November ’23 One-Shot

Here is the One-Shot comic for the month of November, as always written by one of my SubscribeStar supporters. The idea behind this one was basically to pair up a bunch of different MILF characters in the Studio, although a couple are moms we never really get to see mothering. We don’t see full yuri One-Shot winners very often. There’s some fun and different characters here, I think, and hopefully MILF fans will be able to enjoy this one.

Tournament of Lust, Page Two

I was hoping the turnaround on page two would be a bit quicker than it has been, but I’ve had a lot of things slowing down production beyond the normal high workload. However, I did manage to get it done, and now we’re getting into the action. I’m currently expecting at least two more pages of this round; we’ll see how long it takes me to get those out.

Hidden Orchard Society #1

This is the culmination of a handful of half-baked ideas I’ve been rolling around in my head for a while now. This first one is basically a test-run to see how people like the concept, but if it goes well I have plenty of ideas for future entries in this series. The basic premise is a simple before/after of an Applebridge resident running into an underground sex cult. Like we see here, the before will be some example of their normal life, while the after is them being broken in by the Hidden Orchard Society in some capacity. A lot of these characters will probably be new and/or only made for their one appearance, but I think this juxtaposition can create an effective narrative even with just two images. Anyway, feedback is welcome here since I’m testing the waters and all.

Beach Treat, Page 2

For the second page of Beach Treat I had a difficult balance to strike with the submitted scripts. The final page I settled on is kind of its own thing removed from any one direction people were pushing the comic, I think, but uses elements from what was submitted to get there. The first panel is something I really wanted to work into this comic but didn’t think would fit in later, though, so I kinda pulled an executive decision to fit it in.

October ’23 One-Shot

Like last month’s winner, this One-Shot script is a sequel of sorts to a previous one. In that one we saw a variety of characters in the Studio gym, but this time we focus just on A-ko as she pairs with a handful of different characters. Since this was the October script, it was specified that it should be “after hours”, hence the darker color palette than last time.