Stained Capes, Chapter Two: The Breaking of Nightwave

Stained Capes, Chapter Two
The Breaking of Nightwave

By Nearphotison

It was morning by the time Brenda Waters was able to leave the gala fundraiser she’d been conscripted to attend. Normally Ms. Waters preferred to let her employees handle these sorts of events, leaving her nights open for the much more rewarding work of patrolling the city as her alter ego: Nightwave. However, on this particular night she had been intensely pressured to handle things in person, due to a major negotiation that she was only somewhat privy to. She’d been forced to flirt with Alexander Steele, a big player in the northeastern corner of the country, and make nice with her longtime rival Kimberly Jacobs. Neither experience had been pleasant for her, but these sorts of public appearances were at the very least useful in keeping up the appearance of an affluent billionaire heiress.

As soon as she was safely hidden away in the back of her limo, Brenda pulled out her communication device to check in on her faithful and dependable sidekick, Swallow. She breathed a sigh of relief as she saw his GPS tracker blinking, showing him to be on the south side of town. She would have to scold him for keeping up his patrol so late into the morning, but he was probably having fun enjoying his first night on patrol by himself.

Brenda had first taken in the young boy while investigating the murder of his parents. The Martins had fallen on hard times and got caught up with the wrong people, and with the help of young Sam she had caught the men responsible and put them away. With nowhere else to go, Sam Martin would eventually be taken in as the heroic Swallow, and had proven an invaluable ally in the fight against crime ever since.

Brenda mused for a moment over how it had been nearly a year since she’d taken him in, and now he’d already surpassed her own abilities after her first year of crimefighting. If he continued down this path, but the time he reached adulthood he would be twice the hero she was. The thought filled her heart with pride, as she’d developed quite the motherly affection for the spunky young man. She did notice with some concern, however, that the little red dot showing his location had not moved since she first checked in on him.

With her limo being driven home, and her chauffeur the dependable Mr. Periwinkle who was well aware of her double life, Brenda decided to call Swallow up and check in on him. She activated the call, waiting with some trepidation for a response. She heard the call ring out once, twice, and a third time before worry truly set in. Swallow never waiting more than two rings to answer unless there was some emergency. It was possible that he had his communicator muted for some sort of surveillance work, but at this hour and by himself that seemed highly unlikely.

She hung up the call and pressed the intercom button on the car door, connecting her with Mr. Periwinkle up front.

“Yes, ma’am?” the crisp, formal voice of her chauffeur spoke up through the speaker.

“We need to make a detour.”


It didn’t take much searching for Nightwave to find Swallow. The poor boy had been left unconscious on a bench in Washington Park. Covered up by his cape, he most likely looked like any other homeless vagrant to whomever might’ve passed him by that night, but that blue shade was unmistakable to Nightwave. She had changed into her costume on the drive over, exiting her limo covertly and searching for her partner on foot. Seeing him posed like this, where he’d be easy to find but also easy to overlook, told Nightwave that her suspicions were correct. Some villain had left him here for her, and might be watching the scene from afar right now. Though she couldn’t spot any sign of surveillance, she was still grateful that she’d had the foresight to not come running up to him in her civilian identity.

She pulled out a scanner, running it over his sleeping form. The scan turned up no signs of any tracking devices, or anything suspicious like that. The fact that nothing showed up was troubling in itself, as surely whichever of the city’s dastardly criminals had left him here for her had some plan behind their actions. Maybe they were watching her, but she knew she could maneuver in such a way as to lose any would-be pursuers. Nobody had made any move to ambush her, and without a tracking device they surely couldn’t expect to find her after she took Swallow back to her base.

Feeling like she’d taken every precaution possible, Nightwave scooped her unconscious protege up in her arms and made her way back to base.


Just to be safe, Nightwave took Swallow to their secondary base, which was a smaller but still well-equipped version of their main base. She just couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was making a play on her, and if she somehow lost this location it would be a much smaller blow than if their main base was discovered. Mr. Periwinkle had followed protocol and driven the limo back to her estate, and was now waiting for her to let him know what she could find out about Swallow’s condition.

She had laid her sidekick out on the examination table. She’d run every test she could think to on the young man, and he seemed to be mostly alright. All she could find wrong with him was severe exhaustion and some faint traces in his bloodstream that she had the computer running diagnostics on. She had her theories on what the results would be, but while she waited for those theories to be confirmed she sat with Swallow.

The teenager was breathing normally, and showed no signs outwardly of anything but a deep, comfortable sleep. His mask and costume were still on, and he looked peaceful. Nightwave gently brushed the strands of his brown bangs out of his eyes.

“What happened to you, Sam?” she whispered. Now that she had a moment alone with her thoughts, waves of guilt crashed down on her. She should have known it was too soon to send him out by himself. He’d been so eager, so excited, but as his guardian she should have put her foot down. At the time she’d told herself that he would’ve snuck out to do patrol on his own, but maybe Periwinkle could’ve kept him reigned in. The city would have survived one night without Nightwave and Swallow, but she’d let herself give in to those big, green eyes that looked at her so pleadingly. She had been weak, and that weakness put her precious sidekick in danger.

