Rudeus and Eris

This is another Master Tier annual commission. The subscriber who commissioned this pic wanted to see Eris and Rudeus from Jobless Reincarnation, with Eris pegging Rudeus. I’ve never seen this show, something about it kinda rubs me the wrong way, but I looked up some clips of these two in preparation for this commission. A lot of this one was left up to me, they really just laid out the characters and the pegging aspect, so when I saw a clip of them on a bed with sexual tension, I decided to base the pic around that. I don’t know a lot about their relationship or personalities beyond what I saw there, but I hope anyone who likes this series will enjoy this pic.

Aladdin + Midoriya

This here’s a Master Tier commission for one of my SubscribeStar supporters. Every year on the Master Tier earns them a two-character commission, and this Subscriber wanted to see Aladdin from Magi and the kid version of Deku showing off their assholes and feet. A pretty simple pic, although I did have to make a correction to get their toes spread out. After I colored the corrected image, the client took it upon themselves to use my colors to also color in the original lineart, which I’ve decided to share with y’all. I don’t usually do much in the way of variants, but since this was already here I didn’t see any reason not to include it. The client who commissioned this said they liked to go back and forth between the two versions to create the illusion of the boys wiggling their toes.

A Trip to the Past, Page 09

With July 24 officially wrapped up, it’s time to move on to the next comic in my rotation schedule, A Trip to the Past. I know a lot of people have been wanting to see this comic come back around, and here it is! The client who’s commissioning this comic is working with me on moving it along, but I do not know at this time how many more pages we’re going to end up doing. It’s possible we’ll end up wrapping it up on this rotation, but if not we’ll at least get a few more pages of it complete before I move on to the next comic in the rotation schedule.
When we last saw Gohan, he’d just been left full of cum by Trunks and Goten, who left to eat the fish Gohan had caught to replenish their energy. Just then, Goku had found his son naked in the woods, unaware of the time travel debauchery he’d just engaged in.


With Patreon suspending me, this and a previous post are the last Epic Tier commissions I’ll be doing (as I don’t plan to open an “Epic Tier” up on SubscribeStar). This supporter chose to mirror his first commission from me, a Syaoran/Keroberos pic from the days when Patreon allowed artists to draw whatever they wanted. Since this is the end of my run with that platform, I don’t see any harm in breaking their current ToS and accepting this commission, creating a nice little bookend. As for this pic, the client said Keroberos was using the Mirror Card from the show, which allows the sentient mirror to take the form of whomever the master wants. That’s how we’ve got Keroberos in his true form, as well as little Kero-chan in his disguise form, hittin’ Syaoran from both ends.

Beef Sandwich

This is an annual commission, where the subscriber wanted to see Kirishima in a threesome with Vegeta and Goku. The posing was left up to me, and I tried to work in a clear dynamic between the three that I think works well. I also set them up in a room in the Studio we’ve seen a few times in One-Shots and the like, since that’s the setting where I could see this threesome happening the easiest.

Anal Creampie Contest


Here is a fun little commission, I think. In case their heads obscure a bit too much of the banner, what we’re seeing here is an “Anal Creampie Contest”, where the gal who takes the most anal creampies will receive a year’s supply of anything she wants. I don’t know if there’s more contestants we can’t see, but of these three, Bean wants beer, Mako wants food (specifically the little croquettes we see her eating throughout the show) and Maps wants comic books. I like the dynamic here, and these three girls are all fun to draw. I hope you guys like the pic, too!

Carnal Kingdom – Tiabeanie Sold

So this commission is a follow-up to last month’s featuring Bean on sale, just like the previous Carnal Kingdom commissions I’ve done. While that pic implied it was demons of the Carnal Kingdom who drunk Bean under the table to capture her, it seems she’s lucked out in finding a buyer who is also a prolific drinker, so she’ll never have to worry about being sober for too long.