Dragon Ball

Momo Yaoyorozu’s First Dare

Momo and Kale is a pairing I’ve seen thrown around a little bit, really just ’cause of their similar hairstyles (ironically enough, also the premise of the last Dare I did for this Subscriber). I’ve seen some Asks pushing for this pairing here and there, but I’ve always passed them up just ’cause it’s hard for me to picture them coming together naturally based on something like that… With a Dare, however, it’s a little bit different, and since these are two characters I get told I don’t draw as often as I should I’m hoping people will enjoy this little interaction.

First Shoot #7 – Jeice

We had another three way tie in the First Shoot polls, meaning the next two entries in this series will come from the same poll as this one. Jeice is the only member of the Ginyu Force I’ve ever had any interest in lewding, but I just kinda never got around to it so I threw him on this poll. Even though I picture Jeice as a bottom, his random partner is someone I see even more as a bottom so he ended up topping. O.D. is a character in Gatchaman Crowds, an alien who likes to strike poses randomly, so they’ve got a few things in common with Jeice (although, if I were to compare them to anyone in Dragon Ball, it’d be Whis). I’ve only drawn them once before, so it was nice to go back to them as I liked this show more than its presence in my art would imply.


Vados Character Ask 2

Sometimes, when it comes to a crossover pairing, I like to indulge in them just because of how well the characters fit together. This was the case in the last Ask I did. Other times, however, the nonsense of the crossover is fun to play with. That’s the case here. These characters are connected only through the NHML raffle. I mentioned before, I believe, that in the Studio the previous NHML winners will hold a monthly celebration for that month’s winner joining their little club. Not every NHML winner attends every party, but it seems Vados made it out to Chastity’s. I’m mostly just happy to see Chastity getting some attention, since I doubt many people knew who she was when she won the November drawing. Also, it’s just nice to see more of Vados.

Zarbon’s First Dare

I know some folks have been wanting to see Zarbon get dicked down since the first pic I did from him not long ago, and I liked this Dare as a chance to do that. When deciding which Saiya-jin to have him submit to, I decided to avoid the obvious Vegeta pairing (though I’m sure that’ll happen eventually) in favor of teen Gohan. I liked this direction because it allowed me have Zarbon react to Gohan being at a different spot from when he knew him, plus I thought the size difference would be hot. It reminds me of the Gohan/Cooler Ask, really, and I like it for basically all the same reasons.

Vegeta Character Ask 10

I wanted to do something with Vegeta and Cabba a long time ago, but I think I got sidetracked from it when they ended up appearing together in a commission threesome a while ago. I still like their relationship, though, and while I’d put off an Ask like this for a while because I’d wanted to do their first appearance just the two of them on my own… I decided I wasn’t sure if or when I’d get around to it so here we go. I went with Blue Vegeta and SSJ Cabba to show just how well their training is going.