Ersatzverse – Tsukinosagi Maimuni and Yakuni Tatani

So here are two more characters for the Ersatzverse, the little world I’m building that’s populated by knockoffs and mash-ups of licensed characters. On the left we have Yakuni Tatani, a farm girl and childhood friend of Tsukinosagi Maimuni (or just Tsukino) on the right. Tsukino is currently the closes thing I have to a protagonist for this project, as I do have some storyline ideas for her that will probably play out in some fashion eventually. Probably Ersatzverse stories will be several separate stories with different lead characters, but Tsukino will be one of them. She’s the younger sister of Holu and Molimo that we saw before, and has an innate ability to see and communicate with ghosts.
Now, I’m intentionally not mentioning who the inspiration for Ersatzverse characters are for a couple reasons. One is, I think it’s just kinda obvious and might be a little insulting if I spelled it out each time. But second, I think part of the fun for a concept like this is spotting and recognizing people on your own. Not all of them will be as face-slappingly obvious as the Maimuni brothers were, but many will be and the rest will still be fairly apparent I think.

Rimuru Tempest Character Ask 1

So yeah, I think Rimuru sums things up well here. There’s a lot of sex that can be done without the use of genitals, and not just with male partners like we see here. The last time I drew Rimuru he was using his mouth to please a lady, so he’s got those options. Of course he could probably use his slime form in some interesting ways, too, but I’ve been wanting to draw Rimuru taking dick for ages (it just never seems to come together into a finished pic). Another option Rimuru doesn’t mention here that exists within the Studio setting is growing a dick the same way Frieza does, but I didn’t want to bother with getting into that here since it’s just some obscure NHS lore that would’ve been too distracting.

Lost in the Fright Zone, Page Three

Alright, finally we’ve got the third page of “Lost in the Fright Zone” wrapped up. In this page, Kyle predictably comes back to find Bow slobbering all over Rogelio’s cock. In an uncharacteristic move, he confronts Bow about it, but true to form it’s up to Rogelio to be the voice of reason.
This page marks the end of my warm-up period for this comic. Up until now I’d been working on it when I could as a side project, but now that we’re well into the story I’m moving it into my regular comic rotation with comics like Space Emperor Slut and Titans Tower Nights. This means I won’t be working on it, but when its turn comes around in that rotation it will be my main comic focus for at least a few pages before rotating again. This means it’ll be a long time until page four comes out, but hopefully the wait will be worth it.

Bra Briefs Character Ask 4

Due to things like Mini Commissions and Asks, Bra’s gotten involved with a few of the My Hero Academia boys in some of her crossover appearances in the past. This question looks to explore her relationship with the girls, and since we’ve already seen Bra having fun with other girls like Pan I can’t think of any reason why she wouldn’t go for some crossover yuri action. I think Bra would probably have a good relationship with Momo, with both girls being kinda spoiled rich girls, while I could also see her getting along with a more tomboyish character like Jiro in the same way as she might would with Pan. However, I picked Mina for her partner in this Ask for a couple of reasons. One is, I think their colors match up well, but more importantly I just think their energies would gel and they’d get along great. Mina’s so vibrant and outgoing, which makes her easy to pair with pretty much anyone, but I think these two might bond well over things like fashion and music. I don’t know, there’s just something about them that pairs well in my head. Maybe it’s just that they both feel a bit mischievous to me, like they’ve got some bratty tendencies (but not malicious ones). So here we are, with a cute little pic of the two of them.

October ’20 One-Shot

So this is the One-Shot comic I did for October, submitted by one of my SubscribeStar supporters. This is another one with a variety of pairings in each panel, though this comic has the theme of superhero boys to tie them together. The script listed which pairings should appear in which panels, though the overall posing and such were left to my discretion. I hope you all like the final result.

Near Halloween 2020

So every year for Halloween I introduce a new character or two to my lineup of “Spookyverse” monsters. I’ve had a loose idea for these two characters for a while, now, and decided this was the year to introduce them. The taller vampiress here is Cristina de Sange, an ancient vampire with a castle and everything. The smaller one is sort of like her thrall, Maria Ashe. I really liked the idea of a statuesque, powerful vampire with a cute loli minion. There might be other vampire characters worked into the roster later, like how I added a new witch last year, but for now I think these two are enough. I hope y’all like them, and maybe I can work them into pics with some of the other Spookyverse characters later. I think either would be an interesting partner for Diego, for example, or maybe some of the other ladies.

Also, check out this cute, fun little Halloween AMV I did based around Pumpkinmon:

Diego Lycaon Bio

I can’t believe how long it took me to get a second Spookyverse Bio page out, but here we are. Originally I’d planned to release these in the same order that the characters were introduced (meaning this one would’ve been Adeline’s), but I abandoned that idea. Instead I wanted to do the page of the Spookyverse’s lone male character (as of right now), werewolf pup Diego Lycaon. Diego’s proven relatively popular with some folks, which I’m very happy about. Both times we’ve seen him in the past he’s appeared completely nude, but since I usually like to have characters at least partially dressed in these bio pages I thought he’d look cute in a little school boy’s uniform. I didn’t want to go full PG, though, so he’s got his dick whipped out for those of you into that sort of thing.

Also, here is the Q&A video I did for my subscribers last month, if anyone’s interested:


Ghost Sex

So I’ve been trying to do more side pics for my Halloween releases, where I can bring back some older characters while still debuting the new ones on Halloween itself. This is one such pic, with these two ghost girls who haven’t appeared in my work since their debut on Halloween 2017. I thought it’d be fun to try out a pic where you can see the cock inside them, due to their translucent bodies, so here we are. Hamano Michiyo is the one getting her ass stuffed here, with the dark hair, while the blue-haired one is Yamashita Yumi. I had fun drawing these two again, and I hope you all enjoy seeing them again as well. I’ve still got a Spookyverse Bio page I’d like to get out soon, as well as the annual Halloween pic itself which will introduce a new Spookyverse character (this year will actually be similar to 2017, in that I’m planning to introduce a pair of new characters in a pic by themselves, instead of sticking a new one with the existing characters). Hopefully you’ll get to see both of those before too long. ^_^