Month: October 2022

Near Halloween 2022

So, every year I like to add one new monster character to my “Spookyverse” lineup. I was thinking over a few different ideas for what monster type to go with this year, when I had a parallel idea for a human character. So, meet Evan King, a would-be monster hunter. Evan wants really badly to hunt monsters, but it seems like whenever he tries he ends up failing in some way and played with by the monster instead. I think it’s a fun gimmick, but we’ll see how much he actually gets used. As for the monster he failed to defeat this time, our debuting character is Gillian Randwulf, our second werewolf character (though not related to Diego). Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

The 1 Club – Witch vs. Queen

Queen Vanda is the villain of an old show called Sport Billy. I don’t actually know much about the show itself, but her general vibe to me is like Space Maleficent, which I’m into. She was one of the earliest WWOTM’s I drew (WWOTM being the old WWOEC monthly event NHML is based on), and is one of the earliest pics I did while going into online hentai regularly. She’s one of a handful of old WWOTM ladies I’ve wanted to do something new with, and I thought it’d be fun to pair her with the top green chick in the Studio, the Butt Witch. I considered having BW go futa for this pairing, but decided against it since we’re seeing so much of that side of her in the BWBW comic. However, I kinda like this pairing, so don’t be shocked if Queen Vanda shows up in that comic somewhere down the line.

Boar Breeding

I don’t really watch Demon Slayer and I don’t have any attachment to any of the characters. Generally I’m not a fan of most of the designs I’ve seen come out of the franchise, but I do kind of like Inosuke. I don’t have too much to say here other than, I figured if I was gonna be drawing Demon Slayer at all I might as well do at least one pic with the only character I find attractive in the series. So here he is, haha.

Cristina’s Broodmate

My Halloween pic for 2020 debuted the vampiress Cristina de Sange, a powerful countess-type vampire with several minions under her, similar to Lady Dimitrescu. She debuted with one of her thralls, Maria, but I always wanted to expand her brood with more members in later updates (similar to the witch coven characters in the same universe). So, here’s Felicia Drake, a cute pigtailed vampire with bright red hair. I hope to get around to adding more vampire ladies to this cast eventually, though we’ll see how things go.

Casey Buckner Character Ask 1

I had a pretty good idea for Casey’s response here right away, but I went back and forth on the visuals to go with it. I had a couple potential Studio members I considered pairing him up with who I thought fit the bill, but I often second-guess myself when it comes to pairing my OCs up with characters people know from other franchises. I liked this sketch I did of Casey with a couple guys, but decided it’d be best to just keep them anonymous and lean more into the “not picky” part of his answer. Either way, I’ve been happy with people’s responses to Casey so far, and I hope y’all will also enjoy seeing him get gangbanged a little.

Vampire Holiday

I mentioned when I did her NHML pic that I saw Fangora getting paired girls from Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School. I thought about doing a pic with her and Phantasma, and I might still eventually, but I decided instead to pair her with Sibella. I like this pairing, as they’re two alternate universe daughters of Dracula (and they’re hardly the only ones), so they’re almost like trans-dimensional sisters. I wanted to get it out in time for October and spooky season, and I hope y’all will enjoy.

NHS Calendar #1 – December (Goku/Bulma)

It’s telling to the amount of Dragon Ball content I’ve done that multiple random pairings with my most-used characters were just regular Dragon Ball ships. I did find it amusing that, at the time when I generated the pairings for the Calendar, I’d never actually drawn Goku with Bulma before. He has since gotten to join in on a threesome with her and Vegeta through an Ask, but this is still his first one-on-one with her. As the original main characters of the franchise, I’ve seen them paired up a lot in others’ works, but I guess I just never got around to drawing them together myself.
I thought a little Santa hat on Bulma would be cute for the December page, and when I eventually do another calendar I think I’d like to do more stuff like this. I did often try to use a color scheme that matched the month, but I think in the second calendar project I want to try and work in more iconography of the month into the pic, where I can.
Also, for anyone interested, here’s the Q&A video I did for Subscribers last month:

Bugs Bunny Character Ask 2

I believe I mentioned earlier that I have something in the works involving Bugs Bunny. I recently settled on using the Looney Tunes Show design for this project, as I think it’s a bit sleeker and sexier than the more classic design, and this project will also involve some crossdressing. This Ask seemed to me like the perfect opportunity to practice drawing Bugs this way, so here we are. I guess I’ll go off of people’s reactions to the Ask to see how much more I need to work on my approach with him. As for the other half of this pic, I felt like I should use someone recognizable instead of an anon, but I didn’t want to go to any of the standard tops. Mirio is someone I haven’t used much, plus I thought his distinctive facial features might make him fit in easier with a western cartoon character like Bugs.

Milim Nava Character Ask 1

I sometimes worry that these blowbang Asks might not be interesting enough for folks, but I was looking to do an Ask for this Subscriber (since I think it’s been a minute since they got one answered), and this was basically the only question they’d submitted that I could work with. Since Milim comes from a fantasy series, I thought it’d be fun to let one of her anons have a non-human skin tone, so I gave one of them the same shade of green that the goblins from her show are (though he’s not meant to be any specific character, just an anon of a different species).