She was convinced that the foreign substance in his blood was a rare South American plant that was sometimes used by Rose Red. The computer would tell her for sure, and when it did, she planned to spend as long as it took to hunt her down and find out just what had happened that night. As she gently stroked Swallow’s forehead, she contemplated all the ways she could interrogate that uppity redhead.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a sudden groan from the table. Standing up, Nightwave leaned over her sidekick, who began turning his head left and right.

“Swallow, are you alright?” she asked. Then, more softly, “Sam?”

The young man opened his eyes, looking up at Nightwave. He seemed lost, confused, but after a moment a smile spread across his face.

“N-Nightwave?” he asked. “Is that really you?”

The blonde hero could only utter a sob of relief in response, practically falling over Swallow in an embrace.

“You had me so worried, little guy!” she said. “I’m so glad you’re safe!”

“I’m fine, I’m fine,” he replied. “I’m just… a little out of it. Are we home? What happened?”

Nightwave backed off, and Swallow began to sit up. She put a hand on his shoulder, telling him to take it easy. When he assured her he was fine, she relented. His legs swung over the edge of the table as he sat up, but he didn’t seem ready to get off just yet.

Nightwave sat next to him on the table. She put one gloved hand on his knee, asking, “Do you remember anything about what happened to you?”

Surprisingly, Swallow’s face suddenly turned red with embarrassment. Nightwave reasoned that he was ashamed to have been bested without her there. She decided she would ease his mind later with some stories of her early embarrassing escapades, before she knew what she was doing. She patted his knee reassuringly.

“It’s okay, Swallow, it can happen to any hero,” she said. “I just want to find out who it was that got the better of you, and if they did anything that might create problems for us later.”

“No, you don’t understand,” he said, when suddenly he froze up. He jerked his head oddly to the side.

“Swallow?” Nightwave said, concerned. “What’s wro-”

She was cut off mid-sentence when Swallow suddenly turned toward her and planted a kiss on her lips.

Nightwave had no idea how to respond. She just sat there, dumbfounded, as the boy she’d taken in and raised like her own son for the past year left his lips lingering passionately against hers.

When he pulled away, she found herself suddenly sputtering incoherently. She was so taken aback that she had completely lost her wits, her face growing hot.

“S-Sam! Swallow! Why did you…? I mean, I’ve always known your teenage hormones might become a problem for you, and I’ve been reading up, but…! You can’t just kiss a girl out of nowhere like that! Especially me!”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know….” he trailed off, putting one hand to his head. “I don’t know what’s wrong, but… I can’t…”

Without warning, he suddenly grabbed her by the shoulders and pinned her down to the table. She struggled against him, but for some reason she couldn’t fight him. He didn’t seem stronger, but she definitely was feeling weaker.

As he looked down at her, she noticed a slight gleam on his lips. How had she missed it? It wasn’t the same bright color as the lipstick Rose Red used, but she was positive his lips had been coated with the same numbing agent. She would recognize the symptoms anywhere, after succumbing to them in the past.

Her body felt heavy, too heavy to lift her arms or legs. She realized now that the heat on her face earlier wasn’t from embarrassment, but due to the effects of the toxin. Her heart was racing faster, and she found herself becoming aroused. She’d never had anyone but Rose Red use this attack on her, and having her young sidekick pinning her down while these effects took over her body was disconcerting to say the least.

“Swallow, listen to me,” she said, leveling her voice as calmly as she could. “Rose Red is using you as a weapon against me. I don’t know how she got you to kiss me, but your lips are coated with her seducing toxin. I need you to let me go now.”

Instead of doing that, Swallow licked his lips. Nightwave groaned in frustration, realizing he’d be under its effects now, too.

“I’m sorry, Nightwave, I really can’t control my body at all right now,” he said. “I-I want to do what you say, but it’s like… something stronger is compelling me. I can’t even work up the will to resist.”

That didn’t sound like anything Rose Red had been capable of in the past. She could make people more open to suggestion, but outright controlling someone was far beyond her capabilities. Either she’d made some breakthrough with her research, or someone else had a hand in this.

Her natural inclination towards deduction was broken again as Swallow leaned in for another kiss. This time he slipped his tongue in. If it had been anyone else, she would have bit down, but this was her precious sidekick and partner. What was happening right now wasn’t his fault; if anything, it was hers. She was responsible for him being caught alone, and whatever Rose Red did to him to make him act this way was on her.

He broke this kiss, and began kissing and nipping at her jawline, tasting any exposed flesh her suit and cowl would allow. She tried to reason with him more, saying, “Swallow, please stop this! This isn’t like you at all!”

That seemed to give him pause. The kisses stopped, and he said, “No, you’re right, it’s not…” Nightwave breathed a sigh of relief. He was listening to reason, so he wasn’t completely gone yet. “But maybe it should be.”

With that, he found the zipper embedded in the front of her suit, and to Nightwave’s horror her costume began opening up. The bare skin between her breasts was exposed as the zipper ran all the way down to just past her navel, creating the most low cut cleavage possible. Now her face really was red with embarrassment, both at her sudden exposure to her protege and at her shame for how she felt about it.

It was just the effects of the toxin, she knew, but she still felt terrible for the rising excitement and anticipation she felt in her chest. His youthful eyes studied her exposed skin hungrily, a smile spreading across his face as he realized how easy it would be to expose one or both breasts. All that covered them was the sides of her suit, but he held off for a moment on pushing them free. He seemed to be genuinely savoring the moment.

