Ikumi Mito Character Ask 1

So this Ask was one I had an answer for pretty quickly. It had been asked the month before, but I just ran out of days in the month before getting to it. I did get it this time, though, and I hope you all like it. This Ask is in reference to the Near Hentai Studio, of course, the kitchen of which is staffed by many of our cooking enthusiasts like Mito. As for who’s meat she ingests to keep away from the food supply, I decided on Luffy, though obviously there were a few options given the cliches of anime protagonists. I enjoyed getting to draw Mito again, and I hope I can find the time to do more with her at some point down the road.

Exorcist Footjob

This here’s another Mini Commission done for one of my Patrons. The idea here was to get Rin Okumura giving a footjob, which is pretty straightforward. I never watched Blue Exorcist (and have only drawn Rin once before), but I tried to capture what I could find of Rin’s personality when looking into the show a bit (seems like he often has a grin like this, which I think is a pretty hot expression). I also wanted to get the tail in frame ’cause, hey, tails are fun. Anyway, hope you all enjoy the pic. ^_^

Bra Briefs Character Ask 1

When I was thinking about this Ask, I kinda felt like… Bra prolly wouldn’t have a great reference point for what a Saiya-jin is like, right? Even her dad, a pure-blooded Saiya-jin who hasn’t suffered brain trauma, is pretty domesticated by the time she comes around. Still, I tried to have a little fun with her answer, trying my best to keep her in-character. I think there’s a good chance this Patron was hoping to see Bra with Bakugou in the response, but instead I just sort of hinted at it…

August ’19 Patreon One-Shot

Here is the One-Shot I did last month for Patrons, based on one of the scripts submitted at the time. The script for this one left me with a fair amount of freedom, which I always love, and had the added bonus of using the End of Z designs, which I’ve wanted to do more with for a while. Maybe if this comic is well-received it’ll help motivate me to work on some of the unfinished End of Z pics I’ve got sitting in my work folder. ^_^ Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this one.

Double Love Triangle, Page Five

This is page five of Double Love Triangle, the monthly comic my Patreon sponsors help me write. I mentioned last month that I’d tried to set up the page’s final panel in such a way that people could have some fun determining how to carry on. The winning script this time chose to keep the focus on Deku, Uraraka and Gohan for now, working in a bit of fun humor in the first panel. We’ll be sticking with these three next month as well, so if you like ’em tune in then. ^_^


This is the second of two Master Commissions that came due in July. The Patron behind this pic is the same one who’s been pushing Camp Buddy the previous times I’ve drawn it (and probably future instances, too). Hiro and Yoichi have a cute mutually-instigating relationship where they both keep getting on each other’s nerves (especially if you’re doing a route where you’re dating one of them), and have one scene where they hint possibly fooling around but don’t (usually). The idea for this one was to pair them up in the cabin they all share in the game, so here they are. Hope you all enjoy!

Birthday Fun

This is an Epic Tier commission from one of my Patreon supporters. The birthday referenced in the title is the Patron’s, as this commission was his birthday present to himself. He had a pretty sizable list of potential girls to fill into these spots, but he settled on Olive and Maps from Gotham Academy (since it’d been a while since he last commissioned them from me), plus Aqua of KonoSuba and Ochaco of My Hero Academia after discussing his options with other Patrons on Discord. Hope you all enjoy! ^_^
Also, here’s the Q & A video I did for Patreon last month, for anyone who’s interested:

Sonic and Shadow Character Ask 2

So, I’m not super familiar with Sonic lore. I never played any of the games, and I watched Sonic X a lifetime ago. I had it in my head that Shadow was a clone of Sonic (maybe he is in Sonic Boom? I’m really not sure), so my intention for this Ask was originally to have them say something about that. When I looked up his history, though, it seems like Shadow might actually be older than Sonic, so I decided to instead just try and play off their different personalities. Anyway, hope you enjoy the hedgehog dick.

Bean’s Beans

Are “beans” a slang term for nipples? I feel like they could be. I’m running with it at any rate.
I’ve been wanting to try and get back to some Matt Groening-style art lately… I’m still super uncertain with how to handle the style, and I don’t know if I’ll ever feel completely comfortable working in it. Maybe I could just make anime versions of the characters from his shows, but part of me feels they lose some of their charm in the translation. At any rate, I wanted a bit of practice (and for me, that means a complete picture, not just a sketch, ’cause a sketch only gets me so much), so I did this simple pic of Princess Tiabeanie (or just Bean) from the fairly recent Netflix series Disenchantment. I picked her mostly just so I can tick this series off the list (having now done at least one pic in all three of the Groening shows I’ve watched), though I do like Bean and wouldn’t mind drawing more of her or her two hot moms.