Double Love Triangle, Page Four

Here’s the fourth page of Double Love Triangle, the current ongoing comic project written by my Patreon backers. This page introduces the reason for the “Double” in the title, as we discover another tent in close proximity to the one we’ve been in so far. It’s worth noting, since it’s only briefly implied in the dialogue, but Gohan in the Xoverse attends U.A. alongside Midoriya and Uraraka while perfecting his hero identity “Great Saiyaman”. It’s not really important to the plot or anything, but figured it was worth mentioning.

Gon Freecss Character Ask 10

I always have a bit of trouble figuring out how to answer questions like this. I’ve gotten them a few times, but like… I’m with Gon in not being too sure what’s considered “kinky”. I’ve seen “kinky” used to describe a wide spectrum of things from the vanilla to the offensive. Gon and Killua are still pretty amateurish when it comes to exploring sex, I think. They may have fucked a lot, and Gon likes seeing other people fuck Killua, that’s established in previous works I’ve done with them. However, they haven’t done a whole bunch of crazy sex, I don’t think. When you’re young, sometimes just fucking is enough. I don’t think Gon sees his taste for being an observer is kinky, though, so I went with something else that’s both kinky, but also easy to do in a way that makes a mess. It sounds like Killua was caught off-guard, even though he asked for it.

Carnal Kingdom S.H.O.T.A. Project 2 – Goku and Kitarō Breeding

So this Epic Tier commission is a continuation of S.H.O.T.A.  Project 1. After their bodies have been trained to be the ultimate pleasure machines (for both themselves and the clients), Goku and Kitarō are brought out into the field for some wealthy clients to play with, while the demon lady reports back their success. I know this client is likely planning more entries in the series later, but I can’t say when or where you’ll see them crop up. All the same, I hope you’ve enjoyed the concept so far.


Scorpia is a character I really love in Netflix’s She-Ra. She’s funny, sweet, and intimidating, all whenever she needs to be. I also think she’s super cute, which is something muscular women in cartoons often miss or lack. For one episode she got dressed up in formal wear, and she had on high heels and a slit-legged dress that looked great on her. The goal of this pic was to focus on how the thighs and calves of someone with her build would look in heels. Since this is in the Fright Zone, I guess this scene takes place after the Princess Prom, probably. Maybe to celebrate how the mission went, she’s out on the balcony enticing Catra to celebrate. Just a thought.
Speaking of Catra, what I really want to draw is her and Scorpia together. I just haven’t, like… nailed down how I want to do it yet. I’m sure I’ll get there eventually, but until then here’s this solo pic to help me get used to drawing Scorpia. I had some trouble with her claws, no matter how I drew them they always seemed awkward to me, but hopefully I’ll get a better hang of them in future pics.

Cindy Tied to Bed

This is a pic I sketched out a long time ago (I think in late 2017, not long after the last time I drew Cindy). I wanted to do a bit more with her at the time, but other projects distracted me from finishing it. On a whim I decided to pick this one back up, and here’s the completed version finally. ^_^ Hope you all like it.

Daphne Blake Character Ask 1

So Daphne’s appeared in Velma’s Asks before, but this is her first time answering a question herself. I felt like this one was really just an excuse to draw Daphne and Velma together again, but… I’m okay with that. I’ve liked these two as a pairing ever since I was a little kid, and the only reason I don’t draw them more often is because Scooby-Doo isn’t a franchise in the forefront of my mind these days. Anyway, tried to do something a little different with them instead of more ass worship (though there’s still a good view, if you ask me).

If you wanna see Velma in a slightly different role, feel free to check out my latest fic here:

Koon Ran

So this is a Mini Commission off my Patreon. The Patron wanted to see Koon Ran (or maybe it’s Kuhn Ran, I’m not really clear) from the webcomic Tower of God in tattered up clothing. Due to the nature of my site and people’s expectations, I made sure certain parts were exposed. I haven’t read Tower of God, or even heard of it before getting this MC, but from what I can tell Koon here seems to be inspired by Killua in a lot of ways. I wouldn’t say he’s a complete knockoff, but the two have a lot in common. Anyway, I hope y’all like the pic. ^_^

Also, it’s been a while, but I did finish a new story for the Literature Directory. This one is not part of the Stained Capes story, though, but chapter one to a new story set in the Near Hentai Studios. The focus is on Chi-Chi, and is all-girl, so if that interest you check out chapter one here: