NHS Spotlight: Monkey D. Luffy

NHS Spotlight: Monkey D. Luffy

By April O’Neil

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first arrived at the office building where I’d be interviewing renowned pirate captain and dick-slinger, Monkey D. Luffy. Luffy is known not only as one of the most prolific figures in the Near Hentai Studios, but also one of the least predictable. I had no way of knowing how interested he was in sitting down for a straightforward interview with yours truly, but I was pleasantly surprised by his big grin and hearty handshake as I stepped into the interview room.


LUFFY: “So this is it, huh? We’re doin’ this?”


I nodded and smiled as we sat down across from each other.


APRIL: “Of course! Thank you so much for agreeing to sit down with me today.”


LUFFY: “Well thanks for havin’ me!”


APRIL: “And are you familiar with how this interview will be conducted?”


LuFFY: “How d’ya mean?”


APRIL: “Well, we took all of today’s questions off of our social media feed. Fans of yours wrote in with what they most wanted to know about you, directly from the horse’s mouth.”


Luffy frowned and nodded, seeming to consider my explanation.


LUFFY: “I don’t really get it, but I’ve got no secrets. Ask me anything you want!”


APRIL: “Yes, well, all right. First up, we’ve got a doozie. Who’s your favorite Straw Hat to fuck?”


LUFFY: “From my crew, huh? Well… I didn’t do much fucking around with them in my old life, and not everyone’s made it out here to the Studio yet. I guess… It’s gotta be either Zoro or Nami. I can’t really choose, they’re both so different!”


APRIL: “I’m assuming Nami when you’re topping, and Zoro when you’re bottoming?”


LUFFY: “Sure! Shishishi!”


APRIL: “Well, who in the Straw Hats is tighter between Nami and Robin?”


LUFFY: “Which hole?”


APRIL: “Er… they didn’t specify…”


LUFFY: “Well, Robin’s got the tighter ass, but Nami’s pussy is tighter.”


APRIL: “I see. Thank you for the direct answer. Next up: How big is Franky down there?”


LUFFY: “Oh, hm… That’s tough. Like I said, I didn’t mess around with my crew the same way before as I do now, and Franky’s one of ‘em who’s missin’ from the Studio. I have seen him, of course, just not at full mast. I guess… He’s probably about the same as Zoro, maybe a little shorter?”


APRIL: “Well, moving on to Studio residents. Can you explain the relationships you have with Goku, Vegeta and Zoro?”


LUFFY: “Oh! Well, Zoro’s my first mate, he’s been with me through everything. Goku’s a good pal, we spend a lot of time goofin’ off together, and we get booked to do a lot of shoots together, too! Vegeta’s, um… He’s Goku’s pal, I don’t really know him that well. He seems like a fun guy, though!”


APRIL: “And do you consider yourself a stud? Or a twink, or even a twunk?”


LUFFY: “I got no clue what those words mean. I’m just Luffy.”


APRIL: “Ah, well… a stud is like, hm… You know what? That’s probably good enough. Let’s move on.”


LUFFY: “Sure!”


APRIL: “Let’s see… the next one might be difficult, too… I guess we’ll try it. Of those three, who do you prefer to shoot with?”


LUFFY: “I like shooting with people who are fun to be around! Which one of those is the most fun?”


APRIL: “I guess that would, uh… depend… i think historically you’ve teamed up with studs most, and fucked twinks the most?”


LUFFY: “Oh-ho! Is that so? Well, that must be the answer, then! You’re pretty clever!”


APRIL: “Not at all, haha… And would you say that you, Goku and Vegeta are pretty similar in dick size?”


LUFFY: “Oh, I think so? Mine looks longer ‘cause I’m a bit more wiry than those guys, but we’re probably pretty close.”


APRIL: “Now, let’s move on to Boruto. You’ve shot with him a few times. Is your relationship with him just work, or is it more than that?”


LUFFY: “I don’t think anyone I’ve shot with is ‘just work’ to me. I’m a pirate, work and play are all the same! Boruto’s fun to fuck, he’s got a soft ass. He’s always been real friendly to me, but we’ve not spent too much time together off-set. I like him, though.”


APRIL: “And so far you’ve only bottomed for Zoro. Could you tell us why you like being dominated by him, and if you’re interested in being the bottom for anyone else in the Studio?”


LUFFY: “Oh, well… I guess it just worked out that way. I don’t think there’s any reason for it. I’ve only ever been asked to bottom for Zoro so far, so that’s all I’ve done.”


He gave me a bit of a shrug, and I decided that was the best we’d get from him on the matter.


APRIL: “Alright, well, how long can you stretch your foreskin?”


LUFFY: “I don’t think I got one of those. As far as any other part of me, though, I’d bet.”


APRIL: “Fair enough.When you’re with someone who has electric powers, how does their electricity make your cock feel?”


LUFFY: “I ain’t never tried it, but I don’t really feel shocks the way other people do. I don’t think it’d do anything for me.”


APRIL: “And do you and Gon do anything special on your birthdays, since you share the same one?”


LUFFY: “Oh, we’ve got quite a few friends in common, so they like to throw us a double party, y’know? Sometimes afterwards we’ll fuck just the two of us, but usually it’s more of an orgy thing with our pals.”


APRIL: “And who’s your favorite bottom boy? That is, who’s ass do you like fucking the most?”


LUFFY: “Er…Oh, uh, Gohan, I guess? No reason.”


APRIL: “And one fan says many people want to see you appear with Son Goku, and if you’ll fulfill their request?”


