Stained Capes, Chapter One: The Caged Bird Sings

Stained Capes, Chapter One
The Caged Bird Sings

By Nearphotison

The cool air of the city night was refreshing as the teen hero Swallow hopped from rooftop to rooftop. His blue cape fluttered behind him, shaggy brown hair swept out of his eyes by the wind. He had the night to himself for once, as his usual partner, the hero Nightwave, had urgent matters to attend to as her civilian alter-ego, Brenda Waters. As much as Swallow loved going on patrol with his mentor, he was excited to fly solo on this night.

It had been close to a year since he’d first joined Brenda in her nighttime pursuit of justice as Nightwave. Orphaned at the hands of a sadistic villain, Nightwave helped him put his parents’ murderer behind bars and took him in. She taught him how to defend himself, trained his body to the lithe, athletic form it needed to be, and most importantly taught him the virtues of hero work. It was she who patiently showed him how revenge could not bring back his parents, and kept him from going down the violent and self-destructive path he very nearly chose.

That was all in the past now, though it felt like it had happened recently. Swallow wondered if maybe he should find some sort of present for Nightwave. In a way, it was almost like their anniversary was approaching. He blushed at the thought. As much as he respected her as a hero and a surrogate mother, the blossoming teenager couldn’t help but also see her as a woman. Her toned, fit body and voluptuous curves were impossible for someone of his age not to notice, try as he might to not watch her spandex-clad ass as they toured the city. Perhaps it was from the adrenaline of their many battles with evil, but he’d come to secretly fetishize her crime fighting outfit. Her thigh-high boots, which exposed just enough of her creamy thighs before her skintight black-and-purple bodysuit began, plus her menacing cowl that let loose her long blonde hair in the back. As beautiful and seductive as Brenda Waters was, there was no doubt that his crush was really on Nightwave.

Forcibly, he shook the thoughts from his head. He’d let himself get distracted on patrol. If Nightwave were here, she’d almost certainly scold him for letting his guard down. He couldn’t let himself start daydreaming just because she wasn’t here to keep him focused. Swallow took a deep breath. It was time to get back to work.

Wait, he thought. What’s that smell in the air?

Swallow sniffed again. It was familiar, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. It had a sweet, soothing fragrance that felt completely out of place in the city air. It almost smelled of… roses?

Behind his domino mask, Swallow’s eyes widened. He knew where he’d smelled this scent before: In the den of Rose Red. The sinister and seductive villainess employed the sweet-smelling toxin as a weapon. Did that mean she was near?

Swallow turned to look and see if she’d managed to get the drop on him, but as he did his legs suddenly lost all their strength. Like two dumb sticks they merely tripped over each other, his knees buckling as he fell to the rooftop with a thud, his cape settling over his prone body like a blanket. His vision began to blur as one pair of boots and one pair of bare green feet with red-painted nails stepped into his line of vision.

“Looks like your plan worked, Red,” a chipper voice spoke up. Even in his state of rapidly decreasing consciousness, Swallow recognized it as belonging to the villainess Miss Direction.
“What’re we gonna do with him, now?”

“Well, I was hoping to catch the both of them at once,” came the sultry voice of Rose Red. “But don’t worry, I know just how to facilitate the Lady’s plan.”

Rose’s foot pressed firmly into his shoulder, rolling the young hero onto his back. As all the strength drained completely from his body, Swallow looked up at the two villains who’d taken advantage of his youth and inexperience.

“We’re gonna have a lot of fun tonight, little Swallow,” Rose said, her voice fading as his vision blurred and blackened. All he could hear was Miss Direction’s giggles as he lost consciousness and slipped into sleep.


Swallow knew before he opened his eyes that he had been captured. Nightwave had trained him to wake up with full alertness, so he had no confusion as to his current situation. The first thing he noticed was that he could not move his arms or legs. Unlike on the rooftop, it was not for a lack of strength. He’d been restrained, and by the cool feeling on his backside he guessed he was strapped to some sort of metal slab or table. He could still feel his mask on his face, which was good. It was glued on with a special adhesive that could only be dissolved with a liquid Nightwave kept in her hideout, specifically to prevent it from being removed in a situation like this. However, if anyone could figure out how to get it off, it would be Rose Red with her expertise in natural sciences and chemistry. The fact that the unpredictable and unstable Miss Direction was also with her… Swallow had a gruesome thought and shuddered. He could easily picture her tugging at the mask until it ripped off, complete with most of the skin on his face. No, he was very lucky to find it still attached.

