by A-boy
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Minotia paced around in his new room. He’d set up with a nice gaming computer, seeing as almost anything was available, and he’d wanted to learn a lot of new things technologically. A knock came at the door, and to his surprise, the brothers Gohan and Goten were there. “Hi, Gohan, Goten. Nice to see you here, but why’d ya come?”
“Well, your first ask was related to trap sluts, and we’ve been there before, Near even has another planned for me.”
Minotia blushed, remembering the two and their shootings in the archive. Gohan was undeniably the biggest star of the Studio, gay or straight, he was beloved by all. Goten was a ray of sunshine, and often, Goten would come and play with him, occasionally teasing him by “accidentally” holding, kissing, and grinding on Minotia’s cock.””Anyways, we think you should go, you’re really cute and we could help you practice. Let me just get Izuku, he was supposed to be here but I think he met with Mina and Ochako first. Goten and Minotia watched as Gohan went off to find Izuku.
They waited, and Goten began his part of the plan. “Hey, Minotia, do you really wanna be a part of the Trap Sluts?”
“Kind of, it seems really good, but I haven’t taken any dicks inside me yet.”
“Thing is, we were watching your shooting, eager to welcome you to the studio properly. We Dragon Ball boys have to stick together. We were thinking to offer you some help, a demo shooting, so Near could consider getting you in the Trap Sluts Lineup”
“That sounds nice of you guys, I would really appreciate it if you’d help me, both for looking pretty, and practicing taking dicks.”
“Gohan and Deku have a schedule of fucking Gon to practice his anal skills, so maybe you’ll enjoy me first”
“Oh, that’s great, you’ll be my first, I guess. Better to be fucked by an expert like you, right?”
“Just tell me when to slow down and keep going,”
Goten begins to strip the boy’s clothes.
“Big bro said no dick action till he’s back, so I’ll prep you for your first dick with some fingers instead.”
“Deku, I thought you said you were coming with us?” The half-saiyan popped up as Mina and Ochaco finished packing the best outfits that would fit Minotia. “I told you I was gonna get some stuff ready first, let’s drop by Keitaro, I invited him for more camera stuff, he’s really good, and he loves taking pictures anyways.
“Take my hand, thanks Mina, Ochaco, this will be a great help.” The two boys appeared at the scout’s door.
“Keitaro, are you here?”
“Just a minute.”
The brunette opened the door, still in his sleeping attire. “Hey guys, sorry, I kinda overslept, let me just get my camera and a bit of food. ”
“Sure, grab onto me.” The trio appeared at the cafeteria, where they grabbed a sandwich each, and warped to Minotia’s room. They arrived right as Goten stripped him. So, Minotia, get on your back.” Goten instructed, and he followed, instinctively raising his legs “You know more than you let on”
“It just felt like what to do next.”
Goten prodded the exposed virgin hole with his finger, then moved his face closer to the undefiled slit. He moved his tongue, and swiped up, eliciting a moan from the boy. He continued, tracing lines around the opening, swiping between the opening, and worked his tongue inside. “Ooohhh, Goten, that feels so good”
“Good job, little bro” Gohan chimes in as Goten continues his assault on the virgin hole. “Gohan, you brought friends”
“This is Izuku, or Deku, either is good, and that’s Keitaro, he’ll be doing the shooting, and if you want, you can also get him in the shots.”
“So many cock to go through, but I think I’ll go with Goten’s first, I know all of you have really big dicks, but I want the first to be him.” Goten intensified his assault, now moving to the more alien-looking boy’s stiff cock. He gave it a couple swift licks, and moved back to the hole he’d been prepping. He pressed a finger against it, which promptly sucked it in. “Get to sucking my dick, get it wet or your ass will be on fire”. Minotia moved and carefully licked the leaking tip of the half-saiyan’s cock. He wrapped his hand around the thick shaft, and continued to lick the pink head. “That’s right, get into your slut mode” Goten whispered as Minotia hungrily licked his cock. He pushed the tip inside and said “I said suck, remember? Just pace yourself, so you don’t gag.” He sucks the tip, studying the foreign, delicious taste, and feels his cock point up rock hard. Gohan approached and gave a quick lick to his cock, and began jerking him. The boy bucked wildly as the assault of pleasure on his body was just too much to handle. He moved his mouth and swallowed more of Goten’s cock, moaning around the shaft, till it hit his throat. He moved back, getting harder if it was possible, when it hit his throat, and he bobbed slowly up and down, making it nice and slick, while savoring his new favorite flavor. “Think you can take it in your throat or ass yet?”