LUFFY: “I shoot with Goku all the time! I think I’ve done more shoots with him than not, right?”


APRIL: “I assume they’re asking more if you’d be willing to fuck or be fucked by Goku, directly?”


LUFFY: “Ah… I’ve done that a bit, but I guess not on camera. If it ever comes up on set, I’d be fine with it.”


APRIL: “And one person says they heard that you prefer Gon over the other boys, and wanted to know if that’s true. We did just hear you say your favorite is Gohan, though…”


LUFFY: “I do like Gon a lot, though! He’s a lot of fun! Definitely in my top five.”


APRIL: “How convenient! Our next question is the five best asses of the boys you’ve fucked.”


LUFFY: “Oh, I gotta list ‘em, eh? Gohan, Boruto, Gon, Frieza and Nagisa.”


He grinned, proud of himself for having the names ready off the top of his head.”


APRIL: “And how are you doing with Boa Hancock in the Studio? You helped her with her NHML debut, so have you been keeping up with her?”


LUFFY: “Sure! I see Boa around a lot! She’s kinda got her own fan following, though, so sometimes we’ll go awhile without seeing each other. We like to have fun together when we do meet up, though. She seems to be really happy about it.”


APRIL: “And do you prefer sex with boys or girls?”


LUFFY: “Don’t matter none to me. As long as they’re fun, I don’t care.”


APRIL: “And if Momonosuke joins the Studio, will you train him with Izuku and Gon, since they’re experienced sluts?”


LUFFY: “Uh, maybe? It’d depend on what he wanted, there’s plenty of experienced sluts around here.”


APRIL: “And, uh… Hm. I’m not sure how to phrase this one, so I’ll try and read it more or less verbatim.”


LUFFY: “I don’t know what that means, but sounds good to me!”


APRIL: “Alright, so there are messages in Twitter saying that Robin and Beast will meet Kazuki Yasaka for a threesome, and Kazuki is looking for a trainer who has a huge dick to train him to handle with them. If he asks for help, will you train him?”


LUFFY: “Huh?”


APRIL: “That’s, uh… that’s the question.”


LUFFY: “It sounds like… some people are making up something on Twitter about… some of the other people around the Studio having sex? I don’t get it. What’s it got to do with me?”


APRIL: “I guess, let’s just say, would you train or have sex with Kazuki Yasaka if he asked?”


LUFFY: “I dunno who that is, sorry… I probably would, though! I’m not picky.”


APRIL: “And, uh… in the future, will you shoot a scene with Goku bottoming to you?”


LUFFY: “If I get asked to, sure. I feel like I answered one like that already.”


APRIL: “It’s similar, but subtly different. Now then, when you have sex with boys, do you keep their underwear as a souvenir?”


LUFFY: “Nope.”


APRIL: “And when you partnered with Izuku for your third Character Ask, did you cum on his face or in his bottom?”


Luffy seems to think for a moment.


LUFFY: “Pretty sure that time I came in his butt.”


APRIL: “I see. And how did your first time having sex go?”


LUFFY: “Well, I wasn’t interested any in sex before I came here… The first time I did was with Natsu just before we both made our big debuts. It was fun! I don’t think it was anything special for me, though, but it helped me get used to the idea before we gangbanged Ash.”


APRIL: “And can you tell us about your time with Loren? What sexual activities did you both do?”


LUFFY: “Oh, uh… I was avoiding Loren for a long time. He was a little too interested in my gum-gum powers, you know? I thought the way he talked about me was a little creepy, but then we ended up paired together for the Calendar. When we did fuck, I think someone’d talked to him or somethin’ ‘cause he was a lot quieter. We had some nice, pleasant sex for the camera. I haven’t really seen him around since then, though.”


APRIL “And, uh… Hah! Sorry, but someone wants to know if everyone’s naked all the time in the Studio.”


LUFFY: “Nah! Then it wouldn’t be any fun when we did get naked, right?”


APRIL: “That’s right! Whenever I do see someone naked out in public, it’s usually because they’re fucking someone.”


LUFFY: “Yup! Almost always, shishishi!”


APRIL: “So, can you suck your own cock?”


LUFFY: “Yup, though it’s tough to do it without usin’ my gum-gum.”


APRIL: “And who would you say are some of the bottom guys who can take your cock better?”


LUFFY: “Who struggles the least? Gohan, Frieza, Whis, er… Boruto does great with it. Loren did well at first, but he kinda pushed me to keep fillin’ him up until he couldn’t take it, so I don’t know if I’d count him or not. He did fine with my normal size, though.”


APRIL: “And this one’s kind of similar, but who’s the best at taking your cock in the ass, and who’s the best at taking it in the mouth?”


LUFFY: “I guess… Gohan for ass, Killua for mouth? Hinata’s been gettin’ pretty good with his mouth, though, he’s catchin’ up.”


APRIL: “Alright, well, that’s all the questions I have for you today!”


LUFFY: “Oh, good! I was startin’ to get tired! It’s hard thinkin’ about some of this stuff!”


APRIL: “Well, you did great! Thank you for joining me today!”


LUFFY: “Sure! Shishishi, it was fun!”


We shook hands, and he wasted no time in heading out the door. For all I’d heard, he was very composed and professional for our interview, which was a great relief to me. As always, if you’d like to participate in our next Spotlight interview, keep your eyes on Twitter for who it’ll be and submit any questions you have! Thank you all for reading, and I’ll see you next time!


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