Though he’d been awake for some moments, Swallow kept his eyes closed. He knew his captors were likely keeping a close watch on him, but if they thought he was still knocked out they might talk freely amongst themselves and give something away. At the very least, they would be less likely to torture him if they thought he wouldn’t be awake to feel it.

Listening closely, he could hear two female voices on the other side of the room. They were speaking a bit softly, since they were likely much closer to each other than they were to him, but if he tried he could just make out what they were saying.

“Come on, Red, you’ve been fiddlin’ with your potions all night!” Miss Direction was protesting. “The kid’s gonna wake up any minute now, and I wanna be right there waitin’ on him!”

“They aren’t potions, Missy D, and they can’t be rushed,” Rose Red countered. “I would’ve had this one ready beforehand if I’d known how tonight was going to go, but I fully expected to capture them both at once. We’re improvising, here.”

Swallow fought the urge to smile. It sounded like the dangerous duo weren’t fully prepared for the situation they were all three in now. That meant there was still a chance for him to find a way to escape, perhaps. They’d been thrown off whatever game plan they’d had, and so they were more likely to leave him an opening or to be caught off-guard. He’d be kicking himself for weeks for getting captured so easily, but at least there was still hope.

“I think it’s just about ready,” Red said over the sound of glass clinking against glass. “Go and wake out cute little guest up.”

Cute? No, this wasn’t the time to be flattered by the praise of an older woman. Swallow’s charade would be ending soon, as boots clicked crisply across the floor. Suddenly a sharp pain stung him in the cheek.

“Wakey, wakey,” Miss Direction sang out after slapping him. “It’s time to make the doughnuts, bird boy.”

Swallow begrudgingly opened his eyes. Standing in front of him were his captors. Rose Red in her appropriately themed attire, which looked like rose petals blooming out over her pale green skin, leaving her arms and legs completely bare. Miss Direction was also wearing her bright pink and blue tights with little white arrows zigzagging every which way over her body. Rose was holding a syringe filled with an ominous purplish liquid.

“It’s so rare to see you flying solo, my little birdie,” Rose hummed, her eyelids drooping seductively as she studied his restrained body. “I must say I was quite surprised to see you all alone, but… now I’m pretty excited to have you all to myself.”

“All to ourselves,” Miss Direction corrected. “Don’t think I’m gonna let you have all the fun just ‘cause it’s your potions that got us this score.”

“They aren’t potions,” Red whispered out the side of her mouth. She spared an angry glance at her partner before turning the gaze of her eerie pink eyes back on Swallow.

“Listen,” Swallow said, trying to sound as firm and intimidating as Nightwave would have. Unfortunately, he’d been unconscious for quite some time, and his dry throat caused his voice to crack. He cleared his throat and tried again. “Listen, I don’t know what you’re planning, but it’s only a matter of time before Nightwave comes for me. If I were you, I’d be preparing for her instead of trying to intimidate me.”

“Oh, hmm, that’s interesting,” Rose chuckled. “Why do you think he’s so confident Nightwave will find him, D?”

Miss Direction giggled and held up a little device, which Swallow immediately recognized as the tracking device he kept in his boot. The little red light was turned off, meaning it wasn’t sending out a signal. “Maybe it’s ‘cause o’ this?”

“Don’t worry, we’ll let her pick up your signal when we’re good and ready for you to be found,” Rose said. “But this needle isn’t for intimidation.”

In one swift motion, she drove the needle directly into his bicep. Her accuracy betrayed her medical history, as she hit her mark without even trying and began injecting whatever was in the syringe into his system. The pain was sharp and immediate, but was soon overtaken by another feeling.

Uncontrollable lust.

Whatever was in his body now acted fast, as Swallow could immediately feel his dick swell and press into the front of his costume. It was painful how hard he was, and he had to grit his teeth to fight back a moan.

