Month: August 2019


This is the second of two Master Commissions that came due in July. The person behind this pic is the same one who’s been pushing Camp Buddy the previous times I’ve drawn it (and probably future instances, too). Hiro and Yoichi have a cute mutually-instigating relationship where they both keep getting on each other’s nerves (especially if you’re doing a route where you’re dating one of them), and have one scene where they hint possibly fooling around but don’t (usually). The idea for this one was to pair them up in the cabin they all share in the game, so here they are. Hope you all enjoy!

Birthday Fun

This is an Epic Tier commission from one of my supporters. The birthday referenced in the title is the client’s, as this commission was his birthday present to himself. He had a pretty sizable list of potential girls to fill into these spots, but he settled on Olive and Maps from Gotham Academy (since it’d been a while since he last commissioned them from me), plus Aqua of KonoSuba and Ochaco of My Hero Academia after discussing his options with other fans on Discord. Hope you all enjoy! ^_^
Also, here’s the Q & A video I did last month, for anyone who’s interested:

Sonic and Shadow Character Ask 2

So, I’m not super familiar with Sonic lore. I never played any of the games, and I watched Sonic X a lifetime ago. I had it in my head that Shadow was a clone of Sonic (maybe he is in Sonic Boom? I’m really not sure), so my intention for this Ask was originally to have them say something about that. When I looked up his history, though, it seems like Shadow might actually be older than Sonic, so I decided to instead just try and play off their different personalities. Anyway, hope you enjoy the hedgehog dick.

Bean’s Beans

Are “beans” a slang term for nipples? I feel like they could be. I’m running with it at any rate.
I’ve been wanting to try and get back to some Matt Groening-style art lately… I’m still super uncertain with how to handle the style, and I don’t know if I’ll ever feel completely comfortable working in it. Maybe I could just make anime versions of the characters from his shows, but part of me feels they lose some of their charm in the translation. At any rate, I wanted a bit of practice (and for me, that means a complete picture, not just a sketch, ’cause a sketch only gets me so much), so I did this simple pic of Princess Tiabeanie (or just Bean) from the fairly recent Netflix series Disenchantment. I picked her mostly just so I can tick this series off the list (having now done at least one pic in all three of the Groening shows I’ve watched), though I do like Bean and wouldn’t mind drawing more of her or her two hot moms.

Wren Townsend Character Ask 1

So, I’m expecting Wren and Oliver’s relationship to already be ongoing whenever I get around to doing comics with them. I figured I could use this Ask to get that out of the way, since I don’t see their relationship as being particularly interesting. I really think they’re just two kids who kept experimenting and escalating their experimentation over time, but Wren’s happy to provide some details for y’all if anyone’s curious about it.

Frieza Facefuck

So, several months ago I tried experimenting with animation. I was trying to do a simple animation of Goku facefucking Frieza, using the same process I make normal pics with but putting them all back-to-back. It didn’t work out, the animation was too choppy and I decided to not release it. I finally decided to give up on the project, though I didn’t want the work to be a complete waste. So, I took two of the frames and put them together for a simple mini-comic like thing (even though the coloring is more simple than my usual work, since it was meant to be animated). Hope you all enjoy!

Ben Tennyson Character Ask 1

So this Ask was probably hoping to see Ben paired with someone, but when I was thinking of how he’d answer it, I thought it’d be best to have him talk about it. Gwen was already around when he first showed up in the Studio, and I imagine having family around would make it easy to adapt. For some reason I also picture Ben hanging out with Beast Boy really easily, probably with some other similar characters. I dunno if they fuck or not, but they definitely seem like they’d be friends. And of course he’s gotten closer to Ash and Misty thanks to the current ongoing comic. ^_^

Debra Seema Bio

So this is the bio page for Debra Seema, the first girl we saw Mace and Jackie with back in their first appearance. At the time I only intended to draw her for that one comic and never again, but drawing her again for this had me kinda wanting to do more with her. I don’t know if I’d do another comic with her, since really the only ideas I have for her are more people fucking her in the ice cream truck, but maybe she’ll show up again? We’ll see.

Kamas Hat-hor-het-aei Character Ask 3

Normally I feel kinda weird pairing my characters up with characters I’ve lifted from other series. I don’t know why, but it feels kinda, like… arrogant? I dunno. Anyway, for this one I immediately thought it’d be fun to work this answer into Zangya’s storyline where she lost the rimjob competition with Gohan and has been practicing her technique. I have a few other reasons for liking Kamas and Zangya together I won’t get into here, but tying this answer together with that narrative was my main motivation for answering this one.