Month: October 2018

Near Halloween 2018

Every year I do a special Halloween OC pic, adding a new character to my roster each time. Originally I tried to fit in all the girls for these pics, but it just wasn’t feasible as more and more monster girls were added. So instead this year’s debuting girl, zombie girl Noemi Steinberg. A friend gave me the idea of a stitched-together girl with different patchwork skin colors. I’m pretty happy with her, though I’d intended to give her different eyes that aren’t clearly visible here. I’m including a couple variations here. On top of the textless version, there’s also a “clean light” version without the darkness filter on top.

Since I didn’t get to show a clear version of my idea for how Noemi’s eyes should look, and I have no idea how long it’ll be before I draw her again, I’m including a little close-up of her default face.

Caught in Kamas’ Tomb

In addition to my usual Halloween pic, this year I wanted to do a little spotlight for one of the characters from my stable of spooky OCs. Kamas Hat-hor-het-aei is a catgirl mummy I introduced a few years ago, and I thought it’d be fun to pair her with an anonymous shota who snuck into her tomb one night. Since I felt the pic needed a bit of backstory to make since, I included one.

Terry Birch Bio

Here’s another bio page for one of my Applebridge characters. This time it’s for Terry Birch, the lover of Mickie Cummins, who got the last bio. I don’t think I’ve actually gone into Terry’s personality, wants and aspirations before, but here we get to see a little bit of that. I wanted to do an oversized shirt for his pic, since I think that look’s super cute and kinda fits him, but then I decided to make it a bit cheekier by having him lift the shirt up to show off his butt plug. He’s gotta train himself well for Mickie, after all. 😉

Gon Freecss Character Ask 8

So, um… Yesterday I discovered that this Ask had somehow slipped through the cracks. It should have been posted probably some time in August, but I guess when I shared it with my supporters I forgot to add it to the schedule. Hopefully this isn’t something that’s happened before, and there are other pics I just forgot to post here. ^_^; I’m sharing it now, but that’s why the background and presentation don’t fit with the current CA approach.

Anyway, this Ask is in reference to a line from the show. The implication in the source material is than Gon went on fairly innocent activities with the older women who visited Whale Island, but obviously I had to take things a different direction.

Trunks’ Halloween Butt

This here is a Mini Commission. The supporter who nominated this one originally had a different idea, but changed it for the month of October. I figured, hey, why not get to this one since it’s so seasonal and relevant and all. The first draft of this one cut out higher on his body, but I decided to include the shot of his feet, ’cause, well… I know some of y’all will appreciate that. Also, his asshole went from normal to well-used at the request of the person who originally nominated this idea. I guess it makes it look more like an ‘O’.

Princess Peach Character Ask 1

So this Ask presented a unique problem for me, and that was that I had too many answers I liked. Really, I think you could pair Peach up with anyone on the Smash roster and get something good. She’s just that versatile. However, I decided to narrow my options down to the female roster, which is where her line about catching up with “the girls”. All the characters listed here are runner-ups for this answer, basically, since it would’ve been impossible and impractical to just throw in everyone I like in the game. In the end I went with Bayonetta as the one pictured, just because she’s one of the few options who I’ve drawn before (and after talking with the asker of this question, she also seemed to be the one that this person was most interested in). I always want to do Smash content, but I end up stagnating on it just due to having too many enticing options (basically the same issue I described before). I will never have enough time to do all the ideas I have for Smash Bros., and as a consequence I end up doing none of them.

Also, I’m happy to announce that chapter three of my ongoing story Stained Capes has been added to the literature section. You can read it here:

Better Than Spice

Fairly recently I watched Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma, the erotic cooking anime. As a fanservice show it’s of course packed full of characters I’d be interested in drawing, but one pairing that I was particularly drawn to was Akira Hayama and Professor Jun Shiomi. They’re a great pair if you’re into “opposites attract”, I think. Beyond the obvious color scheme differences (pale brunette and the dark-skin/white hair combo), there’s also a big size difference between them. Hayama is cool and collected, while Jun is nerdy and easily flustered. They’re also a student and teacher pairing, as Hayama is a student of Jun’s, and on top of that Jun is his guardian/mother figure. Jun’s raised Hayama since he was pretty young, training him to be a great cook and spice expert. Hayama’s got a super nose that allows him to pick the perfect spices for cooking, hence the dialogue in this pic.
I really like these two, and would definitely like to draw them again. I’d like to do other Food Wars! pics, too, but we’ll see if that desire sticks.

Ludibrio Chronicles, Ch. 3 – Virentibrio Lamina 05

If you would like to see the original clip starring Maria Ono this comic is traced from, you can find it here:

So here’s another page of the third Ludibrio Chronicle! Now that the Dominurci have Umbra right where they want him, they’re going to do their best to break him like they have so many other Ludibrio before him. Umbra’s determined to not give in, though, but even with his lamina warrior training, it won’t be easy.