Rose stroked his cheek softly with one green hand. Though it still stung a bit from Miss Direction’s slap, the touch sent shivers throughout his whole body. He was far more sensitive than he’d ever felt before, and even the relatively mundane touch of a woman’s fingers on his cheek felt as erotic as if she’d grabbed his cock.

Speaking of his painfully engorged member, he suddenly felt the prodding finger of Miss Direction as she knelt down and poked it.

“That potion of yours worked hella fast, Red,” she quipped.

A flash of annoyance crossed Rose’s face before she smiled and replied, “Of course it did. I’m a professional. You can feel it working, can’t you, little one?”

Swallow’s breath grew ragged as his skin heated up. Between heavy gasps, he moaned out, “What did you… do to me…?”

“Nothing yet, my sweet, innocent little bird,” Rose cooed. “That was just a little something to help what’s about to happen… go down smoother, let’s say. Now, what we’re going to do to you… That’s another matter entirely.”

Before Swallow could ask what she meant by that, Rose leaned forward and planted her crimson lips onto his. Swallow’s eyes widened as a jolt of electricity ran through his high-strung body. Rose was known to sometimes lace her lipstick with certain toxins, but this feeling was not due to that. No, this was just how sensitive his body had become under the influence of whatever fiendish concoction he’d been injected with.

Rose’s tongue slipped between his lips and invaded his mouth. Try as he might, Swallow’s defenses had been so weakened that he could do nothing to prevent it. He just let his own tongue fight back weakly, slapping against hers involuntarily as she explored the insides of his mouth.

Down below and out of view, he could feel Miss Direction’s curious hands as they explored the crotch of his tights. Her nimble fingers rubbed him through his suit, massaging the pelvis around his erection but only barely rubbing against it. He felt like he might explode from the torture.

With a wet smack, Rose pulled away from her captive’s lips. She smiled, observing, “Your face is as red as any rose in my garden. I take it you’re enjoying yourself?”

“Don’t flatter yourself,” Swallow retorted, summoning all the self-control he could to put on a brave face. “You put something in me to make me react this way.”

Rose pouted and looked down to her accomplice. “Did you hear that, D? He says he’s not enjoying it.”

Swallow heard Miss Direction giggle and looked down to see her unfastening his utility belt. “That’s too bad!” she said in a sing-song voice. With his belt removed, she began tugging on his tights until his cock sprang free. “If he was enjoying himself, I’d reward this little guy with a kiss!”

She poked his member, sending shockwaves through his sensitive teenage body. He clenched his teeth, trying his best to fend off any signs of pleasure that his captors might pick up on. Miss Direction soon resumed her thorough exploration of the skin around his cock, carefully avoiding anything more than a glancing touch as she hummed to herself.

Rose watched his face carefully, smiling self-satisfactorily to herself as she observed Swallow’s attempt to hide his arousal. Her partner knew exactly what she was doing, and his erection was painful as it strained outwards from his body.

Her eyes filling with lust, the villainous redhead began unzipping the front of his costume. Inch by inch, the flushed and burning skin of his chest and abdomen were exposed to the cool air of the villain’s lair. He let out an involuntary gasp as Rose leaned forward and places a gentle kiss on his right pectoral, just a few inches from his nipple.

“You’re torturing yourself for no reason, bird boy,” she hummed as she planted another kiss on his smooth, bare chest. “D and I can make this so much more fun for you if you, I don’t know… beg us to?”

“Oh, yes,” Miss Direction practically moaned from her kneeling position. “I wanna hear that self-righteous bitch’s sidekick beg like a little slut!”

Swallow clenched his eyes shut and grit his teeth, trying to block out the sensations he was feeling. That was easier said than done, however, as his mind fogged from the effects of whatever Rose had injected him with. He tried to focus his attention on something, anything, but he felt like he was grasping at clouds. All his brain wanted to do was experience the intense pleasure from every kiss, every stroke, every intimate whisper from the two experienced women having their way with his body. Out of desperation, he concentrated his mind on the most important thing to him, his mentor and role model, Nightwave.

That was a mistake.

