Month: February 2023

Biscuit Krueger Character Ask 1

I know I’ve done it before, but I’m always a little hesitant to, uh… “canonize” lewdness within the original franchises. Like, I’d be fine with drawing Biscuit and Gon having fun together during this period, but for some reason having her say they did feels more like projecting a rewrite onto the source material… I dunno, it’s complicated, but I figured there’d be no reason why we couldn’t see them hooking up more in the Studio.

FF7 Youth

This Master Mini Commission sought to show off the ass and feet of three characters from the Final Fantasy VII remake, including the younger teen Cloud. I don’t know much about these characters, but rather than create a scene I decided to mirror past commissions I’ve done for this Subscriber with the abstract background/floating sticker approach.

Also, for those interested, here is the Q&A video I did for Subscribers last month:

Vados Character Ask 2

Sometimes, when it comes to a crossover pairing, I like to indulge in them just because of how well the characters fit together. This was the case in the last Ask I did. Other times, however, the nonsense of the crossover is fun to play with. That’s the case here. These characters are connected only through the NHML raffle. I mentioned before, I believe, that in the Studio the previous NHML winners will hold a monthly celebration for that month’s winner joining their little club. Not every NHML winner attends every party, but it seems Vados made it out to Chastity’s. I’m mostly just happy to see Chastity getting some attention, since I doubt many people knew who she was when she won the November drawing. Also, it’s just nice to see more of Vados.

Evan King Character Ask 1

Evan King is the monster hunter character I introduced in my last Halloween pic, an aspiring Van Helsing-type who seems to always end up becoming the plaything of the monsters he hunts. Loona’s kind of a natural pairing for him, and I haven’t drawn her much at all outside of one commission where she’s mostly hidden. I dunno why, but I thought the idea of Loona toying with him with her feet was particularly funny, like an absurd way to end up helpless, but I hope y’all will enjoy getting to see a bit more of her as well as our first look at Evan without his hooded jacket.

Gina Blows

Paradise P.D. is one of a dozen interchangeable Family Guy-style shows you can find on streaming services. I’m not a fan, at all, but when seeing content about the series this character Gina caught my eye. My understanding is she’s kind of violent and sexually aggressive (towards fat men specifically), but she’s voiced by Sarah Chalke and has a design that I’m drawn to inexplicably. I basically just wanted to do some kind of simple pic with her, so here she is getting cummed on. I also sketched a pic of her and the only other character in the show I find attractive sharing an anon cock, so maybe that will turn up somewhere down the road.

Darkness Character Ask 2

How much you wanna bet Midnight busts out some variation of that line every time she fucks Darkness? At any rate, this seems like kind of an obvious crossover ship to me, but it’s one I hadn’t done. I decided to go lighter with it, since I had Darkness all tied up in her last Ask, but I could see doing some heavier BDSM with these two at some point, potentially.