“I can’t control my body right now, but I have to be honest with you, Nightwave,” he said huskily. “I’ve thought about something like this for as long as I’ve known you. It was never quite like this, but… I’ve fantasized about seeing you, feeling you… I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about you while jerking off.”

Nightwave was no innocent, and she was well aware of the way he’d look at her when he thought she wasn’t watching. Still, hearing him say as much so bluntly only deepened her embarrassment and heightened her arousal. There was no way around it. Her sidekick had been lusting after her all this time, and now with a little push from Rose Red and whomever she was working with, he was going to act on that lust. She knew she should try and stop him, but as the toxins affected her body more and more she was finding that increasingly difficult to do. She decided then and there that if this was going to happen, and it seemed inevitable that it would, the least she could do for the boy in her care would be to ease his guilt over it later.

“It’s okay, Swallow,” she said. “It’s only natural that you’d feel that way. I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but… If you have to… If you have to act on these urges, you have my permission.”

Swallow seemed taken aback by her words. He put his hands to his head, shaking it like he was fighting off something.

“No, no, this isn’t right!” he shouted. “I can’t do this to you! My hero!”

He stumbled off the table, falling to his hands and knees. Nightwave tried to get up now that he wasn’t pinning her down, but her strength was too far gone. The most she could do was turn slightly to watch him crawl across the floor.

“Swallow, what’s happening to you?” Nightwave shouted, but he didn’t respond. Instead he made his way over to the locking systems for the hideout. He unlocked the main doors of the base. “Swallow!”

He seemed to collapse then, falling down limply to the floor. Nightwave tried her best to sit up. She had to lock the door back. Even though she’d scanned him as best she could for tracking devices, there was no way she could risk leaving their base unlocked while they were both incapacitated like this. If she could just make it to the lock, then she could wait out the effects of the toxin and regroup.

However, before she could even think of rolling off the table, the main door opened. Nightwave watched in horror as Rose Red stepped through it, with her occasional partner in crime Miss Direction following close behind.

“How?” Nightwave asked. “How did you find us?”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, my delectable little hero,” Rose said in her usual condescending manner. “All will be made clear very soon. We just need to take you to meet the Lady.”

Before Nightwave could ask what that meant, Rose produced a syringe. She poked the needle into the exposed flesh of her neck, and the hero immediately began to feel groggy.

“Take yourself a little nap, and the Lady will tell you all you need to know.”


Nightwave had no idea how long she had been out. When she came to, she was in an unfamiliar building, her arms bound behind her back. Judging from the boxes everywhere, it was some sort of warehouse, though in a city as big as hers that didn’t narrow things down much. She quickly took note of Swallow, who was beside her and also just waking up. The room was dimly lit, save for one spotlight that shone down on a little makeshift throne.

Sitting on that throne was a sight that took some adjusting to get straight. It was a little girl, no older than eleven or twelve, with pearly white skin and even whiter hair that was longer on one side. Her youthful face was watching both her and Swallow with brilliant red eyes that sparkled in her little spotlight. What was truly shocking, however, was what was happening just a bit lower.

The girl’s tiny feet dangled from the throne, her legs not nearly long enough for them to reach the floor. However, each delicate foot was being held by one of the villainesses who’d invaded her lair, Rose on the left and Miss Direction on the right. They were worshiping her little white feet with their tongues, licking the soles of her feet and suckling on her toes. She paid them no mind as they did this, however, as she seemed to be focused solely on her guests.

Nightwave’s arms and legs were bound with rope. She could probably free herself, if she had enough time. However, her normally dexterous hands were clumsy and weak due to the lingering effects of the drug Rose had injected her with. She would have to stall with conversation.

“What’s your name, little girl?” she asked, putting on the voice she used with kids. She had a lot of experience with children through her hero work, either saving them or sometimes during charity events and the like. “Are you working with those two?”

The girl chuckled. Her eyes squinted mischievously as she replied, “I wouldn’t say I’m working with them. More like they’re working for me. Or, they belong to me.”

Her voice was high-pitched and undeveloped, matching her apparent age. However, she spoke with the conviction of someone much older.

“My name is Lady Bellwether,” she continued. “I like this codename business all the masks and capes use, even if my goals are a little different.”

“And what are your goals, exactly?” Nightwave asked as she continued to fiddle with her bonds. Beside her, Swallow seemed to finally be fully awake, though he chose to remain silent.

“Well, this, more or less,” she said, pointing at the two grown women lavishing her snow-white feet with love. “I want more slaves like them. So I had them set a trap for you.”

“Slaves?” Nightwave asked, bewildered. “How did you…?”

“How did I get collect them?” Bellwether said, finishing the hero’s sentence. “The same way I got your pet to turn on you.”

“He’s not my pet,” she said flatly, while internally putting the pieces together. It seemed clear to her that this child had somehow gained the ability to control others, but the question was how. Did she use some sort of chemical substance, like Rose Red. or did she have some type of super power? How did her control work, and how could she break it?

“Well, he’s not your pet anymore, at least,” Bellwether said with a smile that was entirely too smug for Nightwave’s taste. “He’s mine. And soon you will be, too.”