As the beautiful face of his mentor came to mind, he felt his body tense up. He tried to focus on her as his paragon of virtue and heroism. However, just as quickly as she came to him, he suddenly found his mind’s eye exploring every curve of her body. The exploratory strokes around his crotch were suddenly hers, the little kisses on his chest were being planted by her full, red lips.

Swallow failed to hold back a groan as his ass lifted away from the table he was strapped to. Miss Direction jerked back at the sudden movement, her blue eyes widening as his cock twitched and shot out a surprise burst of cum that hit her square in the cheek.

Swallow relaxed as the orgasm subsided. He felt drained, but he took some satisfaction when he heard Miss Direction whine, “Re-ed! Your potion was too strong! He came without us even touching his dick!”

“That was surprising, but fret not my dear,” Rose replied calmly. “Just look, even after such an energetic orgasm, he’s just as hard as ever.”

Swallow’s eyes shot open as he realized she was right. He hadn’t noticed in the afterglow of his orgasm, but nothing had changed. His skin was still flushed with desire, and his cock was still painfully erect.

“He’s going to stay primed and ready for us until he either gives in, or his body gives out,” Rose said as she planted another kiss on his torso. It seemed like his orgasm had only heightened his body’s sensitivity, as Swallow suddenly cried out in a high-pitched moan he barely recognized as his own voice.

“Just listen to our caged bird sing,” Rose hummed as she lightly traced one crimson nail down the middle of his abdomen. “Such a lovely song.”

Swallow had lost any ability to hold back his moans, as another escaped his throat. He came to realize Rose Red was right about one thing: If he didn’t do what they wanted, they could tease him until his body gave out entirely. Maybe if he played along, they would drop their guard and give him the chance he needed to escape. It was his best hope.

“Please…” he whispered, reluctantly. Rose perked up, locking eyes with him.

“What was that, birdie?”

“Please,” he repeated, louder. The corners of Rose’s lips turned up. She held his chin with one hand, tilting his head up to face her directly.

“Please. What?”

Swallow searched for the right words. “Please, let me cum again?”

“How should we do that, hero?” Rose persisted. “Tell us what you want.”

“Be graphic,” Miss Direction chimed in, scooping the cum off her cheek with one finger and licking it up. “I wanna hear you be dirty!”

“P-please… touch me…” he began, hesitantly. Both pairs of eyes bored into him expectantly, waiting for more. “Touch my… my d-dick…”

Miss Direction let out a giggle, then reached out to stroke up the ridge of his shaft. In a singsong voice, she teased, “Like thi-is?”

“Ya-yes!” Swallow cried out as the sudden direct contact affected him greater than he’d expected. “I want you to touch my dick and… and kiss it, and lick it, please!”

“Ooh, I can do that!” Miss Direction said as she planted a kiss on the head of his cock. “Hee hee, you’ve still got some cum on here!”

She stuck out her tongue, licking along the slit of his dick to get what cum didn’t shoot out earlier. Swallow let out a long, low groan as she did. The feeling was so intense he couldn’t even feel his legs. It was like his whole body save for his cock had gone numb.

“You’re being such a good boy,” Rose cooed in his ear. She’d moved in close while he was distracted by her partner. He could feel her breath tickling his ear as she whispered, “Let me reward you.”

She slid down his body, with more kisses on his chest, then abdomen, then pelvis before she eventually joined Miss Direction on her knees. The two shared a look between them that Swallow didn’t fully understand before they both stuck their tongues out and licked either side of his cock.

“Oh! Oh, fuck!” Swallow gasped as the tongues mirrored each other. They licked from the base up to his head, before swirling around and bouncing off each other. The two made out with his dick between them, their lips clasping down around his member as their tongues continued their work.

All he could hear was the slurping and soft moaning of his captors below him. Swallow leaned his head back, trying to forget the fact that it was two of his most dangerous foes tongue-wrestling over his cock. Of course he had noticed how beautiful they both were before, what teenage boy hadn’t fantasized about the two of them whenever they’d show up in the news together? Rose was a classic red headed bombshell with alluring green skin and an outfit that was so scandalous she was sometimes blurred out in broadcasts. Miss Direction looked like the high school cheerleader she’d now doubt once been, with her blonde hair in a cute high ponytail and her innocent face hiding her vicious and sadistic nature. Swallow had always filed those observations aside, however, as he knew his teenage lust for the older women would only get in the way of his crimefighting.

