Maka Albarn Character Ask 3

This is a pretty out-there crossover, even for me I think, but it’s what can happen when asking a specific character to pick the biggest ass in a place like the Near Hentai Studio. I don’t usually like to get into biggest/best/whatever of any body parts, but I’ve always felt like the sunglasses vendor from Inner Workings has to have the largest butt of the characters I’ve drawn. I thought it’d be fun if Maka showed her big booty a little love while answering, instead of just saying her opinion.

Gon Freecss Character Ask 16

I like the idea of Killua trying on a bunch of different outfits for his Trap Sluts shoot (a series I’ve recently decided to retitle, “Near’s Drag Race”, to distance myself from any terms that might be seen as slurs), but Gon just enthusiastically approves of each one. Killua gets frustrated that Gon’s simping too hard for him, and just pics the outfit we see in the shoot. Anyway, I thought people might like seeing Killua dolled up like this again, even though the nudity rule for Asks means he couldn’t be in the full outfit.

Meredith the Muff Muncher

I mentioned before that there was one other Birdgirl character I was interested in, and that’s Meredith here. She’s this series’ version of Mentok from the original Harvey Birdman, though I don’t know how they’re related (they’re just both green and have the same powers, and go “Bee-woop!”). I like her, though, in a similar way to how I like Poison Ivy in the Harley Quinn cartoon, and wanted to draw her with Judy. All three of my Birdgirl crushes are in the Studio now, though I can’t say for sure how often any of them will show up.

NHS Fusion – Nash Keota

I wanted to try a fusion with a bit more dissonance between the characters, so the poll for this one featured a variety of different characters (in terms of age, species, gender, etc.). Funnily enough, the two most similar characters on the list won, which is how we got this Nagisa and Ash fusion. This does, however, mark the first NHS Fusion to not feature a My Hero Academia character. I decided to forgo Nagisa’s pigtails and Ash’s hat/cheek lines, with the hope that it’ll help Nash stand out a bit on his own.

Fairy Godmother Character Ask 1

I always figured if I drew the Fairy Godmother again, it’d be a pic with Cinderella, but this was an opportunity I didn’t want to pass up. The Fairy Godmother falls very neatly into Corey Park’s type, and I imagine there’s a good chance this Asker was expecting to get Corey as the answer here. Also, a number of people seemed to wish her previous pic had included anal of some sort, so this Ask was also a good chance to provide that for them.

Definitely a Ten

As part of a bigger project I made an AMV for Ghost Stories not long ago, and made a mental note that I wanted to do this pic for October while I was working on it. For those who don’t know, Ghost Stories is a spooky ghost anime that got a gag dub when it was localized. The dub team decided they didn’t want to take the dubbing seriously, so they let loose with how they dubbed it, and it basically turned into what we think of as an Abridged Series these days (except full-length).
The main ghost of episode eighteen is Akane-san, a girl who died of a heart attack while doing a radio show. For some reason this makes her a TV ghost, complete with coming out of a TV, like Sadako from The Ring. She attacks Satsuki, one of the main characters, and the animation is pretty sensual, with her stroking Satsuki’s legs and kinda crawling up her body. In the English dub, they have her say Satsuki is “definitely a ten” (she has a counting gimmick, too, that’s the secret to defeating her), and Satsuki has some internal dialogue about how she always attracts the lesbian ghosts. Anyway, I obviously decided to draw a different sort of attack, which is what we have here.