“I think you’ll find I put up a bit more of a fight than those two,” she said, pointing with her nose at the super villains sucking Bellwether’s toes.

“Okay, Swallow,” was all Bellwether said in response.

Before Nightwave knew what was happening, Swallow was reached around from behind her and grabbed the sides of her costume. It was still tantalizingly unzipped from earlier, but with a firm tug the top came down around her shoulders. Nightwave’s generous breasts bounced free, much to her shock.

“Ooh, very nice!” Bellwether cooed from her seat. Beneath her, Rose and Miss Direction both stopped their foot worship to turn and see. They leered at her exposed chest, making her face go red under her mask.

“Swallow!” she shouted, trying in vain to cover herself. With her arms bound she just ended up wiggling back and forth, inadvertently making her breasts dance for her captive audience. “You have to fight it, whatever’s controlling you! Can you hear me?”

“I can hear you just fine, Nightwave,” Swallow’s voice spoke up behind her. She could hear some rustling, then suddenly his hands reached back around her. He’d removed his gloves. “I just… I don’t want to fight anything. This feels right.”

He grabbed a breast in each hand, groping at them with the exploratory clumsiness of inexperience. Nightwave choked back a gasp, trying her best to not display her mix of horror and guilty arousal. She was mortified, but she’d rather die than let these villains see it on her face.

“Nothing about this is right,” she said, stone-faced. “That girl over there is controlling you somehow.”

“It’s no use, Nightwave,” Bellwether said. “Once I’m in someone’s mind, I live there. He thinks the way I want him to think, and he does what I want him to do.”

“Then let him go!” Nightwave blurted. “You’re both just children, this isn’t right for either of you!”

Bellwether scoffed. “You sound like my parents. But you know what? They were the first people I took control of. They were my playthings, and I learned all I needed to about anything and everything once they could no longer write me off. I made them teach me… whatever I wanted to know. And I want more. I want to see your precious sidekick fuck you until you can’t even walk, and then I’ll make you my personal bitch and you can eat me out while I do the same thing to every hero I can get. Your friends and comrades will be subjugated to me, and you’ll watch it all with a smile on your face and my juice on your lips.”

Nightwave stared blankly at the pale little girl while Swallow continued to maul her breasts. Despite how she looked, she definitely did not think or talk like a child.

“Those nipples of yours sure are stiff,” Rose pointed out from her position on the floor. “You’re getting off on the idea, aren’t you?”

“I am not!” Nightwave protests. “It’s cold in here, that’s all!”

“Swallow, dear, do you feel how hard her nipples are?” Lady Bellwether asked.

“I do.”

“She says they’re cold. Maybe you could warm them up with your mouth?”

“I’d love to,” Swallow answered as he rotated around to his mentor’s front. Now Nightwave could see his face, see the raptured bliss on his face as he stuck out his tongue and begal lapping at one pert nipple.

She wasn’t prepared for the jolt of electricity that shot through her at the contact. His hands had been one thing, but his tongue was a step beyond. He swirled it around the nub of her nibble, flicking and playing with it before latching on with his lips to suck on it. Nightwave couldn’t hold back an erotic moan, which she immediately regretted.

“Ooh, I’m gettin’ jealous,” Miss Direction said teasingly. “Rose, we shoulda had him do that for us!”

“All in good time, my love,” Rose replied. “If the Lady allows, we can have them both service us. Can you imagine, Swallow on one tit, Nightwave on the other?”

The mental image made the blonde villainess squirm in place. For Nightwave, the humiliation only served to intensify the arousal burning in her. Swallow let go of her nipple, leaving it feeling cold and empty before he began repeating the process on her other one.

Nightwave hissed through her teeth. The mocking gazes of her foes watching her squirm and jerk as her faithful sidekick dutifully lapped at her breasts… She had never considered herself an exhibitionist, but the situation was turning her on much more than she would have expected. The mix of shame and arousal was as intoxicating as it was surprising.

Realizing that, Nightwave had a sudden thought. “Bellwether! Are you… hah… Are you messing with my mind? Making me enjoy this?”

“Oh, no, my sweet, I am not,” Bellwether said. A smile grew on her cute little face. “But I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying it! Unfortunately, I can only latch onto someone during the moment of orgasm, when their mental defenses are at their weakest, so there’s no way I could affect your current state. That’s all you, sugartits.”

The other two villains chuckled as Nightwave’s embarrassment grew. She was so sure she’d hit upon something, but in her haste she’d accidentally outed herself. Swallow seemed encouraged by her words, too, as he increased his attention.

Meanwhile, down below, the crotch of Nightwave’s suit was becoming damp. The material would keep her captors from noticing right away, but it was increasingly uncomfortable for her. Despite herself, some part of her began hoping Bellwether would give him an order to move further south.

As soon as she had that thought, Nightwave began chastising herself. She had sworn to protect Sam, her little Swallow, at all costs. Instead of indulging in these carnal acts Lady Bellwether was forcing on them, she should be working on finding an escape.

She had forgotten to work on her bonds, too caught off-guard by Swallow stripping her and then lavishing her chest with attention. She began to fiddle with the ropes around her wrists again, but was once again distracted as Swallow’s delicate fingers began tracing up and down the line of her abdomen.

