Month: February 2016

Fuck that Witch

I recently discovered the film Grimm Douwa: Kin no Tori (The Golden Bird) online. It’s an old film from 1987 with kind of an interesting history. It was completed in 1984, then shelved for several years. During that time it gained a reputation as a lost classic, until it was eventually released in the 1987 as part of Toei’s “Manga Matsuri” film festival, the same place a lot of the Dragon Ball movies debuted (as far as I can tell, I’m no expert).

Unfortunately, there appears to be no English version of the film anywhere. Hell, I couldn’t even find the original Japanese audio outside of one promo for the 1987 Manga Matsuri. Instead I had to settle for the Greek dub (watch it here), which actually isn’t terrible despite me not speaking the language. The plot’s not terribly hard to follow, and the animation is really great. The characters are all super cute, and I feel like I’ll be revisiting this one in the future.

This pic specifically is of the protagonist, Hans (or Hansu, which I think is cuter but doesn’t seem to be the accepted Anglicization) having a go at the film’s villain, Witch (yes, that’s the only name I can find for her). The Witch has a terrific musical number partway through the film, which is probably the highlight of the movie for me. I adore her.

Magic MILF

I mentioned before wanting to some more with the show “A Kind of Magic”, and here it is. After drawing Tom setting up his mom and sister with Goten and Trunks for a commission, I started wanting to draw Tom himself with some of the sexy characters from his show. This time it’s just his mom, but I hope to do stuff with him and his sister and teacher as well, somewhere down the line.

Ash vs. Machamp

I’ve been wanting to draw Ash again for a while now, and the right ideas seemed to click for me to come up with this little gem. This was a surprisingly quick and easy pic to get out, which is good because right now I’m waist-deep in several projects that could take some time to get out. Hopefully this will help tide you guys over until I can get something more substantial out.


February ’16 WWOTM – Dr. Vahlen

The WWOEC Woman of the Month for February 2016 is Dr. Vahlen from the X-COM games. I have never played these games, as they’re pretty far removed from my tastes, so this will probably be the only time I draw anything connected to them.

I drew this towards the start of the month and decided to go ahead and finish the colors to get it out of the way. I attempted to experiment with colors and lighting some, based on the way her lab area was lit in the YouTube clips I found of her. While I’m not 100% satisfied with the results, I am overall pretty happy with how it turned out. Since the character design in X-COM is a lot more understated than what I usually I draw, I did my best to contextualize the character through lighting, background, and the inclusion of her tablet.

I know very little about this game, other than that is had aliens in it. I considered pairing her with an alien (or aliens), but decided I didn’t want to dedicate the time to researching the game’s aliens. Instead, I decided to let her get gangbanged by her fellow scientists, which seemed less time-consuming.

Special Training, Page 5

So, after another long wait, the next Special Training page is finally ready to be released. In this page, Gohan finally gets his ass filled with Goku’s cock and, while I can’t be certain, he does seem to be enjoying it.

I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting work done lately. I’ve been unmotivated, and when I do get around to drawing something it turns out looking pretty bad. In spite of that, I think I managed to hammer out a decent page here, but if updates are slow for the next week or two, that’s why. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me, but by stupid hands don’t seem to be doing what my brain tells them.

Kawaii Neko

I’ve said before that I don’t like to take requests without payment, since I think it sets a bad precedent. On the one hand, it potentially takes business away from other, cheaper artists that one may go to if I’m too expensive, and it also makes it harder to say no to other requests later on. However, I do tend to draw requests when I get inspired by them, but at that point it’s really more a matter of me drawing something I really want to, and someone’s comment just happened to spark the idea.

This is sort of one of those situations, though in this case the idea came from someone I know IRL. She’s been re-watching Azumanga Daioh with her boyfriend, and one morning I got a random text from her saying, “You should draw Kaorin with Miss Sakaki.” I agreed. I haven’t done anything with Azumanga Daioh in forever (and even then, it was mostly color jobs), even though I really love almost every character in the show, and I’ve been wanting to do more yuri pictures anyway. When I read the text I pretty quickly got the idea for this pic and got to work.

After classes one day, Kaorin finds herself alone with Miss Sakaki and, in panicked desperation, blurts out a confession. One thing leads to another, and Kaorin finds herself with Sakaki on top of the teacher’s desk, her pussy inches from her face. Suddenly realizing what’s happening, a self-conscious Kaorin tentatively licks the pussy in front of her. Sakaki, from her vantage point, is suddenly reminded of a kitten lapping at a bowl of milk. She can’t help but picture Kaorin as a catgirl, an image so cute it pangs at her heart.