As he was now, however, strapped helplessly to a table while the gorgeous villainesses slobbered over his medically-induced erection… Those dangerous thoughts were fighting their way back to the surface. He remembered the first night he and Nightwave had battled the duo. How he had seen Miss Direction hold his mentor in a full nelson while Rose kissed her full on the lips. At the time, it had been terrifying due to Rose’s predilection for toxic lipstick. When he was home alone later that night, though, with the villains in custody and Nightwave safe and sound… he had jerked off to the image. At the time, he’d even imagined them going further, the two criminals sharing a three-way kiss with his straight laced mentor.

That was all it had taken to get him off back then, but now it was different. Even with Rose’s concoction coursing through his veins, his body was still not ready to cum again so soon. But his earlier pain had subsided, as the attention to his cock seemed to dull the intensity of the drug somehow. Their soft licks and kisses seemed to be pulling him into a gentle and intoxicating state of euphoria.

Miss Direction moved down lower, licking the seam of his ballsack before taking one testicle into her mouth and sucking on it. With more freedom to move, Rose Red transitioned from licking to sucking. Her crimson lips slid over the head of his cock, and soon the whole thing was engulfed in her mouth.

The change was immediate and overwhelming, as Swallow went from the edge of bliss to being immersed in it. The world around him shrunk away, and he couldn’t help but look down to watch the two sultry villainesses vigorously blow him in tandem. Rose’s pink eyes flicked upward to bore into his, filling him with a mixture of shame and arousal. Despite this, he couldn’t bring himself to look away, her red hair bouncing with each bob of her head as she slid up and down the length of his dick. Her tongue curled instinctively around the underside of his shaft, caressing him while she slurped away noisily. Beneath her, Swallow could just see Miss Direction’s blonde ponytail bouncing to and fro as she licked and sucked on his balls.

It was too much, and the young hero could feel himself getting closer and closer to a second orgasm. Rose must have sensed it, too, as she suddenly let his cock pop free from her mouth and backed away.

“I think he’s getting close, my dear Missy D,” she said. “We’d better be careful, or we’ll drain him dry before getting to the main course.” Miss Direction pouted, but also backed away.

Swallow’s chest tightened at her words. What was the main course? Rose seemed eager to give him some idea, as she reached behind her back and undid whatever it was holding her tiny costume together. Suddenly Rose’s petals fell away to the floor, leaving her completely bare before him. His eyes widened as he took in the sight. Never in his wildest dreams had he thought he’d see the seductive villain exposed like this.

Her toned, thick body and full breasts were no surprise, as her costume had not done a good job of hiding her figure. He’d often wondered about the colors of her nipples, though, and now he had his answer. They were a dark purplish-green, the nubs standing at full attention in the open air. He couldn’t help but drink her all in, his attention only diverting at the sound of Miss Direction’s costume hitting the floor.

His head pivoted to see the buxom blonde as she peeled off her tights to reveal her own slender, curvaceous body. Despite being overall thinner than Rose, her body still had a curving flow to it, no doubt due to her well-documented gymnastic background. Green hands suddenly slid around her slender waist, as Rose embraced her from behind. Miss Direction leaned her head back, exposing her neck to some loving kisses from her botanic partner. As she kissed Miss Direction’s neck, Rose’s eyes flicked up to study Swallow’s reaction.

Still strapped to the table, Swallow could do nothing but watch as Rose’s hands explored her lover’s body. She hummed lightly, saying, “Let’s give him a good show. I want to really tease this bird.”

“Ah, Red, I’m so turned on,” Miss Direction responded, reaching back to run her fingers through Rose’s hair.

Rose reached down and began lightly rubbing at the folds of Miss Direction’s pussy, her fingers slipping between the crevasses of her labia. The blonde moaned audibly, completely devoid of any shame or embarrassment in front of her captive audience.

Swallow was far removed from the calming pleasure he had been experiencing. The women’s touch was sorely missed, as their warm tongues and lips had been replaced with the cool and empty air. The discomfort of his forced erection returned, his cock straining as if it thought it could reach the two women if it just stretched a bit further. Swallow broke out in a sweat, his whole body longing for human contact as he watched his abductors slowly and sensually rub against each other.

Miss Direction let out a soft gasp, an uncharacteristically vulnerable sound to escape her lips. She leaned back against Rose, as green fingers slipped between the folds of her pussy to probe her depths. Her chest heaved as her breathing became more ragged, her breasts bouncing slightly with each exhale. Her skin glistened under the fluorescent lights, making her seem even more beautiful to the inexperienced eyes of the young hero. Though he has seen naked women on the internet, this was the first time he’d ever seen such a thing in person. He absent-mindedly licked his dry lips as he watched Rose quicken her pace, Miss Direction’s hips thrusting back into her hand with an increasingly intense rhythm.

“Ah, Red, you always know right where to touch me,” she moaned before suddenly letting out a much louder cry. “Oh, fuck! Right there!”

Rose’s free arm tightened around her partner’s waist as her knees began to get week. They trembled, her thighs tightening with the strain of her approaching orgasm. Her legs kicked out, toes pressed tight on the floor as she went rigid under her lover’s hand, her head thrown back as a guttural scream echoed in the halls of their lair.

Swallow was exhausted just watching her. His cock throbbed longingly, and the young hero knew that even without the injection he’d be hard as a rock right now. Miss Direction’s body went from rigid to limp as her orgasm passed by, juices running down the insides of her thighs as Rose pulled her hand away. Her other arm stayed locked around her waist, the only thing keeping the blonde from collapsing. She slowly sunk down to her knees, bringing the noodle-like body of her partner down with her. As the two settled into a sitting position on the floor, she began eagerly licking the wetness from her fingers.

“That’s the fastest I’ve ever seen you cum, D,” Rose teased. She seemed to have almost forgotten Swallow’s presence, instead enjoying the intimate moment with her lover. Miss Direction’s characteristic wide smile split across her face, her breathing still heavy and labored.

“It’s that damn brat watching us,” she said. “I just… picture the look on that bitch’s face if she knew what he’s seen tonight… What he’s begged for.”

“Or what he’s going to do,” Rose said, suddenly looking back his way. While making eye contact with Swallow, she placed one hand on Miss Direction’s head and began pushing her down. The blonde put up no resistance, easily sliding to her hands and knees with her face between Rose’s green thighs. Without further prompting, she began licking Rose’s flower.

Miss Directions ass and pussy bounced happily in the air as she ate her partner out, her soaked nether regions pointed directly at Swallow. He eyed her heart-shaped posterior hungrily as it bounced back and forth in front of him.

“Speaking from experience, she’s still good to go for another round,” Rose said as she studied the young boy. Her hand lazily pet the top of Miss Direction’s head as she worked. “How would you like to fuck her?”

Swallow’s mind went blank for a moment at her words. Somewhere in the back of his thoughts, a small voice cried out, “This is your chance!” However, the cloudy forefront of his mind wasn’t sure if that voice meant for him to escape, or for him to find release.

Licking his lips again, he hoarsely cracked out a, “Yes, please…”

A malicious smile spread across Rose’s lips, as she brought one hand up to snap her fingers. Suddenly Swallow felt the bonds on his wrists and ankles loosen, and he realized he’d been held to the table by her semi-sentient vines. They retreated, and his boots hit the floor with a thud. He was freed, and able to do whatever he wanted.

Some part of him knew this would be his best chance to escape. There’s no way either woman would be able to give chase immediately; Miss Direction was clearly drained from her orgasm, and both women were on the floor. By the time they got to their feet he’d have a good start, though Rose would likely have other smart plants that could hinder his escape. However, even in his weakened state, Swallow thought he stood a good chance at finding an exit.

On the other hand…

His eyes remained fixated on Miss Direction’s raised ass. Almost entirely on auto-pilot, he took a few lurching steps forward, nearly tripping as his tights were still pulled around his legs. His body knew what it wanted, and it guided him down so that he was kneeling behind Miss Direction.

“Go ahead, boy,” Rose cooed encouragingly. “She’s on my own special brand of birth control, so you can empty as many loads into her as you want. We’re both well prepared for you.”

His trembling hands, still wearing his bright yellow gloves, reached out to grab the supple ass presented before him. His fingers dug into firm cheeks of Miss Direction, which caused them to pull apart slightly. The folds of her pussy spread open invitingly, and despite his best attempts at control the young hero began jabbing his cock desperately at her. His stiffness bounced uselessly against her pussy mound, causing the villainess to begin giggling uncontrollably.

“Rose, baby, he’s gonna need some help back there,” she said between laughs.

A green hand reached over Miss Direction’s back, delicately grabbing hold of the twitching, throbbing member. Swallow stopped thrusting to instead trust the older woman as she tugged him forward, helping to guide him. Swallow watched with wide eyes as the tip of his cock pressed into her wet folds, slipping between them.

After breaching the first barrier, his body took over, lurching forward without his realizing it. Rose jerked her hand back as his cock sheathed itself into Miss Direction.

“Ooh, what a bold boy!” the perky blonde teased before going back to servicing her partner. Her slurps and kisses punctuated with the occasional moan as Swallow began jerking his hips back and forth,

Though he didn’t really know what he was doing, he held tight onto her ass like it was a life preserver. In his heightened state, the inside of the villainous vagina felt more divine than he could fathom. His brain completely shut off, choosing to not try and process what he was feeling and instead let his instinct try and experience more.

He soon found a rhythm, transitioning from his jerky movements to a more confident, consistent thrusting. Miss Direction showed her appreciation for this change with louder moans, thrusting her ass back towards him encouragingly.

Swallow completely forgot who it was he was fucking, instead losing himself completely in the warmth and tightness around his cock, and the steady smack-smack-smack of his pelvis against her ass. It didn’t matter that the woman he was repeatedly burying his cock inside was a wanted criminal who he’d personally helped lock away many times over the past few years. All the times she and her partner had done battle with him and Nightwave melted away. In this fog he looked up, making eye contact with Rose Red.

The emerald-tinted woman was watching him with rapt attention, her bright red lips parted slightly. When she noticed him watching back, those lips curled into a little smile. She said something he could barely hear, something about letting himself go, before leaning forward over the back of the woman they were both enjoying carnally. She took his head in both hands and pulled him forward, pressing her lips to his for a passionate kiss. Her tongue slipped into his mouth with no resistance, and Swallow closed his eyes as he kissed her back. Their tongues wrestled playfully as he drove his member into Miss Direction’s pussy with abandon.

Rose pulled away as the tightness around Swallow’s cock constricted further. Somewhere down below he heard a high-pitched squeal of pleasure. Swallow drove forward with one last firm thrust, burying himself deep into her. The sensation pushed him over the edge, and for the second time that night the young hero shot a load of cum. This time it was deep into the canals of one of his most fearsome enemies, but that thought didn’t even register as his world was enveloped in white.


Swallow was dimly aware of falling, landing on the floor. His body was drained of all energy, but the chemicals in his system kept him somewhat awake. He could feel his cock, still hard and twitching, as it spurted out a few more bursts of cum that splattered on his pelvis and stomach. He could hear his captors talking, but made no effort to hear or understand what they were saying. His brain was overloaded with sensation, but his body was too exhausted to move even a single muscle.

Suddenly, a familiar warmth wrapped around his cock. The fuzzy whiteness of the world around him came a bit more into focus, as he spied two large green breasts dangling inches from his face. Suddenly they pulled back, as Rose Red situated herself more firmly onto his neverending erection.

“Oh, yeah, that’s the stuff,” she said with a sigh, settling down. She was squatting over him, and with her hands on her knees she began to raise herself up before sitting back down with a loud smacking sound.

“Unf!” Swallow grunted as his cock was engulfed in this new pussy. Rose began bouncing herself up and down on his dick, the muscles in her legs flexing impressively with the movement while her breasts bounced heartily on each downward thrust. She had no problem taking his full length, her labia pressing down into him as she bottomed out.

Miss Direction soon appeared beside her. Despite having just ograsmed herself, the blonde latched her lips onto one of Rose’s nipples with remarkable enthusiasm. Her hand reached out to fondle the other, stimulating both her breasts as Rose rode their captive hero.