“I can feel what you’re thinking, Swallow” Bellwether said. “And I think your big strong hero would love it if you’d do that for her.”

“D-do what?” Nightwave choked out, when she got her answer. Swallow’s hand slipped under the zipper of her costume, squeezing between her skin and the material to push its way down between her legs. Nightwave threw her head back, an unabashedly erotic moan escaping her ruby lips as two fingers slipped into her sopping wet cunt.

“Oh, she’s really enjoying herself now,” one of the villains said. Nightwave’s mind was so clouded with the sudden burst of endorphins that she couldn’t quite register which one. Her fingers had again stopped their work, as Swallow’s began theirs. He pumped in and out of her, never stopping his oral attention to her breasts. He switched back over to the first one, this time exploring outwards from the nipple to lick the sensitive skin of her breast. He traced random patterns over the curvature, savoring the taste of her flesh.

“I’ve dreamt of this for so long,” Swallow whispered, low enough that their audience probably couldn’t hear him. “Every night, when I go to sleep, I jerk off imagining you like this. You have no idea how badly I want you, Brenda.”

“It’s Nightwave,” she whispered back to him. Her instinct kicked in as she scolded him lightly. “Never use my other name when I’m in costume.”

“Well, okay… but I don’t think you’ll be in this costume much longer.”

As if to emphasize his point, Swallow used his other hand to pull Nightwave’s costume down more. She was completely bare from the waist up, save for her gloved hands which were still tied behind her back. She felt completely exposed, but she knew Swallow was likely right. Soon she would be even more exposed, if Lady Bellwether had her way.

“Nightwave, I can’t hold back any more,” Swallow said, standing up in front of her. He quickly opened up the front of his costume, releasing his stiff cock right in front of her face.

“Oh, no, Swallow, I can’t…”

Nightwave’s protest was cut off when Swallow suddenly took her head in both hands and leaned forward to plant a kiss on her lips.

“I’m sorry, I can’t stop myself,” he said before kissing her again. “Please forgive me, but there’s something I’ve always wanted to do with your tits.”

Without further explanation, he took her breasts in both hands and sandwiched his cock between them. He began thrusting up into her cleavage, his teenage cock almost completely smothered by them,

“Lookit him fuck those melons!” Miss Direction said with a cackle. “Get ‘em, bird boy!”

Bellwether let out a soft moan. “Rose, Miss D, I’m ready for you to get back to work.”

The pale girl hiked up her skirt, revealing her smooth, hairless pussy. With no further prompting, both Rose Red and Miss Direction turned to bury their faces between her legs. She ran her fingers through their hair as they obeyed.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned. “I know you love your mentor’s tits, Swallow, but why don’t you give that mouth of hers a try, too?”

“C-can I?” Swallow asked, slowing down his thrusting. “Can I really?”

“Fuck her face,” Bellwether said, leaning back in her throne as two tongues dueled over her clit. “I wanna hear her choke on your cock.”

“You can’t just-” Nightwave began to protest, but as soon as her mouth was open Swallow was already moving. He shoved his erection into her mouth, causing her to gag in surprise.

He leaned forward, holding onto her cowl in an embrace. This pushed her face forward until her nose was buried in the skin along his belt line, where he held her as he just took in the feeling of being in her mouth.

“Give him a good service, hero,” Bellwether said. “He’s been such a loyal sidekick to you, it’s the least you can do for him.”

Nightwave couldn’t have argued even if she wanted to, as her mouth was stuffed with teen dick. Instead, she began instinctively running her tongue up and down the spine of his cock, exploring the foreign invader of her oral orifice.

“Ohh, Nightwave!” Swallow moaned lewdly. “Your tongue feels so good!”

The complement actually touched Nightwave a little. Maybe it was because it was coming from someone she cared so much about, but she found herself putting a bit more effort to make it as good a blowjob as she could. It wasn’t easy, as the anxious young hero was pumping his hips with reckless abandon. His balls slapped against her chin and his cock jammed its way in and out of her mouth clumsily.

Behind him, Lady Bellwether laughed. “Look at him go! He’s really fucking her face!”

If the audience and commentary bothered Swallow at all, he didn’t show it, as his movements didn’t slow down at all. If anything, his thrusts picked up, and for a moment Nightwave wondered if he was going to cum in her mouth.

Bellwether must have thought the same thing, as suddenly her voice rang out, “Swallow, stop!”

On command, he froze. His cock was still hard and throbbing against her tongue, but the thrusting stopped immediately.

“After the ringer my pets put you through, I don’t want to risk you running dry just yet,” she said. “You’re only going to cum once this time, and it’s going to be in your mentor’s naughty pussy.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said as he pulled his cock out with a little pop. Suddenly, Rose Red and Miss Direction were on the move, grabbing nightwave and positioning her with her head on the ground and her hindquarters raised up in the air.

“No, stop!” Nightwave shouted. She felt completely powerless, as no matter how much she struggled the duo held her firm. Maybe if she was at full strength she could fight them off, but she still felt weak and the intense emotions of the ordeal had done nothing to help that.

Her suit was still on her, even if it had been unzipped, so her lower portion wasn’t exposed just yet. However, the cut of her suit did ride up to expose the lower portion of her ass, and Swallow was eyeing her hungrily as she struggled on the floor. Her latex-covered cheeks shook provocatively in the air.

