Ganyu NHML

The Near Hentai Monthly Lady for May 2021 is Ganyu, one of the many popular characters to come out of Genshin Impact. I know very little about Genshin Impact, and even less about the characters (especially the female ones), so I looked to the Genshin Impact Wiki for some ideas on what to do with her. According to it she seems to be friends with Beidou, who looks to be some sort of sexy pirate/seafaring lass that I thought had a pretty good look. So I figured I’d put them in the captain’s quarters (or whatever) for a little fun. Nothing to complicated here, but I hope you all enjoy them.

With this post, NHML nominations for the month of June are now open. For those who don’t know, I’ll run down the rules real quick. Nominations are limited to one per person. You can nominate any female character you want, provided I have not drawn her within the past calendar year (though I prefer characters I’ve never drawn, period). Previous NHML winners are not eligible for a second time. Nominees must also not be from the same franchise as this month’s winner, Genshin Impact. If you violate any of those rules, I’ll let you know, and you can nominate someone else. I know it can be hard to keep track of these things. You may nominate by either commenting in the cBox, commenting on this post, or emailing me ( I’ll compile a list of the nominees in the sidebar of this site, and then on June 1st I will use a randomizer to select the winning character who I will proceed to draw sometime that month. I look forward to seeing who you all nominate this time around!

Amethyst Character Ask 1

So, like the last Ask, I needed a it of a simple one to do while I’m working on the monthly comic pages for SubscribeStar. This one stood out to me for a couple of reasons. One is just that we’ve never had a Steven Universe Ask, and I wanted to change that. Also, answering this one’s allowed me to give us our first good look at my version of Amethyst’s body, as her past couple of appearances haven’t really been full-body shots like this. Amethyst is fun to draw, and I enjoyed revisiting her here. As for her answer, it’s always a little awkward balancing a series own canon with my own version of the story, but I tried to have her answer reflect what I thought was reasonable and believable from what we see in the series. I’ve always liked the idea of Rose asking Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst to help her figure this sex thing out in preparation for Greg, and the way Amethyst and Greg interact in the show makes it very easy to extrapolate there might be at least a casual sexual tension between them. However, since Character Asks are limited to just who is in the Studio, Amethyst could only recollect on these exploits, rather than demonstrate them.

Hypno’s Harem #1 – Ash


So this is a new series I’ve been ruminating on for a hot minute. I’ve always enjoyed hypnosis and mind control stuff to a degree, but I find it a bit difficult to convey it satisfyingly without doing a full comic to tell the story (and I have too many comics as it is). I hit upon this idea of doing a little series of mini comics, though, that I think will work and be kinda fun. Each one will have a nearly identical first panel (I probably won’t even re-draw Hypno), but the subject will change for each entry. The second two panels won’t follow any formula, besides being naughty. I think this will also be a fun way to introduce a lot of human characters from the Pokémon anime into the Near Hentai Studios that I might otherwise not have had time for (although at least the first few will all be popular favorites like Ash). Like the U.A. Wall, I plan to alternate between male and female characters for each entry in the series, and probably the second one will be focused on Misty. I don’t know how frequently I’ll visit this series, though, but I should get back to it eventually.


I decided to try out another Animal Crossing pin-up, still trying to settle on how I want to translate the in-game designs into my art. This time I drew Ankha, one of my villagers in New Horizons and also a pretty popular villager just in general. I’ve seen a lot of artists draw her a lot of ways, but I tried to stick with how she looks in the game for the most part (though definitely not 100%). I’ve seen her given a little cat nose, or blue pads on her feet, or just a more traditional anthro design overall, but I still wanted to recognize her as the little cat who says hi to me every morning in my game. Hopefully y’all will enjoy this angle of her.

