Rocket Seduction

So this is another one of those old pics I decided to go back to and finish. I’ve got a fair bit of Team Rocket-focused pics I started and dropped over the years, but this time when I got the itch to do something with them I decided to return to an older pic rather than start a new one. In the past I drew Jessie and James as controlling over Ash, but I’ve shifted their relationship some here. Some of you may remember one of Jessie’s Character Asks a while back, where she said they’d tried using sex to bribe Ash for Pikachu, but he and Pikachu still would get away even after a good fucking. I like this idea as it plays into the characters’ natural dynamic from the show, and I like to think that’s what’s going on here. Team Rocket is using their sexual wiles as older teens to seduce young Ash, but the rapscallion will still escape with his electric mouse in the end and leave them high and dry (maybe not so dry).

Near Pokédex F196 – Espeon

Espeon tied with Kirlia in the last poll I did, which is why we’ve gotten two female Near Pokédex entries back-to-back. It took a while to get around to her, but now that Espeon’s done I’ll be switching back over to the male ‘dex for the next release of this series.
The Eeveelutions are always really popular, and I think Espeon’s among the cuter of them. I decided to use two trainers for her, and I hope y’all like the results!

EcchiMask – Sharing My Dad, Page 1

If you’d like to see more of EcchiMask’s art, you can find his (SFW) DeviantArt here:
And his (NSFW) HicceArs here:
And here is where he posts most of his adult work:

So, after completing the colorization of EcchiMask’s Study Break, we agreed to do the same for another comic of his. This is “Sharing My Dad”, a crossover comic that I think a lot of you will enjoy. It’s set in a setting very similar to my Near Hentai Studio concept, and I colored it to match it up with that location (some of you may recognize those pinkish-purplish walls). Page two is already on the Post Schedule, and we’ll see a bit more of what’s going on here in that page.

Tsuyu Asui Character Ask 2

So this probably seems like a pretty random pairing, and it is. I went back and forth on a handful of different guys Tsuyu could be rimming (I’ve already drawn her using her tongue on a cock a couple times), but in the end I wanted someone to highlight her point about obliging almost anyone. I was kinda in the mood for some James, and even though I’ve never really drawn him as a “bottom” before, it’s definitely how I prefer him. In the end we got kinda a strange visual image, I think, but I also think it’s a fun one.

Ash Ketchum Character Ask 10

For this Ask, I really wasn’t sure how to do the “answer” part… It’s just a little hard to vocalize a response to a question like this in an interesting way, I think, ’cause generally you’d expect the answer to just be some vague positivity. In the end that’s what I did, but I wanted to do answer this one in part just because I know there’s been a fair amount of clamor for both new Luffy art and new Ash art, and this made it easy to do both. I figured it’d be funny for Ash to be barely keeping his composure while answering, while Luffy’s just sort of awkwardly responding to Ash’s (frankly, somewhat embarrassing) description of him.

Gardevoir Doggystyle

This is a Mini Commission for one of my Patrons. They wanted to see a male Gardevoir getting fucked doggystyle, a pretty simple concept that I hope you all will enjoy. While I did draw this Gardevoir as male, due to the feminine design of the species and the way this angle works, you could probably pretend this is a flat-chested female if that’s more your speed.

King Dedede Character Ask 1

So this is an unusual Ask for me, in that I didn’t pick it to answer because I had a good answer in mind (that should be obvious just looking at it), or because I really wanted to draw the character again (I don’t really have much interest in Dedede). Rather, the Patron asking this question is a very loyal, long-time supporter who I appreciate, despite not having much in common tastes-wise. I feel bad for not getting to engage with their ideas as much as other Patrons whose tastes are closer to mine, and I know that there’s a handful of my fans outside of the Patreon bubble who liked my previous Dedede stuff… So this is more for those people than anything, I hope they like it. 🙂

Ash Ketchum Character Ask 9

Double Love Triangle may be over, but I’m sure all six of our stars from that project will stay in touch. Much like the kids from Sleepover Raid, meeting new people on set for a project like these can lead to lasting friendships (provided they don’t turn into the opposite, bitter rivalries). I knew the answer to this one wouldn’t be super interesting by itself, but I thought it’d be fun to spice it up by having another boy from the comic involved. I do like how Ash doesn’t even acknowledge Midoriya rimming him, though.