“This is the same position he fucked me in,” Miss Direction whispered in her ear. “You’re gonna love it!”

“Alright, Swallow, you know what to do,” came the order from Lady Bellwether.

Swallow grabbed the top of her costume, tugging at pulling it down over the swell of her hips. Despite Nightwave’s protests, the suit was pulled down further and further, exposing inch by inch of her ass, then her glistening pussy, as the costume was ultimately pulled down to her knees.

“Oh, fuck,” Swallow breathed heavily, taking in the view. No amount of fantasizing could have prepared him for the sight of Nightwave’s full, juicy ass presented bare to him. Just beneath it, her pussy glistened with the juices she’d been hoping to hide. Her body twitched and wriggled in a mix of fear and anticipation, and her every movement had Swallow hypnotized.

He inched closer, taking her cheeks in both hands. This ass felt thicker, more muscular than Miss Direction’s had. When he squeezed it, there was a resistance that made his heart rush. He couldn’t explain how captivating it was. He felt like some dumb animal playing with a ball.

“Swallow, please, fight it,” Nightwave begged. Despite her conflicting emotions, the hero’s main fear was that their relationship was about to cross a barrier they could never go back on. Even if they escaped this situation, what he was about to do would alter their dynamic forever. Despite this fear, she felt her pussy spasm hungrily, desperate to be touched.

Swallow didn’t answer her. In fact, it seemed as though he might not have even heard her, as he squeezed her ass cheeks and spread them apart, revealing her quivering asshole. Remembering how it felt for him, he decided to lean forward and give it a little lick.

Nightwave grunted, not expecting the sudden sharp pleasure. It was almost overwhelming, and it only got stronger as he licked around the rim of her rectum tentatively.

“Does that feel good, Nightwave?” he asked. “I want you to feel as good as possible.”

Something about that statement broke Nightwave’s heart. Despite Bellwether’s control, that was still her good boy. He was still himself, just an altered version of himself. He was going to fuck her, no matter what she said to him, but he was still considering her feelings in some twisted, distorted way.

“Y-yes, Swallow,” she said. “Almost too good. I don’t… I don’t think I can handle you playing with my butt like that.”

“Alright, I understand,” he replied shortly before licking along the slit of her pussy.

“Ohh, Swallow!” Nightwave moaned out, her voice deepening a little. “Don’t… fuck, don’t do that without warning!”

She could hear the villainesses chuckling to each other over her head, but she tried to ignore them. Her struggle to break free of their grasp had faded away, as she’d only succeeded in tiring herself out.

“Alright, well… I’m about to do it again.”

Before Nightwave could offer any protest, Swallow followed up on his promise and licked her again. This time his tongue slipped a bit between the folds of her lips, which made the prone hero’s hips jerk up unexpectedly.

“Ooh, whatever you just did, she really like that!” Miss Direction said.

“Really?” Swallow said. He leaned forward and tried to make the same movement, and his tongue again slipped a bit inside her.

“Fuck! Stop it!” Nightwave shouted as her hips jerked again.

“Really get in there, kid,” Rose encouraged him. “Lick her insides clean.”

“O-okay,” Swallow said with some trepidation. After a moment’s pause, he placed his tongue to her pussy once again. Licking upwards, with a bit of pressure, he was able to slide between her folds and penetrate her.

Nightwave’s thighs tightened as the pleasure swept through her. After all the contact and mixed emotions, her body had primed itself and her sidekick’s tongue felt better than it had any right to. Nightwave tried to fight it off, to focus on something else, because she knew from what Lady Bellwether had said earlier that if she came… It would most likely be over. Swallow’s complete subservience and change in character did not give her much hope that she could fight off whatever power that child had, and she was in no hurry to test herself.

And yet, it was inevitable. As he licked and explored her passage, the pleasure continued to build up on itself again and again. Try as she might, she was going to cum. She just was. As she felt her orgasm approaching, Nightwave braced herself for what was to come with it.

Her whole body tensed, her hips bucking backwards so hard her ass smacked Swallow in the face and knocked him back. A guttural, erotic and entirely unheroic scream escaped from her throat. Even though Swallow had been knocked back, Nightwave’s hips continued to buck back, as if trying to fuck herself on the tongue that was no longer there.

She rode out her orgasm, completely overtaken by how good it felt. As it subsided, a thought occurred to her.

She felt completely normal.

“Wait,” she said between panting breaths. “Weren’t you…. Weren’t you going to take over my mind when I came?”

Lady Bellwether didn’t answer her. Instead, she just said, “That was a wonderful show, hero. Really, it was. Rose, Miss D, you can let her go now.”

The hands pinning her down released her, and Nightwave sat up. They even undid the ropes binding her wrists, and she began rolling her hands to shake the feeling they were still there.

“Aren’t you going to fight back, now?” the white-haired girl asked. “I got my show, you’re completely free.”

For a moment Nightwave considered that she could grab Swallow and escape, but she decided against it. Instead, she reached down with one gloved hand and scooped up some of the juices seeping from between her legs. The latex on her fingers glistened as she brought the cum up, licking it off.

She only wondered why she was doing this for a moment, before deciding that her juices tasted delicious. Much tastier than she’d imagined. She looked around at the three women around her, and began contemplating how good their pussies must taste.

