Month: June 2021

Starfire Character Ask 2

I usually try and avoid answering Asks with negative answers, but this was one case where I felt I could still have a bit of visual fun with the response. I know some artists have had some fun leaning into Starfire’s more dominant side, as it can be fun to see characters go outside of their usual roles. Starfire’s alter-ego of Starfire the Terrible from Go! can be a good avenue for that sort of thing, but it just didn’t feel right for how I tend to view the sisters (at least in my work). I’ve never seen Blackfire dominating Starfire as a forceful or power-based thing, but more a result of their personalities. Blackfire’s sadistic side and manipulative talents playing into Starfire’s eagerness to please and naturally submissive tendencies. In the series this is a toxic relationship Starfire has to grow out of, but for my purposes it plays more into a balanced dom/sub dynamic. With that in mind, I’m not sure if I could really see Blackfire willingly going into a role reversal with her sister… If I wanted to do that, it’d probably need to be its own story, and not an Ask, so for now instead I thought it’d be fun to see Starfire suffer some light punishment for bringing it up to her at all.

Bugs Bunny Riding

This drawing is actually a few years old… I’ve had the urge to do something with Bugs for a long time, but I keep hitting brick walls on the way. What I’d really like to do is something with one or more of Bugs’s iconic drag appearances from over the years, but I felt weird debuting him in drag for some reason. So I did this pic, but never finished it. When I recently got the urge to do something with him again, I decided to dust this off and finish it. We’ll see if I ever get around to drawing him again.

Vegeta Character Ask 7

Gosh, I don’t know why Vegeta always insists on being so rude in these Asks! He could’ve just said he doesn’t remember!
Vegeta’s response here was my first thought on reading this question. I just don’t really see him keeping track of these things, so I figured showing him with a new boy while he gets indignant over it would be the way to go. I wasn’t sure at first who to use as his partner, but I’ve had a bit of a track record of pairing Vegeta with secondary characters from show’s where Goku’s fucked the protagonist. Since I’ve drawn Goku with both Gon and Killua in the past, I thought it’d be fun to pair Vegeta up with Kurapika, who I’ve been meaning to use more, anyway.


This is one I don’t expect everyone to be on-board with, but when I was working on that Cinderella Suspended pic a while back I was reminded of how much I like the Fairy Godmother from that film. She’s just so round and friendly looking, and I think her design is extremely pleasant, so I wanted to draw her. At first I was going to have her be fully nude, but I quickly realized I wasn’t positive what her hair under her hood would look like… In the end I decided her lifting up her robes to show off the goods would be the best way around this, and if I draw her again she will probably be at least partially cloaked for this same reason.

Chi-Chi Suspended

While I was working on the second page of Chi-Chi the Sitter, I got a bit of an urge to do something with her outside of the bounds of that comic. Once thing I’ve toyed with doing with Chi-Chi several times in the past, but don’t think I’ve ever done, was BDSM/bondage stuff. So that’s what this is. I dunno what makes some characters more exciting to see in bondage than others for me, but Chi-Chi is someone who I honestly might return to this theme with in the future. As for how she ended up in this situation, I’ll leave that up to your imaginations. Did some minor villain nab her to get revenge on Goku? Is Goku expanding his repertoire of bedroom shenanigans? Is Bulma helping Chi-Chi to release some tension while Goku’s off training on a distant planet? Whatever sounds most exciting to you.

Also, for anyone who’s interested, here is the Q&A video I did for subscribers last month:

Bunny Booty Bounce

So this is a Mini Commission for one of my subscribers, which is why Gohan is largely off-frame here. This MC idea was submitted well before Coed Capers After Lights Out came to fruition, but I think it could serve as a nice compliment to that comic (possibly establishing a sexual relationship between Gohan and Rumi before the comic?). At any rate, I hope you all enjoy a bit more of Rumi’s bunny-tailed butt.

Kefla Character Ask 1

So this is one where, rather than feeling like I had a good or creative answer, I just knew a good number of people would be into the art that accompanies it. Kefla’s pretty popular, and I’ve barely ever drawn her. Footjobs are also pretty popular amongst my followers, it would seem, and so I figured putting the two together would appeal to more than just the subscriber who asked this question. I kind of like the idea of Caulifla and Kale not agreeing with Kefla on certain things, it makes sense to me that a fusion might arrive to different conclusions than the individuals who make them up. I think probably a lot of people would prefer to get a double footjob from two beautiful Saiya-jins instead of just one, but I’d also bet a lot of people would prefer Kefla.

Giddyup Chiaki

I’m slowly working my way through introducing the main girls from Laid-Back Camp into the Studio. This here is Aoi Inuyama (top) and Chiaki Ōgaki (bottom). These two were friends before the start of the series and have a pretty funny dynamic. Aoi’s also the third character I know (though I’m sure there’s more) who has this fleshy-fang thing in her design. Like the other’s I’ve seen she also has by far the largest breasts in the show (though they’re not really comparable to Magical Sempai or Uzaki-chan, since Laid-Back isn’t an ecchi series). I’ve still got a lot more Laid-Back Camp content planned for the future, though I don’t know when it’ll show up around here.

Toi Kuji Character Ask 3

So this one’s pretty simple! The Asker just wanted to see Toi in a crossover pairing, and I can’t think of any reason why not. I also know there’s a bit of a demand to see Vegeta topping more characters, plus there’s a nice parallel here to an older Ask with Goku and Kazuki. If Kazuki is analogous to Goku, then Toi would have to be the Vegeta, I’d think.