“Ass, maybe, please be gentle, I heard it hurts if you’re new to it.”
The half-saiyan eased his cock out of the tight, warm mouth it had been in. He aimed at the hole he’d been lapping at like a dog to their owner, and pressed his aching cock against it. He prodded and whispered “Ready, baby?” he asked softly, and Minotia nodded. He took a deep breath, and Goten pushed in, met with no resistance, as his cock melted inside the warm cavern. He immediately started thrusting, while Minotia moaned sluttily as his ass was pounded. His moans rose in pitch as Gohan swallowed his cock completely, the brothers’ actions led him to reach his first orgasm.
“I’m CUMMING!” the boy yelled, and Keitaro quickly snapped a shot, stroking Deku’s cock and Gohan’s mouth was filled with cum. Goten sped up and released his cum inside the now prepped hole. “Ready for round 2?” Gohan asked, as his leaking cock was quickly rubbing between his cheeks.”Hahhhh, yeah, do me good like Goten” and Gohan slid in, while Deku moved over to his mouth. “Open up, Min.”
Minotia blushed as the hero student’s cock was warming up his cheek. He parted his lips, and easily noticed the difference of tastes, yet this was also enjoyable. Goten made him feel full of life (and dick) while Deku made him drunk with dick. He was expecting some pubes, but he was met with a clean, groomed cock, and he smelled fresh. He slowly slid the cock in and out of his mouth, running his tongue around it, from below, above, and swirling it around. He felt his mind become hazy, as Gohan slowly thrusted his used hole, and his mouth was filled with Deku’s meat. His cock throbbed as his ass, no, his boypussy, was invaded. “Keitaro should get some too.” Gohan chirped as he watches Keitaro jerking himself behind the recording camera. “Keitaro, get over here, we can go in double, Deku, and leave the mouth for Keitaro” he continued, while Minotia gulped as he feared he could not take it. Deku pulled out, and moved under him. “Hold my hand, I promise I’ll make you feel good”. The half-saiyan pulled out and rubbed his cock against Deku’s. They pushed together, each half against the current opening. Minotia’s cock throbbed in fear and desire. The two pushed inside, and a twinge of pain hit him, as tears flowed down his face. Deku pressed his lips against Minotia’s, and calmed him down. Gohan reached over to stroke Minotia’s dick, and found it still hard, which he firmly grabbed, and pumped slowly. “We’re gonna move now, Min” Deku warned.
“Sure, it’s ok now” Minotia replied, with more strength than earlier. The two rubbed against each other inside him, and all three were moaning.
“Ohhhhhhhh, this is amazing” they moaned in unison.
“Come here, Keitaro, I need more, you too Goten.”
The two quickly approached, and fed him their cocks. Minotia struggled, juggling two in his pussy, two in his mouth fighting for space. He sucked one and stroked the other, switching up every minute or so till they were close, Gohan and Deku slowed down to make sure they showered him all at once. The overwhelming sensations of assfucking, and sucking cock made him cum like a true Trap Slut. The sight of their slut unloading made them all move faster, and one by one they announced
“I’m cumming!”
Deku and Gohan shot, overflowing and kept shooting on Minotia’s ass. Goten and Keitaro covered him from head to toe with more cum, and Minotia laid there dreamily.
“We still have 3 more rounds, Minotia, so, get up and put on this bikini, you gotta look extra pretty, so we’ll clean you up before we fuck you silly again”.
He stared, as Deku, Goten, and Gohan all had flared up hair. He wasn’t told by anyone, but he could tell he was in for more good fucks.


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    Why the fuck are so many mfs asking stuff here? This isn’t a user support post or anything, this is just a fanfiction called “Support”, and none of you (except the 1st one) are even asking anything related to it. 🤦‍♂️

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