“My pets, help the hero out of her costume,” Bellwether said. Rose and Miss Direction complied, and Nightwave was grateful for their assistance. She was exhausted, but with their help she was able to shed her gloves, boots, and the body of her suit that hand been pulled down to her knees. She was left completely nude, save for her cowl, which Bellwether insisted she keep on.

“There will be plenty of time for unmaskings later,” she said. “For now, I just want to enjoy you as a superhero. I think it’s a much better show if you keep the mask on.”

Nightwave didn’t question her decision. Neither did she question the order to get back on her hands and knees, which she did promptly.

“Is… is Swallow going to fuck me, now?” she asked, her heart racing with nervous anticipation. She felt like a schoolgirl again.

“Hmm… I haven’t decided yet,” Lady Bellwether said, tapping one finger on her chin. She looked down at Nightwave, positioned like a table with her ass and sopping cunt raised and waiting. “Do you want him to fuck you?”

“Oh, yes,” Nightwave practically moaned. “More than I’ve ever wanted anything.”

Nightwave could hear Swallow rustling behind her, but he didn’t make a move. Instead she was left waiting, presenting herself while the other four watched her. Being seen like this was turning her on.

“I might let him,” Bellwether said, finally. “But only if you can convince me of how badly you want it.”

Nightwave’s mind raced. How could she convince the Lady that she wanted him to fuck her?

“Please, Lady Bellwether,” she begged. “I want him to fuck me! I-I want my young sidekick to fuck me like the bitch I am! I want him to fuck me… for… for you! I want you and Rose Red and Miss Direction… to all watch me. I want you to watch me moan like a whore while he cums in my dirty pussy.”

“And if I let him fuck you, will you swear allegiance to me?”

“Yes,” came Nightwave’s reply, without hesitation. “I will be your loyal slave, your pet. I’ll do whatever you want, if you let Swallow fuck me. I’ll eat you out, I’ll be your human footrest. I’ll be your superhero bitch! So please!”

“Alright, alright,” Bellwether said with a merry tone in her voice. “I hope you’ll live up to all those lofty promises. Swallow, give the super slut what she wants.”

Nightwave’s heart skipped a beat with that name. She’d never been called anything like that before, but now she found herself panting with anticipation. She could hear Swallow inch up behind her, and soon the head of his cock was rubbing up and down the slit of her vagina.

“I’m gonna do it,” he said, almost as if to psyche himself up. “I’m gonna… I’m really gonna fuck Nightwave!”

“Do it, Swallow,” she encouraged, her blonde hair hanging around her face as she stared down at the floor. “Fuck me to your heart’s content.”

“I will!” he said, slipping his cock into her slowly. He groaned as her walls clenched down on the invading member, but he pressed forward until he was buried in her.

“How does he feel?” Rose asked. Nightwave could barely answer as she panted and moaned.

“Fuh-fucking good,” came her eventual reply. “Soooo fucking good…”

As her pussy adjusted to him inside her, Swallow began slowly moving back and forth. Nightwave’s toes curled as he picked up a bit of speed, gaining confidence with each movement of his hips.

Rose tilted Nightwave’s chin up, revealing her nude body to the hero. She hadn’t noticed when she’d stripped down, but a quick glance to the side revealed that Miss Direction was also in the buff.

“I’ve been waiting to cum for hours,” Rose said seductively. “Think you could help a girl out?”

“Suh… sure,” Nightwave mumbled. Rose positioned herself in front of Nightwave, who knelt down so she could reach the glistening green genitalia presented to her.

She lapped up the sopping wet pussy, and realized with some relief that it tasted even better than her own had. She soon had her face buried between Rose’s emerald thighs, devouring her snatch like it was her last meal. She loved eating pussy, she was coming to understand. How did this amazing taste escape her for so long?

“Oh, I love the enthusiasm, super slut!” Rose said, sending a shiver through Nightwave’s body. There was that name again.

Swallow’s thrusts had picked up in force, and soon he was smacking into her upturned ass hard enough to make her nose bounce off Rose’s mound. Each time she was pushed forward like that, she got to taste a little bit deeper inside Rose’s cunt. It was sublime.

She could feel Miss Direction’s hand wandering aimlessly across her bare back, and realized from the noises behind her that she was making out with Swallow while he fucked her. The thought filled her with joy, as the little guy deserved the attention. Hopefully, someday she could watch him fuck both Miss Direction and Rose Red. Maybe the three of them could line up for him and he could take turns until he was satisfied. They’d have to let the Lady watch, of course, but the thought of something so degrading mader her squirm with excitement.

“Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum,” Rose said, grabbing the top of Nightwave’s cowl in both hands and pushing her down as far as she could. “I’m gonna come on your face, Nightwave! Drink it all up!”

And drink it up she did, as Rose squirted a surprising amount of feminine cum all over her face and mask. She lapped at it thirstily, taking in as much of the sweet juice as she could. The taste was addictive, and even as Rose’s orgasm subsided she continued to lick it all up off her.

“That’s enough, slut,” Rose said, scooting away from Nightwave. “I need a breather.”

“Ooh, can I have a go?” Miss Direction asked. Rose answered nonverbally with a wave of her hand, and soon Nightwave was presented with a pretty pink pussy to eat.

