Dragon Ball

NHS Fusion – Bakugoku

Goku and Bakugou won the latest Fusion poll on SubscribeStar. Technically, I should’ve named him differently, mixing Bakugou with Son and Katsuki with Goku. I just thought the name Bakugoku was really funny, and threw out my usual naming conventions ’cause I liked it. I imagine Bakugoku’s personality is probably not unlike Vegito’s, since Bakugou’s personality is somewhat similar to Vegeta’s. There’s something… tiger-like about this fusion, I feel, which is interesting ’cause neither of his base components make me think of tigers.

Princess Snake Character Ask 1

I guess I’m a little surprised it’s taken so long, but here is Princess Snake’s first Character Ask. Given how in-demand Zangya is, it’s interesting that our snake princess here has gone so long since her debut without reappearing, but here she is. I don’t usually like doing these “favorite pose” Asks, since I don’t usually know how to answer them (I have no idea why any pose would be anyone’s favorite), but I wanted to give Princess Snake a new pic (and I also like to answer questions from new Subscribers when I can). I could’ve used an anon for this, I guess, but I ended up pairing her with Goku again, instead.

Yamcha Character Ask 2

I feel like, given how I’ve portrayed Yamcha so far, the answer here was probably pretty obvious. Of course, there’s no shame in being a bottom, but Yamcha strikes me as the type who would be too embarrassed to admit to it. We’ve established that characters usually set up how they answer, you know, so I think Yamcha was probably planning to prove what a top he was by bringing Trunks in to bottom for him (which he’s done for plenty of others), but it didn’t go the way he’d planned so he just ended up pleading his case on the floor while Trunks wears his ass out.
Of course, I could’ve used pretty much anyone for this joke to work, but I decided on Trunks ’cause I like the idea that Yamcha’s slowly getting fucked by everyone in Bulma’s family over time.

Vegeta Character Ask 8

This question was submitted before Kizuku’s debut pic, so probably the poster was hoping for someone else (like Allister or Aladdin, maybe) who’s debuted recently. However, we’ve seen Goku wrecking both Killua and Deku, so the thought of Vegeta being the first to fuck their fusion was just… kinda fun, I guess. I also was looking for an excuse to draw Kizuku again, and even though he’s gotten a couple Asks, they weren’t ones I could really work with right now so this was a nice compromise.

Chi-Chi the Sitter, Page 3

So, as I’ve talked about before, the scripts for these Ongoing comics I post on the second day of each month are taken from SubscribeStar submissions. For this rotation of pages (i.e., the third page of each of the Ongoings), we’re testing a different method where, instead of having a single winner, I take the scripts that are submitted and use them to make a new script that uses elements from what my Subscirbers give me to work with. We’ll see how well it goes with each of the four Ongoings.

At any rate, here’s page three of Chi-Chi the sitter. After rimming Trunks some, Chi-Chi uses her body to please the boys.

August ’21 One-Shot

In Dragon Ball, there are three orange-haired, teal elf ladies who (as far as I know) are completely unrelated. This comic looked to pair each of them up with a member of the Son family they interacted with directly in their respective brief appearances. First is Princess Snake and Goku, who’ve I’ve drawn together before. Second is Zangya and Gohan, who I’ve drawn together rather extensively. The third is two first-timers for me, Mamba and Goku Jr. from the Dragon Ball GT movie, A Hero’s Legacy. Anyway, hope you all enjoy the teal-elf-on-Saiya-jin action!