EcchiMask – Sharing My Dad, Page 5

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Here’s the fifth page of EcchiMask’s comic “Sharing My Dad”, which I provided colors for. Like the previous page we only see Gohan and Goku here, but it’s important to remember Ash is hiding under that bed this whole time.

Cat Noir

This is a Mini Commission taken from my pool of Mini Commission ideas submitted by supporters. The concept submitted here was just for Cat Noir from Miraculous Ladybug (or whichever name for the series you prefer, I’ve seen a ton) to be in some sort of ass-focused yaoi. I almost did a doggystyle POV pic, but I sort of shifted gears and did it this way instead. I’ve come close to drawing this character a number of times, but since I never watched Miraculous I never felt much of a connection to him and it was hard to maintain a personal interest in the pics. We’ve finally got him here, though, and I hope y’all enjoy seeing this side of him.

Wilcox Twins Embrace

So here we have a return appearance of Arlene Wilcox and her mysterious twin sister, the Ghost Witch of Old Salem, from the Scooby-Doo Show. It’s been a minute since I last did anything with either of these two, but I’m still very much into the Ghost Witch character. I wanted to fit her into my lineup for October posts, so I took this pic I drew alongside their last appearance and inked/colored it. It wasn’t necessarily my intention when I started it, but it kinda looks like the Ghost Witch has hypnotized or entranced Arlene somehow. Even though it’s accidental, I kinda like that concept for these two.
Anyway, this might be the last time I draw both of them together, I don’t know. I’d still like to do more with the Ghost Witch, but Arlene’s kinda forgettable and is really only useful to me as an incestuous partner for the Ghost Witch. So I’m not 100% ruling out more sisterly bonding from them in the future, but right now it’s not in the plans.

Taiga Akatora Character Ask 1

So, I know Taiga has his own route in Camp Buddy these days, but I know nothing about it. I only played through the game once, but in my playthrough Taiga’s initial bully persona faded away by the end and he was a happy, positive person who regretted bullying Keitaro and the others. I kind of picture Taiga in the Studio as a young man given a second chance in a new community. While there’s other Camp Buddy people in the Studio, I think he’d set his mind on becoming a better person, and I think that fiery personality mentioned in the question would be tempered, if not quelled completely. So while I think there’s a temptation to pair him up with, say, Bakugou or someone like that, I didn’t really want to go that route. However, I also didn’t have anyone good in mind for him to partner with, which is why he’s with some anons here. Maybe that’s not as interesting for y’all, since I know some folks really don’t care for when we use anon stunt cocks in Asks, but I didn’t want to just pair him up with the same folks Keitaro was with in his first Ask and anyone who came to mind felt like kind of a bad fit. There’s also the matter of quantity, where I felt I needed a handful of partners to go along with his stated goal of getting along with as many people as possible. So this is the solution I came up with.

Ersatzverse – The Maimuni Brothers

So this is the first pic in a concept I’ve been half-bouncing around in my head for a couple years now. For those not familiar with the term “ersatz”, it’s basically just a fancy word for a knockoff, which should hopefully explain why these characters look so familiar. I was inspired by some browser games I’ve seen where they use recolors/redesigns of popular characters to try and skirt copyright. Obviously copyrighted characters isn’t a huge concern for me, given the type of work I usually do, but for some reason I felt really drawn to the idea. So I’m trying to establish this new universe/setting for me to work in, called the Ersatzverse to just put a plain label on what it is upfront. I don’t know 100% how I’m going to actually use the characters in this setting, if I’m going to do comics, or just images with text similar to the Studio Tour pics, or do fics for my literature section… It’s possible I’ll do a little of all my options, since I don’t have one specific narrative that I want to focus on. For now, though, I’m planning to just release little pin-up pics of characters I want to introduce y’all to. I didn’t really want to do another “bio” series on top of Applebridge and the Spookyverse bios, so this will have to do.
So, let me introduce you to the Maimuni Brothers. On the left we have Holu Maimuni, the younger brother, while on the right is Molimo Maimuni, the older brother. These two are the leaders of a small group of desert bandits known as “The Feel-Good Bandits”. They don’t have any special powers like their more familiar counterparts, but are both skilled fighters. Despite how I drew them here (and I admit they turned out a bit more intense than I’d intended, but I kinda like it) the bandits aren’t proper villains or anything. They’re closer to Robin Hood type figures, I think, though they’re still notorious outlaws. They got their nickname through a habit of holding up wealthy caravans and not only taking the valuables, but ravaging any members of the caravan who caught their eye. Their sexual prowess being unmatched, their name is a direct reference to how their victims are left feeling after they escape.
The brothers have a sister, and her and her best friend will likely be the next pic I do for this setting. I don’t know for sure when that’ll be, I’m kind of anxious to get more characters out but I also don’t want to over-saturate my brand with them, so we’ll see. I imagine it won’t be too terribly long, though.

Caulifla Character Ask 1

So this Ask is referencing an older one Aunt Mito did. I don’t completely remember, but I assume my reasons for using Caulifla in that one were a bit arbitrary. She was most likely picked because 1) I knew she’d be recognizable even from behind and 2) I haven’t drawn her much and I know people like her. That second one was part of why I chose to answer this one, too. I think anyone who’s played the last update of my game will probably have had an experience a bit like what Caulifla describes. I don’t necessarily imagine these two having an especially deep relationship or anything, but casual sex friends doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility.

Roped Into This

So I’ve been revisiting The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. recently, and one character I really wanted to draw while the show was fresh with me was Shun Kaidou. We saw his mom and sister not long ago in the last MomSwap I did, but Shun himself is also pretty cute (as his his younger brother). Shun’s the type of character I just kinda want to draw being a slut for a bunch of different characters, but in this case I went with series protagonist Kusuo Saiki. Kusuo’s pretty asexual in the series, but he also has a bad habit of getting involved in situations he wants nothing to do with (his line in this picture being something he ends up saying with some regularity in the series). Shun’s whole gimmick is that he lives in a fantasy world, where he pretends to have secret powers contained by the bandages on his hands and is the target of a sinister cabal. Most of the early humor for his character comes from this, but I thought it’d be funny if he began incorporating ecchi tropes into his own internal logic. I feel like powering a superpower through cum like he talks about here is something I’ve seen a number of times in hentai doujins and the like. How exactly he managed to rope Kusuo into providing said cum I do not know, but here we are.

Sailor Moon Character Ask 1

I’m assuming most people are familiar with Sailor Moon and Goku as a pairing, whether it be through old works like Dragon Moon X or other similar stuff. The versions of characters I’m working with exist in their own continuity, though, so there’s no previous relationship between these two in the Studio or anything. However, it does seem like Serena/Usagi’s thinking about it, though. I guess we can consider this a tease, then, and maybe there’ll be an occasion to do something more with this pairing in the future.

Akimoto Yukie

One thing that Koikatsu makes easier to do than Artificial Academy did is to allow me to make characters beyond a bunch of students in a classroom. I can make teachers, family members, whomever alongside the main cast of characters. I decided to go ahead and do that with Yukie here, the mother of Kumiko. I don’t know how many of the characters I’ll add family to, I guess it’ll mostly depend on who I have ideas for, but I wanted Kumiko to have a single mother she lives with. The whole idea behind Kumiko’s character originally was to have a loli-type who enjoyed domming other girls bigger than her (mostly the passive and submissive Fujiwara Michiyo), and her mother here is meant to play into that. Yukie’s a sweet but simple mother, who loves her daughter very much but is also very lazy and passive. Hopefully some day I can release something with Kumiko’s bratty nature getting the better of her mother’s sweet one.