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Studio Christmas Party Highlights 2023

Continuing the new tradition I started last year, for Christmas this year I want to take a little look at the annual Near Hentai Studios Christmas Party. A couple of these panels were ideas I had last year but couldn’t do, either because I ran out of space or because the character(s) I wanted to use hadn’t publicly debuted yet. Others are just ideas off the top of my head this year, and hopefully we got a fun mix of appeals. Also we get to see our 2023 Studio Santa again, and I immediately had this idea for how Scorpia would work in this role, which I think is fun. At any rate, I hope most of you can enjoy at least one of these panels, and I’m already looking forward to trying out more ideas next year!

Oral Fixation

Aki and Himeno are probably more vanilla of a ship than I typically draw, but I just kinda felt like it. I thought a state of partial undress would suit them, and I figured some folks might like seeing Aki with his shirt open like this. I don’t know if I’ll draw these two again or not, I guess we’ll see, but I hope y’all enjoy this little pic of them.