Month: May 2023

Ersatzverse – Tsukinosagi’s Journey, Page Three

I’m happy to get this page out so soon after the last one. Our next couple of pages will be mostly sex action, but they might also take longer, so I can’t say for sure when to expect page four. For this page, though, we jump straight to our heroines seeking some advice from the nearby oracle Karasu before they truly begin their journey.


Also, here is the Q&A video I did for Subscribers last month, for anyone interested:

Li Shang Character Ask 1

Shang is such a straight shooter that I thought it’d be fun for him to give an embarrassingly sincere answer to a question like this. I like the idea of Shang be into Ping before the big reveal, and also enjoying fucking Mulan as Ping, but it’s tough for me to picture him saying he prefers Ping over Mulan. Ping, due to the comedic setups of the film, was never able to really be at ease or natural, so I feel like the more genuine and actualized Mulan would always have the edge with 

First Shoot #12 – Surge the Tenrec

The twelfth First Shoot rookie is Surge the Tenrec, a character from the Sonic comics. I know this character primarily though her support amongst my Subscribers, since I don’t follow Sonic media, but she seems cool and I like her look. Her random partner here is Satsuki from Ghost Stories, a girl I drew for a Halloween pic in 2021. I’m still working on improving my handling of Sonic characters, but I hope Surge looks alright enough here.

May Character Ask 1

Normally I’d try to avoid doing an Ask with a character who just appeared in one recently, but given how long May sat on the shelf since her debut, I think she deserves an exception. I was surprised to see a number of people celebrating her appearance in Clover’s Ask, I didn’t realize she was popular with Pokémon fans. She’s also one of the few members of Ash’s revolving party who’s in the Studio but not been paired with him on-camera, so I figured we could fix that and get her a little more attention while we’re at it.

Otherside Duo

Otherside Picnic is a yuri mystery anime focused on Japanese internet urban legends. I found myself enjoying the friendship between Toriko (blonde) and Sorawo (glasses), and wanted to draw them together at least once. I kinda doubt I’ll do much else with this series, but this was just a pairing I wanted to get on the books while I was still thinking about the show.

Denji Character Ask 2

I mentioned in Makima’s NHML post that there were several upcoming Character Asks that were made before she debuted in the Studio, and this is the first of them. Please be patient and play along, knowing this happened months before that pic. Here’s what I wrote at the time:

So, I’ve had this notion for how Denji would act in the Studio for a while now. While it’s true he’s a desperate horndog virgin in the source material, he’s also completely dedicated to Makima (for better or for worse), and I don’t think that would just go away in the Studio. I can’t really say for sure if Makima ever will make it to the Studio, I assume she will eventually but she’s not a priority for me. Until then, though, Denji’s got his heart set on letting her be his first time.