February ’24 One-Shot

The February One-Shot had a very simple premise, to see Goku giving his “special training” to three characters he hadn’t yet in the Studio. It’s a pretty straightforward theme, which I think is nice for the final comic. The three characters this Subscriber chose are Inosuke, Najimi and Kai, who have all been on very different tracks in the Studio so far I think.

Yuji Itadori Character Ask 2

I didn’t really like the idea of Yuji palling around with Tanjiro or Zenitsu, I kinda see his and Inosuke’s Studio friendship as removed from either show and more about just them. That being said, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten around to drawing these two actually fucking, and thought finally doing that would maybe soften the blow of not doing Yuji/Tanjiro or whatever else this Subscriber was hoping for with this question.

Caleb Foster Character Ask 1

I was a bit hesitant about this Ask. However, I was a bit heartened to see someone show interest in Cal after his debut got a bit of a cold reception. I didn’t want to pair him with either of the gals from his debut, though, partly because it feels too soon for that and partly ’cause I needed this to be a yaoi Ask. I thought it’d be fitting to pair him with another boy we didn’t get a good look at in his previous appearance, Lied Shax, who was fully dressed (in drag) and mostly just a face the only other time I drew him. I think he’s a cute and fun character, though, so this Ask serves to highlight both boys I guess.

Envy Character Ask 2

I was thinking over this question, and I thought it might be fitting of Envy was motivated by a bit of jealousy towards all the other characters (and there are many) who’ve been paired with Goku over the years. I don’t think he’d just admit that, of course, but I tried to play into that motivation in his response here. Of course, mostly I just thought they’d result in a cute pic, and I hope some of y’all will agree.

Silas Holloway’s First Dare

So, I was hesitant to do this Dare for two reasons. One is that I just drew Silas a few days ago for an Ask. Another is that I don’t typically like doing holiday-based Asks or Dares ’cause, while this post is going out to my Subscribers on Halloween, it’ll be February by the time it goes public. Regardless, I did go ahead and decide to do this one, and I hope those of you seeing this post in February can forgive the out-of-season spookiness.

Closing Time, Page One

So “Closing Time” is a smallish comic project I’m trying out. The idea is to use a simpler approach to the paneling based on some other short comics I’ve seen around, which I’m hoping will make it possible to do comics that are longer/more substantial than One-Shots, but not take years like my full ongoing comics. To try this out I’m using a somewhat popular crossover crack ship I’ve seen between Tiana and Nanami, which I alluded to a while back in Nanami’s first Character Ask. Using that Ask as a set-up, I thought it’d be fun to see them together here in this format. I’m expecting this comic to run 6-8 pages, though I might end up trimming it shorter if I can. We’ll see.