Month: January 2022

Nagisa Shiota Character Ask 4

I considered pairing Nagisa up with another recognizable character in the Studio to represent a new fan of his or whatever, but I couldn’t really think of anyone that I liked for that role. Instead, I thought it’d be hot to show Nagisa swarmed by his new fans in the bunny costume from that pin-up. The Bunny Boys series is pretty tame, so this chance to show Nagisa being lewd in the bunny costume was a nice opportunity, I think.

Machete Devilstrife Character Ask 1

Machete Devilstrife is a character from my old comic Eromugen. She was Siat’s original owner’s bodyguard, but got fired when he caught her fooling around with Siat behind his back. Where the comic left off, we saw her living on the streets, but the plan was for her to join Wars and Siat’s party as their muscle/brawler. Around the time the comic dropped off, I was working on tweaking her design a bit, but this is the first time those intended changes are being implemented.
As for this Ask, I figured it’d be a good chance to talk about the Studio’s culture a little bit. Mostly I wanted to try drawing Machete again in 2021 (or 2022 by the time this Ask goes public). Even though she says she wouldn’t be hired for any other jobs, I did consider showing her having some fun with someone like the mentions at the end, but nothing I thought of made as much sense to me as her just talking to the camera. At least this approach lets us get a good look at her modern appearance.

Mina Ashido Character Ask 5

I’ve wanted to do something like this with Mina for a while. I’ve made a point of having her use her flexibility in pics before, but this footjob/blowjob combo is a pretty fun one I haven’t had the chance to use yet. I also just liked the idea of Mina hearing this question and thinking, “Footjob? I’ll show you!” and showing off like this. I tend to default to Kirishima for Mina’s male partners, hope nobody minds seeing these two together again.


Also, here’s the QnA video I did for Subscribers last month:

Favorite Toy

Mukai and Tsuchiya are two psychics in Mob Psycho 100 who tend to hang out a lot. They have sort of a big sister/little sister relationship, and even though their screentime together is rather limited, I think they’re really cute together. I like Tsuchiya especially, as she has a bit of a Chun-Li energy to me, and I thought this powerful muscle chick getting fucked by her tiny loli friend would be pretty hot. Mukai’s gimmick is that she controls dolls and puppets, and she mentions wanting to make Mob into a toy, so I translated that into something more overtly sexual for this pic.

The 1 Club – The Raven and the Griffin

Kylie Griffin is the female member of the Extreme Ghostbusters, a Ghostbusters cartoon I watched as a kid. She’s a pretty hot goth girl who’s kinda outlived the cartoon she was from (I’m sure if any of you don’t remember Extreme Ghostbusters, you’ve probably at least seen Kylie around before). I drew her once ages ago, in a pic playing off her past as a cheerleader. I thought she’d be an excellent candidate for the 1 Club series, though, and I can’t think of a better partner for her than Raven. Within the Near Hentai Studio, Raven has to be the number one goth, and I think they make a fine pair here.