Twelve Forever

Butt Witch’s Busy Weekend, Page 2

So here’s the second page of this Butt Witch comic, and this is the format most of this comic is going to take. Someone will come in, get destroyed by green witch dick, and then someone new will come in the next page. I wanted to start with Eda for this one to tie into the story behind her Eda’s Ambition series of pics. If she’s looking to get into any shoots she can to raise her stock, then of course she’d be the first to sign up for a special event like this. Eda and Butt Witch is also just a combo I kinda like, don’t be surprised if we see more of them in the future.
Unlike other series I do, I’m not planning to alternate between male and female guest stars for this one. The comic’s going to be mostly futa-on-female, but there will be some boys and I do plan for page three to feature one of them. The comic updates will probably be further apart now that I have the formula established, but hopefully it won’t be too terribly spread out.

Pro Muff-Muncher

Drawing Kathy recently for that Butt Witch pic had me in the mood to draw her again. I just like how rough and gruff she comes across. One thing I remembered from watching Twelve Forever was thinking it’d be hot of Kathy had been secretly fucking around with her best friend’s daughter behind her back, so I played into that concept here. I’m pretty happy with the result, I like the perspective on Reggie here especially. With this, too, I’m not one step closer to whoring Reggie out to all of the older women in her life.

Butt Witch’s Busy Weekend, Page 1

This is an idea I had for a new comic, one based loosely off an AI Dungeon adventure I ran for myself for a little bit. The premise is super simple, Butt Witch is hosting a live show, where anyone in the Studio who wants can volunteer to come and get dicked down live on the web. I think of this comic as a bit like a mix between Hypno’s Harem and Near’s Drag Race, where each page will feature an introduction for the character of that page, followed by some panels of the Butt Witch fucking them different ways (with the added gimmick of the chat, which is all characters in the Studio, but I won’t give away who). This page is different, as an introduction, but I hope to get the second page ready relatively soon so you all can have a better idea of how the rest of the comic will go.

Butt Witch Goes Mature

Well, I did say there was more Butt Witch coming up, didn’t I? And I’m not done here!
I got to thinking about Kathy, Judy’s best friend in Twelve Forever and an underappreciated character, I think. It could be out there, but I’ve not personally seen her lewded yet, and I wanted to really bad. I was originally going to just do a pic of her and Judy (and I might still in the future), but I got to thinking about how I’d been wanting to do a Butt Witch/Judy pic for a while. I decided to kill two birds with one stone (fuck two sluts with one cock) and have Butt Witch dom both Judy and Kathy. These characters never met in the show, the Butt Witch never leaves Twelve’s imaginary world, but that just makes it more fun for me in the end.

Roxanne Wolf Character Ask 1

This wasn’t a pairing I’d considered, but when I thought about it I figured they’d match up pretty well color scheme-wise (especially with the colors of the Asks background this month). I also just like drawing Butt Witch, and also wanted another crack at Roxy as I wasn’t super happy with her last pic. There’s gonna be more Butt Witch coming up soon, so I hope most of you will be game for that!

March ’22 One-Shot

Here’s the One-Shot comic I did for Subscribers in March. Like all of my monthly One-Shot comics, the script for this page was submitted by one of my supporters on SubscribeStar:

The idea for this one was to pair the Butt Witch from Twelve Forever up with various characters from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. I’ve only ever seen one episode of this anime, but I hope I captured all these characters correctly. The script specified that the last couple panels had to feature a futa Butt Witch, so she used her body morphing abilities to accommodate the script.

Butt Witch Character Ask 9

I suppose this was gonna happen sooner or later after showing them together Butt Witch’s last Ask. While the goal of that Ask was to convey them mostly as friends, I do think they definitely have benefits with said friendship. When thinking of what to have them do for this Ask, I really wanted to highlight their asses. Obviously Butt Witch is known for hers, but I think Dominator’s is pretty nice in her own right, and this sort of ass-to-ass thing seemed like something they might agree to do to appease their fans for a request like this.

Spinnerella Character Ask 1

I’m not really sure if I’ve talked about it before, but I’ve had an idea somewhere in the back of my head for, gosh… probably a couple years now, of doing a threesome with the Butt Witch, Pearl from Steven Universe, and Spinnerella here. I can’t remember the exact catalyst for the idea, but it’s one of many I keep thinking I’ll eventually get to, and I hope I will. I already did a Studio Tour pic of just Butt Witch and Pearl, and one of my AI-assisted fanfics alludes to the concept at the end of it, but I saw this Ask as a good opportunity to build towards it further. Hopefully eventually I’ll get around to drawing all three of them together, and it’ll be as nice as it is in my head, but for now it’s fun to see Sinnerella take some green cock up her backside.

Butt Witch Character Ask 8

It’s always been my head cannon (or, since it’s my setting, I guess just cannon) that Butt Witch and Lord Dominator were friends in the Studio. I never really got around to portraying that, though I’d considered doing something with the concept for the Studio Tour series or in the game at some point. This Ask seemed like a good opportunity to establish it, though, so here it is. There’s actually a third member of their group I’ve always had in mind, though she’s not actually in the Studio yet. Maybe someday she’ll join and I can make the trio complete.