Month: October 2019

Butt Witch Character Ask 1

I hope everyone reads this answer in her voice! I wasn’t sure exactly how to answer this one, since Butt Witch’s shapeshifting powers aren’t super well-defined, but I figured leaving it vague would be good enough. Really I was just happy to have an excuse to draw her again, and while anal fisting is usually not my thing I figured I could go that route here to get her point across. I’m sure I could’ve gone a lot further with the demonstration, but honestly I just didn’t feel like taking it too far. I’ve seen other artists over-stuff a butt to comical levels, and it’s just not for me. We’ll just have to take her word for it that she could if she wanted to.
I also felt it necessary to have her acknowledge being referred to as the Butt Witch. It’s kinda tricky, since that’s not her real name and she clearly hates it any time someone calls her that in the show. However, we also don’t have another name for her (her henchman calls her “Ma’am”, and while it’d be funny if that turned out to be her name, it’s not something the show has confirmed at this time). So, Butt Witch is the proper way to address her for an Ask, but it’s also a nickname she hates, so I guess she’s gonna have to respond similarly any time she gets an Ask in the future, haha.

Iwasaki Tatsuya – Romantic No. 17, Page Three

This comic reads right-to-left.

Here’s the third page of Iwasaki Tatsuya’s comic “Romantic No. 17”, which I’ve re-inked and colored. These pages have been coming out a lot slower than I’d originally intended when I picked this comic up… In fact, all of my side projects (mostly coloring work, but also stuff like the Ludibrio Chronicles) have kinda been suffering lately. I’ve been trying some new things, and as a result the stuff I used to work on in my spare time hasn’t gotten much work done because, well… I don’t have much free time these days. ^_^; Still, if you’re a fan of this or any of my other ongoing side projects like S wa Fragile no S or what have you, please know I haven’t forgotten these projects, I just don’t have nearly the time to work on them I used to.

Butt Witch Spread

Here’s a pic I did just kinda for fun. I fell in love with the Butt Witch back when I first saw her in the Twelve Forever pilot years ago. She’d slipped from the forefront of my thoughts since then, thanks mostly to Cartoon Network not picking up the pilot, but lucky for me Netflix did and the first season came out this year. I’ve begun reworking an older pic of her and the main character I had started back in 2015, and hopefully that’ll come out eventually down the road, but I’d been feeling stressed from other obligatory projects and wanted to do something just for me. So here’s a simple pic of the Butt Witch showing off what earned her that nickname (even if she hates it). I hope to do a lot more with her down the road, so I hope y’all like her as much as I do.

Peg Pete Character Ask 1

This is another case of me choosing an Ask not because I think the answer is particularly interesting, but just because I wanted to draw the character again. Peg’s a character I’m honestly surprised hasn’t cropped up more in my work, given how fond I am of her, but here she is now at least. At first I thought I’d keep the identity of the cock in her anonymous, but then I figured I might as well canonize it as Max’s. I don’t have much interest in using either Peg’s husband or her son, but the boy next door is good enough. Hope you all enjoy. ^_^

Carnal Kingdom S.H.O.T.A. Project 3 – Chris and Friends Arduous Task

So here’s another commission for the S.H.O.T.A. Project, this one featuring three boys from Sonic X. Front and center is Chris Thorndyke, of course, and to his left (our right) is Danny, a friend of his from school. The other boy is actually an extra, as best I can tell only appearing in one single brief shot in episode 38, “Showdown in Space”. I think it’s a bit odd to use such a supremely minor character, but I guess he really captured the client’s attention so he got included, too. Anyway, hope you all enjoy the pic. ^_^

Mickie Cummins Character Ask 1

So the verbal answer here was pretty obvious and straight forward to me. Mickie’s not out to trick anyone, there’s no surprises in bed or anything, so that’s that. The main reason I wanted to answer this one is because I’ve been meaning to draw Mickie with someone besides Terry for a while (Terry’s her boy, but like most of Applebridge she’s not a one-partner person). Specifically I’ve been wanting to draw her with a female partner, so I took this as an opportunity to break the ice on that. Now, I have some characters in mind to partner her with (some you’ve met, some you haven’t), but I didn’t want to break any of them out here and instead decided to go the anon route. Haven’t done too many pics with anon women, just a couple I can recall, so here’s another one. ^_^


This is a commission of my Epic Tier on Patreon, featuring Ashe and Rolf from Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, respectively. The objective of this pic was to show off these two boys from different eras, so per the instructions of the they’re being ravaged by disembodied cocks and hands, haha. Not usually the approach I go for, but I hope you all enjoy it.

Bowser & Dedede Character Ask 1

This Ask targets two characters I’m not very practiced/comfortable with drawing. Since Asks are meant to be relatively quick pictures, I decided to go with a more intimate angle that would make the pic a bit easier to execute. In the past for these “who’s bigger” type Asks, I’ve usually had them be a draw, but in this case I felt there was one that made more sense as a winner. I’ve never drawn Dedede’s cock, and I hope I never do, but I have Bowser and I prefer him to have a real monster cock. I just don’t see Dedede matching up (or even being close, honestly). Since my only other Dedede pic was him being relatively submissive, and some folks seemed to like it, I decided to continue that theme with the presentation of the answer.