Month: December 2020

EcchiMask – Sharing My Dad, Page 7

If you’d like to see more of EcchiMask’s art, you can find his (SFW) DeviantArt here:
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And here is where he posts most of his adult work:

Here’s page seven of EcchiMask’s comic “Sharing My Dad”, which I am providing colors for. In this page, we see a bit of how Ash is viewing things as Gohan sinks to his knees to blow his dad.

Genki Sakura Character Ask 1

So I couldn’t really show Genki with another monster here, since Asks are meant to be limited to characters I’ve drawn before. However, I did want to try drawing him again. The first pic this question is referencing was drawn back in 2016, and I’m not really happy with it anymore. I do like Genki, though, so I kinda see this Ask as a way to see how interested people might be in seeing more of him. As for partners, of the core group in Monster Rancher I really only see Tiger and Hare as good options. Mochi’s basically a baby, so that’s a little weird, I have no idea where a cock would go on Suezo, and the idea of taking a rocky cock from Golem sounds more painful than anything. However, there’s lots of other monsters, too, and I always saw Genki as being a bit similar to Ash when I’ve drawn him with a variety of Pokémon.

This Brownie’s Really Good!

This is a pic I drew sometime in 2012, so if it doesn’t look quite up to snuff compared to my recent work, that’s why. The 2005 parody of Reefer Madness is perhaps my favorite movie musical, and anyone who’s seen that movie will probably remember the animated sequence where Jimmy eats a pot brownie and then proceeds to have sex with an anthropomorphic version of the brownie while singing about how good it is. The musical sequence ends with animated versions of most of the film’s cast all naked and covered with chocolate, with the brownie lady having several large bites taken out of her but not seeming to mind at all. I’m not really into vore or anything, but something about the concept of these humans gangbanging/eating a voluptuous brownie really spoke to me. So I drew this back then, but like many ideas I’ve had it ended up kinda petering out and sitting half-finished on my computer for years. At the time I drew it, there weren’t any pics of this brownie online at all that I could find, though thankfully a couple have sprung up in the intermediate years. There’s still not many, though, and when I revisited the film again recently I set my mind on also finishing this pic. So I cleaned up the inking, reworked some of the art a bit, and colored it. It’s still not perfect, but hopefully the concept will help carry over any failings of the art. I initially forgot to add the chocolate everywhere, so when I went back to add it I decided I’d just release two versions, in case the messy one is too unpleasant for some people.

Ochaco and Maka Character Ask 1

So I know this one might be a bit boring visually, the Asks where characters are just standing around talking don’t always get huge responses, but I know the Gohan crossdressing Ask from a while back was popular and I thought some people might enjoy hearing a follow-up. There’s a bit of a limit for how long this question would be relevant, too, so here we are. Hopefully hearing a bit about Gohan’s exploits can get the imagination turning.

Mace ‘n Jackie Christmas Carol Part 4, Ghost of Christmas Yet to Cum

So, for those who don’t know, for the past few years on Christmas I’ve been posting these parts to an ongoing Christmas Carol parody starring my characters Mace and Jackie. It was a project that started as a comic idea, then became a series of pics, and then ended up with the pics spread out to one per year just because I kept having trouble meeting the demands of the project. We’re four years into it, now, and we’ve made it to the Ghost of Christmas Future (or, in some versions, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come), usually portrayed as pretty similar to, or even exactly like, the Grim Reaper. I went with a cute albino chick with a hooded cape and obscured eyes. Seems like she intended to show them what dark future laid ahead, but the little scamps distracted her. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to return to this series next year, I guess it’ll depend on how I feel when the time comes. I had one other possible pic in mind, but I may not bother with it.

Roxas POV

This here’s a new Mini Commission offering, featuring the first appearance of Roxas in my work. The Mini Commission description included a request for the top in the pic to be Axel, but I figured just giving him black robes and gloves wouldn’t be enough (since everyone in Organization XIII wears the same thing). Hopefully the clothes combined with the spiky red pubes will be enough to make it clear who’s dick Roxas is taking (although for anyone who’s played the games, I feel like there’s really just the one option that makes sense).

Riley Freeman Character Ask 4

This is a question that’s been submitted repeatedly for several months now. I’ve never picked it up for a picture because I thought the answer would be unsatisfactory. I feel like Riley would always say “No” to this, no matter how he’s portrayed in comics like The Lovers and the Brothers. Everyone in the Studio is pansexual, but it’s just not in Riley’s character to ever openly admit it. However, I did finally figure out a good way to answer it, so here it is. Riley’s still adamant that he doesn’t do casual gay sex, but hopefully nobody will point out to him that he didn’t have to bring a stunt cock on to answer this Ask.

Oh, and I almost forgot, here’s the QnA video I did for subscribers last month:


U.A. Wall – Yuga Aoyama

So next up for the U.A. Wall series is Yuga Aoyama, the boy who just can’t stop twinkling. I’m a little surprised that, of all the U.A. students in the show, nobody’s asked if Aoyama would be included in this series (despite most of his classmates getting inquiries at some point or another). I understand why he may not be the most popular of the supporting cast, but I always thought he was cute, and his sort of arrogance is perfect for a situation like this one. This is Aoyama’s first pic ever in my work, so it’s quite the welcome to the Near Hentai Studio. ^_^