Oni New Year 2

Here’s a commission! This one was from the same Epic Tier Patron who commissioned last year’s “Oni New Year” pic. By the time this goes public it’ll be February, but that’s okay, right? The client wanted two cute oni characters being fucked by the two massive ogre guards Goku encounters in early DBZ (and we used the censored “HFIL” shirts instead of their proper “HELL” shirts for fun). The girl is Lum from Urusei Yatsura, whole the boy is the Saike Demon from Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn.

Hikaru no Go Fuck

So here’s my second Master Commission this month, featuring Akira and Hikaru from Hikaru no Go. For those not familiar with this series, it’s a battle manga where the battles are games of Go. Hikaru’s the protagonist and Akira is his rival. I used to read the manga to this in Shonen Jump when I was younger, and this series is actually my earliest memory of being attracted to male characters in anime (specifically Akira and Sai, a ghost that helps Hikaru play Go). Both were very feminine and thus easy for me to sexualize, as I still considered myself straight at the time (though my tastes would expand as time passed). I haven’t thought much about this series since those days, though. I never watched the anime and didn’t continue reading the manga after I stopped subscribing to Shonen Jump, so it just sorta fell off my radar. These days, though, the list of characters I’m into in this series is much longer, though I can’t really say if I’ll come back to it. Regardless, it was nice to draw these two finally (even if I personally would’ve reversed the roles). The client behind this commission gave me pretty free reign, just asking for Akira on top and for them to be in a public place, like they just finished a game of Go or something. I couldn’t show other people, since it’s a two-character commission, but I tried to make it look like they were at a Go tournament or something. While coloring I thought the pic kinda looked like it would have an orgasm in it, so I ended up doing two versions: One with cum and one without.

Fie and Laura

Here’s another commission for the month. I’ve got two Master Commissions that came due at the same time, and this is the first of them. The client for this one wanted to see Fie Claussell from The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel getting eaten out by a girl with her feet showing. At first the second girl was going to be someone I picked from the Near Hentai Studio roster, but since I don’t know this franchise or Fie at all I asked the client if there was anyone from her games that could be used. They decided Laura Arseid would be a good partner for her, so that’s where we are. I know Fie’s been nominated for the NHML raffle a couple times. Even though she never won that, she did finally make her way into my work through this commission. ^_^

Korosensei’s Instruction

This here’s a commission I did featuring Nagisa and Karma of Assassination Classroom, getting some special attention from their tentacled teacher, Korosensei. I had a pic similar to this I started a year or two ago, but ultimately dropped, so it’s kinda nice to get to do this now even if it’s a completely different pic. Nagisa and Karma are both cuties, and I’m sure everyone’s first thought when they saw Korosensei was of the old hentai trope those tentacles could be used for. 😛

Tales of Demons and Gods

This is a Master Tier commission from my Patreon, as in someone who pledged to me at the Master Tier for a full year. What they wanted to see was a scene from Tales of Demons and Gods, featuring Nie Li (on the right) and Du Ze (on the left) hanging out in a bath house, remade with the towels from the scene removed. He sent me a screenshot of the scene, and I basically just remade it as faithfully as I could, with the one important change made. I know nothing about this game (I think it’s a game) or these characters, but I hope y’all will enjoy seeing them naked here nonetheless. What do you think Nie Li is saying to Du Ze, here? The body language seems a bit suggestive to me, like maybe they’re gonna do more in that hot bath than just relax.

A Black Cat Crosses Yuffie’s Path

Here’s a commission I did, a sort-of follow-up to the earlier Cait Sith/Red XIII commission (in that it’s a new Cait Sith pic, there’s no narrative connection). This time the client wanted to see Cait Sith fucking Yuffie, so that’s what we’ve got here. The giant stuffed toy moogle Cait rides around on is helping out here, holding Yuffie’s arms in place. I don’t have too much to say on this one, other than I hope you all like it. 🙂

Young KiriBaku

So, this commission is all about taking the popular Kirishima/Bakugou pairing from My Hero Academia and turning the clock back to their younger days. We see these versions of them in flashbacks (though I think Kirishima’s hasn’t appeared in the anime yet, but has in the manga), and while they never met at this age it’s fun to warp time and space sometimes. There’s very little reference material for Kirishima at this age, but I did my best based on what I had to go off of. Hope everyone likes this shota twist on a popular ship. ^_^

Orgy Commission 3

It took an embarrassingly long time, but I finally got around to wrapping up the third installment of these “orgy” commissions. For those who weren’t following me when I released the first two, this commission is three separate background-less threesomes which the client plans to piece together to create an orgy-type scene. This third one features Gokudera of Hitman Reborn, Todoroki from My Hero Academia, and Horohoro from Shaman King. This officially wraps up the “Fire Sale” commissions I sold out to raise money for a friend whose home had burned down about 500 years ago, leaving me with only Patreon commissions to worry about for the foreseeable future. ^_^