Swallow could do nothing but watch in his current state, though the visual stimulus of the two villains only heightened his condition. Rose closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip in pleasure while she continued to bounce up and down, Miss Direction lapping hungrily at first one nipple before crawling over Swallow to reach the other. He could no more look away now than he could before, and he soon felt the familiar throbbing of yet another impending orgasm.

How many times would they do this to him? He couldn’t help but wonder to himself, fearing they might intend to make him cum over and over until he died of exhaustion or dehydration. He’d already passed his natural limits, and Rose’s sinister concoction was the only thing keeping him going at this point.

Rose must’ve felt his cock pulsating inside her, as she suddenly stood up. His dick sprung free with a slick noise, and Swallow released a breath he hadn’t been aware of holding.

“Hm, already?” she said with a pout. “I was hoping to enjoy you a little longer, but I’m worried we won’t be able to get much more out of you at this pace.”

“Oh, is he about to cum again?” Miss Direction asked eagerly, like a puppy begging for a treat. “Does that mean we get to do that thing?”

“Yes, D, just like I promised,” Rose said. Swallow had no idea what they were talking about, but suddenly Miss Direction’s hands were underneath him, grabbing his ass cheeks and lifting his lower body.

Swallows hips and legs were lifted up into the air, his torso folding so that his knees hovered just slightly over either side of his head. Too tired to mount any sort of protest, the teen hero could only watch as Miss Direction’s mischievous grinning face leered down at him from over the horizon of his raised buttocks.

“I’ve fantasized about doing this to you so many times, bird boy,” she said, her grin widening sadistically. “You’re gonna love it!”

Her mouth opened up and her pink tongue stuck out as she leaned forward, pressing the tip against the puckered bud of his anus. He jerked involuntarily at the sudden sensation, which was somehow pleasurable and frightening at the same time. It felt weird, but good.

Her tongue pressed forward, spreading his hole as it forced its way inside of him. Swallow groaned, his tired muscles tensing as his body jerked again. The blonde held him firm as she probed deeper, the slippery invader swirling around inside him.

Swallow grit his teeth, his toes curling inside his boots. He could only look up into Miss Direction’s blue eyes, which smiled down at him as she worked her tongue in, out, and around his asshole. Rose knelt down beside her, wrapping her fingers gently around his dick.

“I hope it tastes as good as you’d imagined,” she told her lover as she began stroking him. “This will be the last orgasm we can safely coax from him tonight, but I’m sure we’ll get plenty more chances after the Lady has her say.”

Miss Direction didn’t stop her rimming long enough to answer, just humming out an affirmative as she made out with the hero’s asshole. He had almost backed away from the edge of his orgasm when Rose had stood up, but now the combined efforts of the blonde’s rimjob and the redhead’s handjob were pushing him back to it at breakneck speed.

“Here it comes,” Rose said softly, pointing Swallow’s dick at his face. With her other hand she reached down, grabbing his face by the cheeks and forcing his mouth open. Too weak to resist, his mouth opened and his tongue lolled mindlessly out the side of it. In a coaxing, motherly tone, she said, “Why don’t you live up to your name, and swallow this last load for us?”

His body tensed, his legs jerking uncontrollably in the air above him as his third orgasm overcame him. White jizz shot out, aimed directly at his prone face. He felt the warm liquid as it spurt over his domino mask, the second shot landing on his lips and in his open mouth. He gagged and sputtered, but as she let go of his face he gulped it down in spite of himself.

Miss Direction pulled her tongue out of his anus with a little pop, letting his body fall back to the floor with a thud. Breathing heavily, Swallow dimly wondered if they were done with him, before realizing he didn’t actually know what it would mean for him if they were.

“Get some sleep, little one,” Rose whispered gently in his ear as another needle was slipped into his arm. The young lad felt the adrenaline drain from his body, his cock finally beginning to soften as the world around him faded to black. In another world, it seemed as if a third voice spoke up, saying something to the other two. He couldn’t bring himself to open his eyes, or even listen, as everything finally faded to a comforting black. The hero slipped into a well-deserved sleep.


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