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Below you’ll find all the erotic stories hosted on Near Hentai, arranged alphabetically by author.


Gohan and Nagisa (DBZ/MHA – Teen shotcon, yaoi)
Kota Rewards Deku (My Hero Academia – Yaoi, shotacon)
Oliver’s Anal Practice Sessions (Applebridge – Male solo, shotacon)
Yugo’s Portal Fun (Wakfu – Male solo, shotacon)


Chi-Chi’s Fan Appreciation Tour, Chapter One: Meet the Fans (Yuri, Teen lolicon)
Chi-Chi’s Fan Appreciation Tour, Chapter Two: When You Bring a Bikini to a Pajama Party (Yuri, Teen lolicon)

Stained Capes, Chapter One: The Caged Bird Sings (Straight, Teen shotacon, Drugs, Dubcon, Femdom)
Stained Capes, Chapter Two: The Breaking of Nightwave (Straight/Yuri, Teen shotacon, Mind Control, Dubcon, Femdom, Shotadom)
Stained Capes, Chapter Three: The Butler Did It (Straight/Yaoi, Teen shotacon, Mind Control, Dubcon)


AI-Assisted Stories
(Stories written with assistance by AI.)

Beach Party (Steven Universe – Yuri, Futa, Lolicon, Orgy)
Butt Witch’s New Toys (Twelve Forever – Yuri, Futa, Lolicon, Shotacon, Dubcon, Femdom)