Huey Freeman Character Ask 3

So, I’ve definitely drawn Huey getting fucked by adults before, though I think it’s always been anons or whatever. I did like the idea of some Huey/Goku action, though (went with him over Vegeta since I just did a Vegeta Ask), so here we are! Plus, like Huey says, I think all the boys he’s been with on-camera have also worked with Goku, so he might as well take a turn, too.

Takatsu – S wa Fragile no S, Page 21

I took a bit of a break from it, but I’m back to coloring S wa Fragile no S. This is still a low-priority project for me, and I have a lot on my plate, so new pages will probably be extremely slow (maybe even more so than before), but I will work on it when I have the time. I know some folks would probably prefer it if I waiting until I got to the good parts and release the pages in bulk, but if I did that I’d never get there. Releasing the pages as I finish them is the only way I can keep any kind of momentum, so I appreciate y’all’s patience on the matter.

Peach and Tiara

I drew this pic back in 2018, not long after I finished Super Mario Odyssey. When you beat the game, Peach and Tiara can be seen visiting each of the game’s locations, going on a cute little lesbian vacation tour together. Drawing Peach in a recent Ask reminded me of this pic, and I decided to finish it. I really wanted to draw them together after seeing them traveling together, but Tiara’s physiology made it a little difficult. I could’ve just changed her design some, but I decided instead to hide her action here behind Peach’s big ass. Saves me from having to figure out where her tongue might come from, y’know?
Anyway, this location and Peach’s outfit are based on the jungle stage in the game. I think she also wears this outfit, or a similar one, in Mario Kart Tour, but I basically just picked one of the many cute outfits she wears in this section of the game.

Butt Witch’s Busy Weekend, Page 3

While a lot of my projects that focus on both male and female characters will alternate between them, that’s not the plan for this comic. However, when thinking of who to have visit the Butt Witch next, I did think Luck might be a fun pick. While it’s not my main priority, I do think this comic will be a fun place to spotlight characters who haven’t gotten a lot of attention. Luck’s not completely forgotten, but he’s not really been featured as much as one might expect given the response my pics of him seem to get. Since people seem to really like him, here he is getting fucked by some of that good green dick.

Venti Character Ask 3

So this Ask has been submitted for quite a few months in a row, I believe, and I never really had a good way to answer it. While I never played Genshin Impact and don’t know the character super well, picturing him playing music to pick up partners just didn’t fit the vibe I had for Venti. Plus, I wasn’t sure how to convey it visually. Like, would he be playing music in the pic? But I thought maybe it’d be fun to show Venti not needing to seduce anyone, being popular enough on his own and showing him surrounded by some admirers. Given how the GI seems to treat him, it’s easy to imagine him being similarly popular in the Studio.

Mitsue and Eyesha’s Show

So I found myself recently wanting to do more with Mitsue. I just really, really like drawing her. I didn’t want to go back to the Zel well with her, though, and I realized what I really wanted was to draw her with one of the younger sex workers from the show. I figured the best way to do that would be as, like, some sort of sex show, with the classic “ass to ass” position coming immediately to mind. I chose Eyesha, the shy cyclops, as her partner for a couple reasons. One is just that I liked her a lot in her episode, but also she has a few interactions with Mitsue in the series, even being shown having a one-on-one breakfast date with her at one point. So, at any rate, here they are!

The Dark Mangaka – Jackie and Mrs. Brant Comic

This is another commission by one of my fans, this time to the artist Dark Mangaka ( | | They wanted to see Jackie getting some one-on-one time with his neighbor and first crush, Mrs. Brant! I think this turned out great, and I love the progression of Mrs. Brant’s attitude as she enjoys that shota cock.

I had a comic of my own started with these two years ago I never got around to finishing, and this commission has me thinking about it again. I’m sure I won’t be able to get back to it for some time, but I hope I will eventually so we can get some more of this pairing in the future.

Sailor Mercury Character Ask 1

It’s been a while since I watched Sailor Moon, but I remember Ami as being the the chillest of the main Sailor Scouts. She has some crushes, but I see her as the type who could fall for anyone if they treat her right. So, to illustrate that, I paired her with someone based off aesthetics rather than trying to find her taste, and I just thought her and Bra would look good together.