Month: September 2022

Butt Witch’s Busy Weekend, Page 6

Here’s page six of Butt Witch’s Busy Weekend! Judy Abbott is protagonist Reggie’s mother in Twelve Forever. Though she never meets the Butt Witch in the show, the idea of pairing the two of them interests me a great deal. I’ve drawn a little with both B.W. and Judy in the past, and was getting the urge to draw them together again when it occurred to me I could just have Judy visit B.W. during her stream. I liked this idea even more when I thought about how Reggie might react to it, as Reggie’s the type of kid who gets embarrassed whenever her mom does anything. So I had fun with this page, and I hope y’all will enjoy it.

Frieza Character Ask 4

What does “primitive” taste like, exactly? I feel like Frieza’s fetishization of the Saiya-jin race is obfuscating his response here. Nonetheless, I thought it’d be fun to show him enjoying some of that monkey meat he loves so much. Sometimes I just wanna draw Frieza, but we’re still a ways off from returning to Space Emperor Slut on our comic rotation. So this Ask is a convenient way to revisit him in the meantime.

Duck Dodgers In the Martian Queen’s Ass

Queen Tyr’ahnee’s a character I’ve wanted to do something with for a long time. Years and years ago she was on a list of villainesses for an event that never came to fruition. I had a sketch of her done for it, though, and kept thinking I’d come back to it eventually and give her a Near Hentai debut. Looking back at it, though, I didn’t really care for the old drawing, so I just did a new one. Anyway, I’m happy to finally get the Martian Queen in the Studio, and I hope you all enjoy her!

Kazusa Takatori Character Ask 1

So, while I don’t know either of these characters super well, I like them both from what I’ve seen of them. Normally with older characters I prefer to pair them with someone younger, for the contrast, but I thought an Ask pairing Sumiko and Kazusa together could be fun. They both debuted in the same One-Shot, both getting fucked by Corey Park, and it makes sense to me they would’ve become friends on the set. I think I have a decent idea of how their dynamic would be, and I tried to lean into it a little with the answer here.

The 1 Club – Lyserg and Gon

Lyserg is a character from Shaman King I drew ages ago for a One-Shot featuring several SK boys partnering with boys from other popular anime. I haven’t drawn him sense, but I pegged him as a good candidate for this series a while ago. It took me some time to settle on the pairing I wanted to do for him, but I finally got around to getting his second appearance here with Gon.

Yusuke Urameshi Character Ask 1

Normally I probably wouldn’t answer a question like this. I feel like an answer in the positive or the negative here would be kinda boring, but luckily I had an alternative narrative for how these two might’ve met that I thought was kinda fun. I remember thinking Sasuke and Hiei has pretty similar hairstyles when I was a kid, and even wondering if it was just a trope for rivals to anime protagonists to have some variation of Vegeta’s hair, so Yusuke seeing Sasuke from behind at a distance and mistaking him for someone he knew seemed like a fine meet-cute to me.