Month: May 2024

Zombie Movie Night, Page One

This is a comic idea I had back in 2017 or so, but never got around to it for a variety of reasons. I don’t think either The Last of Us or The Walking Dead are as culturally relevant as they were when I first wanted to do this, but I still think it’s a fun idea I’d like to explore. The original plan for this comic was for it to be a brisk 4-5 pages, but now that so much time has passed and I’ve moved it into my comic rotation schedule, I’ve decided to try and flesh it out a bit. This means it’ll be a few pages before things get steamy with Ellie and Clementine, but I plan to keep the pages a bit spicy through the movie they’re watching.

This comic is set in the Xoverse, meaning it’s canon with other Xoverse comics and pics. It also means this is the same “Ellie” from Sleepover Raid, if that’s interesting to anyone.

Tadashi Hamada Character Ask 1

I’d been getting Asks for Tadashi for a little while, but I was putting them off because I already knew he’d won the raffle to be in Tauro’s First Shoot and I wanted his big return to be there. Now that I’ve finally gotten that First Shoot out of the way, I figured I’d do one of the Asks I’ve gotten in for him, and this one seemed simple but kind of fun. I wasn’t sure exactly who to put on the other end of the dildo here, but rather than crop it to be an anon butt I just went with Mako since I figure people who are into Tadashi would probably also like him.

Power Character Ask 5

I’d been thinking about doing something with Anzu and Power since Anzu’s debut, due to them both having their cats as a big part of their motivations in their respective series. I had a bit of fun exploring what their dynamic might be like here, and I hope it comes across well. I also like the idea of pet owners in the Studio having places they can go to socialize with their pets, including this cat café Anzu mentions here.

2023 Top Studio Performers

I decided to do a couple pics based off the year-end awards I posted about on Twitter. Some dedicated Subscribers on my Discord figured out which characters I drew the most (among other things) in 2023, and I decided to pair up some of the winners for fun.

Vegeta’s the male character I drew the most, thanks largely to appearing in two ongoing comics (alongside his female counterpart), along with a number of Asks and such. Nanami is the Male Newcomer of the Year, in that he had the most appearances for a character who debuted in 2023. This was also largely thanks to a comic, one which hadn’t even had its first page go public when I announced the winners. That might have made his win confusing for people who only follow the public releases. There’ll be a similar pic for the top women soon.

The second pic features the most frequently-appearing female performer from 2023 (Android 18) with the top newcomer (Makima). 18 got in similarly to Vegeta, with both appearing in ongoing comics a lot last year, while Makima got her numbers boosted through a mix of Beach Treat and her recurring pics with Denji.

Kagura Character Ask 1

I’ve been enjoying drawing the Azumanga Daioh girls again recently, but as much as I love Yomi, Kagura was always my favorite from that series. I thought this Ask would be a good excuse to revisit her, especially since it allows me to also pair her up with one of my favorite ladies from Golden Boy. If I ever did a pool-focused update of my game, these two would very likely be on the list for it, so it makes sense to me they’d bump into each other. Being a competitive girl prone to hero worship, learning of Ayuko’s Olympic pedigree would probably make her eager to learn whatever she could from her.