Month: October 2019

Near Halloween 2019

Cats and dogs fucking together, mass hysteria!
If you haven’t been following for a full year you may not know this, but every year around Halloween I like to do a special pic featuring some characters from a roster of OC’s. Every year I add a new character to the lineup. I had been placing them under the category “Lillian’s Spooky Gals”, named after Lillian L’Orange, who was the first character I made for Halloween (and also one who predates the Near Hentai brand). Lillian’s also in this pic, down there on all fours. The mummy catgirl is Kamas Hat-hor-het-aei, who was introduced in 2016’s pic. I’ve changed the branding for these characters to “Spookyverse”, which also isn’t super creative, but at least it’s more inclusive now that we have our first male character added to the roster. Lying on his back here is Diego Lycaon, a young werewolf puppy who is this year’s newest addition. As much as I’ve enjoyed doing new yuri pics every year, I figured I might as well add a new shota-type to play with all the monster gals.

Adeline’s Coven Mate

So I want to get in the habit of doing extra “bonus” Halloween pics besides the one I post on Halloween Day itself. Last year I did a fun pic of Kamas with an anon shota that had a little story that went with it, and I thought about doing a narrative again, but I decided it wasn’t necessary for this idea.
Adeline Fortuna is the green-skinned lady here, and was the first new character in what later became a tradition. I like adding a new character representing a new monster type each year, but the new witch girl here doesn’t count for that (since we already had a witch). Her name is Cybele Sartre and she’s a friend/coven mate of Adeline’s. There’s probably other sexy witches in their coven I can introduce later, but for now just these two is good enough. Cybele’s got a grey and pink color scheme (I know her skin looks more colorful in this lighting, but it’s a greyish pinkish tone), and although she’s in the throes of passion right now, I like to picture her personality as being a bit more dry and morose (contrasting Adeline’s peppy “good witch” personality). If y’all like her maybe she or some other witches can show up later.

Sora Character Ask 1

So I ran a poll to see who’ll get into my new game project first, and Sora here was pretty popular. So, when I saw a new Ask posted for him, I figured some folks might like to see him. Since he ended up winning that poll, I decided I wanted some practice with drawing him.
Hopefully this answer isn’t too boring/predictable. I thought the Halloween Town costume was the cutest of those presented, and I’d thought about drawing it before in the past. Like the boy here says, we’ve got a pretty strict nudity clause for Asks now, but he was able to show of a bit of the costume while providing his answer. It’s a happy accident that he got some Halloweenish colors for the backdrop!



Ciel Phantomhive Character Ask 1

So, for the record, I’ve never seen a single episode of Black Butler. I don’t really know much of anything about Ciel or his butler, this answer is just based off my impression of their relationship from the handful of clips and gifs I’ve seen of them. If I’m way off base, then… oops! I wanted to do another Ask for a character who hasn’t had one yet, and this one seemed like the type where even if I got the phrasing of the answer wrong, fans of the show would probably still enjoy the visual aspect of the response. The other time I drew Ciel was for a Mini Commission that also featured Sebastian’s cock… I didn’t see any reason to break tradition and show his face here, especially since I don’t like learning new faces for Asks. This is my favorite angle for footjob pics, anyway, so for now he’ll continue to be treated like an anon (even if we all know that’s him lying there).

Near Hentai Studios Tour – “Test Run” Version

PC Version:
Mac Version:
To run the game, just download the appropriate version (Only PC and Mac versions available so far), unzip the folder and open the .exe file inside.

Okay, so here’s something a little different! For the longest time, I’ve been really interested in visual novel/dating sim type games. I used to play translated ones from Japan back in high school, but in the past few years I’ve been seeing more and more of them crop up online from the west. I really enjoy a lot of these games, and for a couple years I’ve been toying with the idea of dipping my toe in those waters. About a year ago I experimented with making an Applebridge game, but the idea I had for that was a bit too ambitious and would’ve kept me from getting other art done. Here recently I had a new idea, however, and I think I can pull this one off.

