Costume Swap – Storm and Belle

So this is an old pic, dating back to October of 2009. Disney had just purchased Marvel and, on top of the usual WWOEC Woman of the Month (who was Angela from Gargoyles), there was a thread just for swapping Disney characters’ costumes with Marvel ones. I went and picked my favorite Disney princess and swapped her iconic yellow dress out with Storm’s 90’s white outfit, which is still my favorite of hers. Though the end result isn’t as pornographic as what I usually post on here, it’s still very sensual and the image has a soft spot in my heart. So, I decided to share it with you all. Though looking back at it now, it’s very unimpressive, I still love how Storm’s shoulders look. Hm.


Ogata Satomi – Aim at Planet Namek!

This was my first coloring project, which is why it’s one of the few times you’ll see me post a colorization here that I didn’t collaborate with the original artist on. Such a venture would have been impossible in this case, anyway.

Aim at Planet Namek! is an old doujin, one of the first I ever read. Here I not only splashed color onto it, but also reworked the dialogue to make it easier to read.