Chi-Chi the Sitter, Page 2

Now that we’ve gone through the full rotation of the four Ongoing SubscribeStar comics, we can come back to the first one. Like every page for these SubscribeStar comics, the script for this was written by my subscribers on that platform. However, this one is a bit special in that, of the scripts submitted, there was a tie for first place between two of them. Fortunately, the two tied scripts had a few points in common, so what I did was keep everything they had in common, and then used my own judgment to pick the parts I liked best from them both to make this final result. I think the page turned out pretty alright, all things considered, and I hope you all enjoy it.

April ’21 One-Shot

This is the One-Shot comic I did for my Subscribers in April. The concept behind this strip was basically to do a bit of a revival of The Lovers and the Brothers, but with Ash added into the mix. Rather than try and directly connect it to that narrative, though, I instead set this one in a location in the Studio (that probably looks familiar to some of you).

Android 17 Character Ask 1

I needed a simpler Ask to answer for the moment, and I figured this one would fit that bill well. I like 17 despite not drawing him that often, so this Ask was a convenient excuse to draw him again for a quick pic, but also allow me to explain some of the, uh… Studio Lore, I guess. Gohan talked about this phenomenon a bit in his Spotlight interview, but some characters represent themselves from multiple realities. For those characters, they’re able to access memories and channel emotions form those divergent timelines, though they mostly live life as one simple “default” version of themselves.


So I feel like I need to discuss the reason this pic exists. Some of you may remember recently I did a pic of Holli Would and Jessica Rabbit with Bonkers. When I was sharing the details of that commission with my younger sister, she got really excited about Holli Would. She had never seen Cool World before, but she was really into Holli’s design so I showed her the movie. She didn’t care for it, but she still was really into Holli. Separately, I had found a YouTube channel dedicating to editing together crossovers from different animated movies, typically to create strange or interesting yuri pairings (mostly between Disney princesses). One video on this channel shipped Holli Would with Thumbelina, the protagonist of a Don Bluth film that was that same sister of mine’s favorite animated movie when we were kids. Since it shipped this new crush of hers with an old favorite, I had to show her the clip, and she predictably loved it. YouTube then decided to start recommending me videos from a different, similar channel, once that pretty much exclusively did Holli Would/Thumbelina videos (apparently the video we’d seen before was a gift to this person). So we watched a bunch of those, and my sister got more and more into the ship. I kinda liked them, too, as Thumbelina’s childlike innocence paired well with Holli’s overt sexuality. These videos all called Thumbelina just “Lina”, I assume because she was not thumb-sized in any of them, and seemed to take place in their own continuity. I’m no expert on that ship or the fandom, but I did notice several other similar channels pairing them up (amongst other crack pairings). I feel like this is not really any stranger than many of the pairings I’ve portrayed in the Studio before, so I decided to go ahead and draw them at least once.
I’m not confident I won’t return to this pairing, as I do like them together. However, I would also kinda like to draw Thumbelina with some of the characters from her movie, as well (there are a couple anthro ladies I kinda want to see her with, maybe). I’d been considering doing something with Thumbelina for a bit, anyway, as I like the idea of having a bunch of tiny characters in the Studio living in their own small town… Although we had to size her up a bit for this appearance, at least.

Alcina Dimitrescu Character Ask 1

My first thought when approaching this Ask is that Alcina is probably not the tallest lady in the Near Hentai Studios. One could argue that Mt. Lady is cheating here by using her quirk to grow, but I think even without counting superpowers Alcina is still smaller than Aphelandra. However, I really liked the idea of this tall lady having her dynamic flipped on its head, and is now just the size of a fairly large doll next to Mt. Lady. However, Alcina’s still got a bit of a dominant energy, I think, using her feet to pull Mt. Lady’s face in closer while she probes her with her tongue. Even with the size difference she hasn’t lost any of that mommy dom presence people seem to like in her.

Froppy Has Her Fun

I feel like it was ages ago when I first sketched this pic, but when I recently got the itch to do something with Tsuyu and Ochaco I decided to dust it off and finish it. I really like when these two interact in the anime, and I’d kinda like to do more with them as a pairing in the future.

Also, here’s last month’s Q&A video, for anyone interested: