Month: May 2014

BooBies Calendar #3 – March

Okay, so here’s the third installment of the Boobies Calendar project I’ve been running. In this installment we finally break into the characters who are not only not named within Space Dandy, but also don’t even have any lines. From here on out its all characters you won’t recognize unless you spend a little too much time freeze-framing the Boobies waitresses in the show.

May ’14 WWOTM – Rudi Wilson

The WWOEC Woman of the Month for May 2014 is Rudi Wilson from Hulu’s Mother Up! Since WWOEC is currently down (for how long, I do not know), I’m posting my contribution for the month here in case the site isn’t up again before June.

Rudi was nominate by Pandora’s Box, an artist you all have seen me color a few times in the past. Knowing PBX’s taste, I figured I had to go incest this month, and it wasn’t a hard decision to make when I saw how cute her daughter Apple is. So both Apple and Dick ended up in the pic, but I think I’d like to do a separate Mother Up! pic at some point in the future featuring the neighbor Sarah, who is by far my favorite part of the series.

Speaking of the show proper, I hadn’t heard of it before. I went in to watch a few episodes for this pic and, while I like a lot of the character designs and the animation is fine, it didn’t really click for me. I think Rudi is just too unlikeable for me to root for her, and she’s not funny enough for me to forgive her character flaws the way I would a Homer Simpson. Maybe these issues work out later in the series, but in the episodes I saw I couldn’t really enjoy myself.

Also, I’d like to say I had very little time this month to work on this, so I decided to do flat colors like the show has instead of my usual approach. I think it turned out okay, but I may upload a different version in the future (though don’t count on it). Enjoy!

BooBies Calendar #2 – February

So here’s the second installment of the Space Dandy-based BooBies Calendar series. This month is February, and features the only other Boobies waitress (to my knowledge) to get dialogue outside of group lines. She appears in the first half of the second episode, serving the main characters and taking selfies with them alongside Honey.

True to form for this series, I couldn’t find any instance of her having a name. Since she’s by far the second most important character I’ll feature, you can be sure that none of the other images for this calendar will have character names in the tags. It’s all background characters from here on out.

Like with 99% of the content I put out these days, I used a photo reference for this image. I mention it here only to say that I absolutely loved the way the models legs and feet were lit in the picture, and went through painstaking measures to try and recreate that look in this image. I am a bit concerned that it made the rest of the image (especially her face) look a little bit flat, but I think it paid off.

UPDATE: It looks like she was given the name Candy in the Space Dandy Picture Dramas (thank you, Anonymous), which means we now have two named BooBies waitresses! Now all we need is for them to name the other ten waitresses I’ll be doing in this line, and my tagging OCD can finally be satisfied…

BooBies Calendar #1 – January

So this is a side project of mine that I’m pretty excited for. I’m a big fan of Space Dandy, the new anime from Shinichirō Watanabe. In the show, the main character Dandy is a frequent visitor to BooBies, an obvious Hooters parody. The idea for this series is basically a twelve-part pin-up series featuring the waitresses of BooBies. The only problem is, Honey here is the only prominent member of the BooBies staff. That’s right, I’m doing a twelve-part series featuring only one name character. I’m such a dork.

So, yeah, the other eleven entries in this series will all be actual characters from the show, but they’ll also all be nameless background characters. I think February’s girl has a couple of lines in one episode, but that’s as relevant as any of them will get. Hell, a couple of them aren’t even background characters, just designs shown in a panning group shot while the narrator explains what BooBies is in the first episode. This is obscurity for you, but the girls are hot so I hope you all can enjoy the pics anyway.