Chainsaw Man

Power Character Ask 5

I’d been thinking about doing something with Anzu and Power since Anzu’s debut, due to them both having their cats as a big part of their motivations in their respective series. I had a bit of fun exploring what their dynamic might be like here, and I hope it comes across well. I also like the idea of pet owners in the Studio having places they can go to socialize with their pets, including this cat café Anzu mentions here.

2023 Top Studio Performers

I decided to do a couple pics based off the year-end awards I posted about on Twitter. Some dedicated Subscribers on my Discord figured out which characters I drew the most (among other things) in 2023, and I decided to pair up some of the winners for fun.

Vegeta’s the male character I drew the most, thanks largely to appearing in two ongoing comics (alongside his female counterpart), along with a number of Asks and such. Nanami is the Male Newcomer of the Year, in that he had the most appearances for a character who debuted in 2023. This was also largely thanks to a comic, one which hadn’t even had its first page go public when I announced the winners. That might have made his win confusing for people who only follow the public releases. There’ll be a similar pic for the top women soon.

The second pic features the most frequently-appearing female performer from 2023 (Android 18) with the top newcomer (Makima). 18 got in similarly to Vegeta, with both appearing in ongoing comics a lot last year, while Makima got her numbers boosted through a mix of Beach Treat and her recurring pics with Denji.

The 1 Club – Chainsaws

Pairing the Chainsaw Man with Lollipop Chainsaw was an obvious 1 Club option I’ve been sitting on for a while. I was originally planning to wait until after Denji’d gone “all the way” with Makima in a pic to do this one, but I might be running out of time and decided to go ahead and do this with them instead. If people like the pairing, I might could revisit them in a series like Studio Tour or something so Denji can fuck her.

For those interested, here is the Q&A video I did for Subscribers last month:

Nimona Character Ask 1

There’s quite a few “gremlin” type characters in the Studio, I think. Knowing this Subscriber’s tastes I’m also pretty sure who they had in mind, but when I was thinking about Nimona I just had this itch to see her with Denji. I think, beyond them both being definitively gremlin-pilled, Nimona would empathize with Denji’s story and maybe even want to nurture him a little. I have this clear image in my mind of how she’d see him, and I’m trying to allude to a bit of how I read their dynamic here with this answer.

Studio Tour 12 – Denji/Raditz

Denji and Raditz is one of those random crossover pairings that just kind of occurred to me one day. Now, to be clear, I don’t really see their relationship as romantic or anything, in this pic they’re just having some fun bro time. I do have a clear image of them, though, as this kind of stinky, troublesome little duo. It’s very easy for me to picture them hanging out and making something of a nuisance of themselves around the Studio, and I just kind of like the idea of them as pals. Of course, to illustrate that and be on brand means drawing them fucking here, but hopefully most of you won’t mind that.

Makima’s First Dare

I’ve seen some demand for Makima to take on a more submissive role in her Studio work. While I don’t really think that suits her, I figured for a Dare it’d be perfectly fine for her to let another woman fuck her. I thought Future Bulma would be a good pick, since Bulma’s already got a reputation for being good with a strapon in my work. Theoretically Future Bulma would as well, just y’know… more of it.

Power Character Ask 4

This is basically just a follow up to a previous Ask with glasses Power. I thought it’d be fun to have her doing more of a group study session, and I picked three more-or-less random characters to fill the slots. Each of these three have their own reasons for going to Power, I think, but she doesn’t really care she’s just happy to spread knowledge.

Maki Gamou Character Ask 3

I was considering this Ask at first purely just because I like Gamo-chan and haven’t drawn her in a bit. As I thought about it more, though, their dynamic fleshed out a bit in my mind. Kobeni does kind of naturally lend herself to being bullied, so it wasn’t hard to fit them together like this. I think this is a bit of an unconventional crossover, but I had fun pairing these two up.