Super Miracle Surprise

So a long, long time ago I had a recurring commission client who bought a lot of my early bi and yaoi content. He commissioned a bit of super hero bi content, and some of the solo pics were posted back then. He also commissioned two short comics. They were never meant to be private or anything, but we were saving them with the intent of releasing them all together as a collection. We fell out of contact before that could happen, though, and I was a bit too embarrassed by the quality to release them at the time. Now, though, it’s been long enough that it doesn’t bother me to share old, poorer-quality content. I decided to release this comic now, and the other completed one I’ll share sometime in the future when I need to.

Studio Life Magazine 2 with Son Goku

So here is the second part of this Lord Tier commission, basically the same concept as before but with Goku as the cover model. We went with a more relaxed pose, and I decided to add a bit of a low angle to hopefully make the view more interesting. Like before, the article titles here are just ideas the commissioner had, not anything I’m planning or working on, so don’t read any meaning into them.

Studio Life Magazine 1 with Corey Park

So, this is part of a Lord Tier Commission. Like the last one, this Subscriber decided to split their two-character commission into two one-character pics, specifically this faux magazine cover idea here. The star of the first one is Corey Park, a favorite of this Subscriber. All of the article titles advertised here were written up by the commissioner, so please don’t read into any of it as teasing future content or anything, haha. In a couple days we’ll see the cover for volume two of “Studio Life,” and I hope you’ll all enjoy it.

Gohan Posing Commission

This month one of my Lord Tier Subscribers got their bi-annual commission. The commissions at this tier are two-character ones, and this Subscriber asked if they could split that into two one-character pics. I couldn’t think of a good reason why not (usually people wanting just two characters posing will have them doing it in the same pic, but it’s not like it’s more work to have them be separate images), so this is the first of them. Just teen Gohan posing in a fairly inviting way. The other pic will come out in a couple days.

Killua’s Footjob Campaign

A few months back, a lot of stuff happened and my commission reward on SubscribeStar underwent some changes. The dust has settled on that, but it did result in some shakeups with how that all works. This is the first commission since then, with the idea behind it being Killua giving a footjob to Gregory of Security Breach, with the dialogue pictured. This is the first time I’ve drawn Gregory’s face, so hopefully fans of his will appreciate this one.

Momo and Trunks

This is another annual Master Tier commission for one of my Subscribers. This Sub is actually the one who wrote the script for the Trunks/Goten/U.A. One-Shot, so I treated this like a fifth panel to that comic. I do think, based on what we’ve seen of Momo’s tastes in the show, that Trunks seems like her type, so this seems like a sensible crossover pairing to me.