So this is the first build, which I’m calling the “Test Run” Version, since that’s really what this is. I coded/wrote the game with stock image assets just to make sure I actually could, and then added in art and music and stuff after. Since it is just a test, though, it’s also very sparse. If you download this and play it, don’t expect a lot of content. There’s one handjob scene and one stripping scene in the game, both of which are pretty easy to find and access. What I plan to do is add in one new interactive character and one more strip club character with each update, and eventually there’ll be a good amount of content here. The new characters will alternate gender each update (so this one has Siat you can talk to, and a boy in the strip club, so the next update will feature a boy you can talk to and a girl in the strip club). I let my supporters vote on who the first character added in would be, and they picked Sora from Kingdom Hearts. So, look forward to being able to interact with him in the next update. ^_^ I’m working on it right now, and it’s pretty close to ready. Once I finish it, you’ll see it crop up in the Post Schedule. The next update will also feature a revamped soundtrack. The songs in this version were grabbed off YouTube (license-free), but I hired someone to make some original tracks for future versions.

I want to stress that this is a game I’m making almost entirely by myself. I’m doing the writing, coding, and art single-handedly (I did not make the music or sound effects). On top of that, I have zero experience with Ren’Py, the program I’m making this in, so I’m just learning how to do things as I go. I want to make this clear because I know there’s often some expectations for frequent updates with games that have a team of people who know what they’re doing, but that’s not what this is. I’m a lone amateur, who is still creating daily new content for you all while doing this on the side. Updates will come when they come, but their could be a long stretch between them. I don’t want anyone getting their hopes up to high on that front. I’m very, very excited to be making this and I’m working on it as often as I can, but realistically there’s only so much I can do.

Also, here’s the QnA video I did last month, for anyone who’d like to watch it:


Azura Character Ask 1

I’ve been doing a good string of firsts for Asks in this set, haven’t I? So this one might be a little boring, I dunno, but if anyone wanted to see Azura again here she is. I think the majority of NHML winners have just been one-time actors, especially since many of them (including Azura) are characters I don’t really know how have ideas for. Even if they aren’t working much, at least they’re living comfortably around the Studio.
Also, I know Marth is from a different Fire Emblem game, but I think they’d be friends in the Studio. Also, they did seem pretty friendly in Fire Emblem Warriors.

Lord Dominator Creampie

So I recently got hit by an urge to draw Lord Dominator again. It’s been a while, mostly because I finished watching Wander Over Yonder years ago so she doesn’t cross my radar often. I think I’d like to incorporate her more into my work. I’m still getting used to the art style here, I think, but I’m not 100% unhappy with the results. I have some plans to maybe do Studio stuff with her (I don’t have too many potential canon partners I like, but I’ve got some crossover ideas), though I would also like to try doing something with her and Sylvia at some point maybe. At any rate, hope y’all enjoy this simple pic for the time being.

Chi-Chi’s Boys

So this is a pretty simple pic, I know, but I kinda liked it and decided to finish it. I’ve got a lot of sketches in this vein laying around, though not always with this many cocks. I figured this would be a pretty easy one to fill in the identity of everyone, though. Hopefully it’s obvious who everyone is from the dialogue and skin tones, but just in case Chi-Chi’s pussy has Goku in it, with Gohan on the left and Goten on the right in her ass. It does seem like there’s not a lot of overlap where all three of them would’ve been home at the same time, what with Goku always dying or going to other worlds to train, and Gohan marrying and moving out. Luckily it seems they still found a little time to get together as a family. 😉

Butt Witch Character Ask 1

I hope everyone reads this answer in her voice! I wasn’t sure exactly how to answer this one, since Butt Witch’s shapeshifting powers aren’t super well-defined, but I figured leaving it vague would be good enough. Really I was just happy to have an excuse to draw her again, and while anal fisting is usually not my thing I figured I could go that route here to get her point across. I’m sure I could’ve gone a lot further with the demonstration, but honestly I just didn’t feel like taking it too far. I’ve seen other artists over-stuff a butt to comical levels, and it’s just not for me. We’ll just have to take her word for it that she could if she wanted to.
I also felt it necessary to have her acknowledge being referred to as the Butt Witch. It’s kinda tricky, since that’s not her real name and she clearly hates it any time someone calls her that in the show. However, we also don’t have another name for her (her henchman calls her “Ma’am”, and while it’d be funny if that turned out to be her name, it’s not something the show has confirmed at this time). So, Butt Witch is the proper way to address her for an Ask, but it’s also a nickname she hates, so I guess she’s gonna have to respond similarly any time she gets an Ask in the future, haha.