MomSwap – Dawn and Johanna

Here’s the second entry in the MomSwap series, this time featuring Pokémon’s Dawn and Johanna. Obviously the world of Pokémon is a very different one than the world of Coraline, or any of the other franchises that’ll be popping up on this app, but in this setting the characters live their lives in a more mundane setting. I’m sure in this setting they have a pet cat that vaguely resembles a Glameow. 😉

I tried looking everywhere to see if Dawn has an official last name listed anywhere. I found lots of names that sounded plausible, but no official source for any of them, so I figured Dawn and her mom must’ve just decided not to use last names when they signed up for the app.
I wasn’t planning to do another MomSwap so soon, but I needed a simple pic to help me keep my sanity while I drew people kissing. So, when I needed a break from those commissions, I worked on this on the side and it ended up getting done a lot faster than I’d expected. Not sure when another MomSwap entry will come along, but I’d like to do a new Pokédex entry before then.

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