She didn’t need any encouraging, going right back to work. He tongue was a bit numb, but she didn’t mind if it meant she could get more delicious girlcum.

Behind her, Swallow had found his pace, as he steadily pumped his cock into her over and over again. She was still sensitive from her first orgasm, but for some reason that didn’t seem to matter. All she could think about was making him happy, just like she was making Miss Direction happy with her oral attention.

“I still can’t believe Nightwave is eating me out!” Miss Direction squealed. She wrapped her legs around the hero’s head, letting her bare feet rest on her ass. Suddenly, she raised one foot up and brought it cracking down, smacking Nightwave’s left asscheek with her sole. “Eat my pussy, bitch! I wanna fuckin’ drown you!”

She spanked Nightwave with her foot again and again, reddening the skin of her ass with the abuse. Nightwave only ate her out with more vigor, encouraged by the stinging pain in her buttocks. Something about all of this felt so right to her. This is where she’d always belonged, on her knees, with her face buried between someone’s legs and a cock inside her.

Miss Direction wasn’t done with the abuse, as when she felt like she was about to come she grabbed two handfuls of Nightwave’s hair, which was spilling out the back of her cowl. Pulling on her hair like handlebars, she began grinding her cunt into Nightwave’s face, smearing her juices all over and mixing them with what still remained from Rose’s orgasm.

Nightwave couldn’t keep up, and just stuck her tongue out as the crazy girl rode her face like a sybian. Soon her legs clamped down on either side of her head, squeezing her tightly as she came.

Nightwave felt like she might pass out, her head squeezed between two thighs while a pussy exploded into her mouth. Miss Direction’s orgasm was nowhere near as big or impressive as Rose’s had been, but with her head clamped firmly in place Nightwave found herself struggling to breathe as she was overcome with girlcum.

“Fuck yes!” Miss Direction screamed, bucking her hips. “This is the best! Thank you, my Lady!”

As her orgasm passed, Miss Direction let go of Nightwave’s hair and backed off from her. The hero gasped for air, her face dripping with a mix of juices from both the villainesses who she’d eaten out. Her red lipstick was smeared and faded, and her tongue lolled out senselessly as if waiting for another pussy to eat.

Meanwhile, Swallow was leaning forward over Nightwave’s back. He was getting pretty close himself, and his pace picked up to match. With gritted teeth, he rammed himself down as deep as he could into his mentor’s inner walls.

Nightwave sputtered something incoherent, while Swallow shouted that he was cumming. His cock sprayed jizz deep inside her, filling her up as he held himself there.

“Oh, Swallow!” Nightwave moaned. “You’re pumping me full of your cum!”

“Take it all!” he groaned. As he pumped her full of his last few spurts of cum, his young body gave out on him and he collapsed onto her back.

Nightwave was exhausted herself, and the sudden weight of her sidekick draped over her caused her to fall to the floor as well. Luckily it was padded with some kind of mat, but the impact still knocked the wind out of her.

Swallow had the decency to roll off her, and the crimefighting duo lay there, naked except for a sheen of sweat. They panted from the exertion, chests heaving. From the little throne set up a few feet away came an appreciative clapping.

“Well done, you two!” Lady Bellwether said. “That was a good show, for sure! I’m so happy to have you both in my harem.”

Was she in her harem? Nightwave wondered, before remembering she’d agreed to serve her. Well, a promise was a promise, and it’s not like she hadn’t enjoyed every second of her reward. Maybe being the sex slave of a demented little girl wouldn’t be so bad.

“Rose, D, could you help them both up?” Bellwether asked. As the heroes were pulled back to their feet, they turned to face the Lady on her throne. She looked them over, licking her lips. “Now, then, here’s how things will work from now on. You two may return to your home. You can continue your lives like normal, and you can even continue fighting crime, so long as you don’t do anything to get in my way. I think that’s quite generous of me.”

“Yes, Lady Bellwether,” Nightwave and Swallow both answered in unison.

“I know you two have these little communicators you use, so I think I’ll be tapping into that frequency,” she said. “I trust that won’t be a problem?”

“No, milady,” Nightwave answered. “I can set you up on our system pretty easily.”

“Good, good,” she said with a nod and a smile. “Once we’ve done that, I’ll be contacting you whenever I need either of you and your… services. When I call you, I expect you to always answer, and to come wherever I am immediately. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Lady Bellwether,” came the tandem reply.

“Perfect!” she said, clapping her hands together with glee. “All that’s left then is the fact that I’m the only one here who hasn’t cum yet!”

Nightwave and Swallow both looked at each other in shock. They’d made a grievous error, and they were both struck with the same idea. Sinking down to their hands and knees, the hero and her sidekick crawled across the floor like dogs to Lady Bellwether’s throne. Like she had for Rose and Miss Direction before, the young girl hiked up her skirt with a sadistic smile on her face. Her smooth, opalescent pussy mound was on full display before them.

With no instruction or pushing, both Nightwave and Swallow leaned forward with outstretched tongues. The began licking at their Lady’s pussy enthusiastically, their tongues dancing with each other in her folds.

Bellwether leaned her head backwards, letting it rest against the back of her throne. With the two heroes eating her out together, she didn’t expect to last much longer.

She was definitely going to need more slaves.


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