as their last One-Shot appearance. The Patron who submitted this script also encouraged me to add any dialogue I felt like, so I tried to create a bit of a dynamic that I hope adds some life to the scene. The footjob panel was also added in by me (i.e., it wasn’t in the submitted script) because I was having trouble fitting the panels in a way I liked and thought it’d make the overall page better (at the very least, I think it’s better than having just moutnains and sky there). Anyway, I hope you all enjoy!

The Lovers and The Brothers, Page Ten

And here’s the tenth and final page of The Lovers and The Brothers! It’s been a fun ride, I hope everyone enjoyed this comic. I know it’s a weird crossover, but that’s what the Xoverse is all about. I thought these four paired together in a pretty unique and fun way, personally. We’ve got another ongoing Patreon comic that’s gonna start up soon (first page will go public in one month), and that one is also an Xoverse comic but is very different from this one (I think). Hope to see you all for that one soon!

Trunks Briefs Character Ask 4

So this Ask is following up on the previous two in this story. For those who didn’t read those, Gohan and Zangya are embroiled in a contest (sparked by a previous Ask) over who is the best at giving rimjobs. Gohan won the first judge, Ochaco Uraraka, over with his technique, but it seems now they’re tied with Trunks claiming Zangya is better. We’ll see who the third judge sides with later, assuming these Asks continue in next month’s batch.

Gohan Rims a Lady

This here’s a Mini Commission nominated through my Patreon. The patron just wanted to see Gohan rimming an anon woman sitting on his face, but you’re welcome to imagine it’s Chi-Chi, Bulma, or whomever if you want. The patron told me he didn’t really care which version of Gohan I used, but since he said “kid Gohan” in the original nomination I decided to go with the longer hair like he had when he was younger (since the version I typically use for Gohan is mostly referred to as “teen” not “kid”). Anyway, hope you all enjoy the pic. ^_^

Near Pokédex F134 – Vaporeon

So Vaporeon won my last Patreon poll for the ‘dex. It’s not surprising to see another Eevee-line winner (Eevee tied for first on my last male poll, too), and I kinda suspect we’ll be seeing a lot more of the Eeveelutions through this polling system in the future. I always imagined Vaporeon to have a smooth texture instead of being furry like most of the Eeveelutions, so for this one I tried to make her extra shiny to convey that. I had a little bit of trouble fitting the full drawing into here without making them too small, so apologies her hand is off-screen and the tail’s partially obscured/cut off, but I think this is the best framing of it possible.

Shōyō Hinata Character Ask 2

So, here’s a funny story. When I first read this Ask, I thought it was directed at Hinata Hyuga from Naruto. I even sketched out a good portion of her body preparing for her answer. Then I remembered, “Oh, yeah, that Haikyu!! kid is also named Hinata, isn’t he? And he actually plays volleyball… this is probably directed at him.” So I started over, haha, but the good news is this gave me a bit more to talk about in his response. You see, his ass has already been put to its limits the last time we saw him around these parts, when Luffy stuffed him to capacity with his rubber dick. So he’s got a pretty good idea of what he can take, and it’s significantly less than a volleyball.

Ryder Showing Off

So this pic is a Mini Commission nominated through my Patreon, featuring Ryder of the PAW Patrol. I’ve seen a lot of this show around at, like, toy stores or whatever, but I’m not super familiar with it. It’s a little too young-minded, even for a cartoon buff like myself, and it’s too recent for me to have nostalgia for it like I might would older preschool-targeted franchises. The MC nomination for this one only specified that Ryder should be nude, so I posed him like this to give a different kinda angle that I haven’t done too much of in the past. ^_^

Loren’s Friend

So this is Loren’s friend Lucien Vinson. Like Loren he comes from money, though he goes to a private all-boy’s school just outside of Applebridge. Their parents are friends, and even though Lucien is older he looks up to Loren for being more confident and world-wise than he is. So, Loren decided it’d be fun to have a partner in crime, and brought Lucien along for an expedition.
I liked this set-up, because it kinda doubles as in-universe dialogue while also being an intro message for y’all. Hopefully you all like Lucien and we can do more with him in the future. ^_^