Month: July 2022

Sabers in Sabie

This is Sabie. Sabie is the genderswapped version of Saberspark, a YouTuber who reviews cartoons and video games. He uses a little cartoon avatar of himself in his videos, but when he did a video on genderswap episodes he introduced his own genderswap (voiced by Elsie Lovelock). She came back for a video on the Smurfette Principle, and has made a few other cameos. What made me want to draw her, though, was a video he did reacting to Rule34 of his characters. I had fun with his reactions, and it made me wish I’d drawn her before. I decided to go ahead and do something with her, just because. I don’t know if he’ll do another video or if this pic will find its way into it, but I kind of really liked drawing her regardless. I don’t know if I’ll do more with her in the future or not, but I’m happy to have drawn her at least this once.

18 Anal

18’s an odd character for me. I draw her plenty, she made it into the calendar project after all, but compared to Chi-Chi and Bulma her number of appearances is pretty slim. However, I have tons of unfinished sketches of her that just never make it to the inking and coloring stages (usually simple pics of her and Krillin). I decided to rectify that a bit by finishing this pic I started a few months ago. I hope y’all like it.

Reagan Ridley Character Ask 1

So, I admit, I didn’t really know exactly what to make of this Ask. I really like Reagan, though, so I decided to take it on anyway. While I’m not entirely sure what the question is getting at, I figured since a big part of Reagan’s character is being a lonely workaholic I’d just show her riding a sci-fi-looking dildo.

Edit: So I later found out that this Ask is actually meant to reference a scene in the first episode where she shouts, “Suck my dick!” I do vaguely remember this scene, but I didn’t ascribe any particular importance or weight to it, as it’s just a thing people say. I’m perfectly happy with her answer here, as I think understanding the question probably would’ve made me less likely to pick it for a response.

Cooler and Salza

This is a very, very old pic that I first sketched in October of 2016. I always intended to finish it, but I got discouraged when several months later one of my Epic Tier Patrons commissioned a pic with a different form of Cooler, where he was all scary and dominant. Something about not being able to control the way he debuted kinda killed my interest in this pic, ’cause I was wanting to present him like a bigger (physically) version of how I do Frieza. I ended up talking about this old sketch on my Discord recently, and was encouraged to go ahead and finish it. So here it is, over five years later.

Francine Smith Character Ask 1

The Seth MacFarlane shows are among the many that I’ve tended to not dabble with too much, just due to a concern that my own art style and the canon one won’t blend well. However, I’m planning to incorporate Hayley Smith into the food court update of my game, and so I figured I might as well use this Ask to experiment a little more with creating a blending of styles I’m happy with. Francine’s answer here was an easy one. Pretty much every adult animated sitcom mom has had a bit of lesbian experimenting at some point or another, and she’s had a few, so there’s no reason why she wouldn’t have lots of fun with other ladies in the Studio (especially without her husband around). As for her partner, I went with a common one in Lois Griffin, just because I’ve never drawn these two together and I thought it’d be fun.

For anyone interested, here is the Q&A video I did for June:

Everyone’s Childhood Friend

Osana Najimi is a character from Komi Can’t Communicate who serves as the polar opposite of Komi. Where Komi can’t speak even a word to anyone else, Najimi is a chatterbox who’s always talking and cracking jokes, and has a storied childhood friendship with everyone they interact with in the show. Najmi makes friends easily and has an endless sea of them, so I thought it’d be cute to do a little blowbang pic with them. Here’s that, but I do plan to draw them again in the future. They’re extremely cute, and my other favorite character from this show alongside Himiko.


NHS Fusions – Ryuki Usagimatoi

The poll for this fusion didn’t have a theme to it, but we did get two badass types fused. I thought going with a white and red theme for Ryuki here would be pretty striking and fun, and I tried to give her a body similar to Rumi’s but with a bit less muscle, since Ryūko’s so skinny. I decided to keep all the bunny elements, just ’cause they’re cute, but made them red to match better with the new hair style (in my opinion). I think she turned out fun, and I hope y’all like her.

Monkey D. Luffy Character Ask 16

If Boruto’s going to be a frequent bitch of Luffy’s, I kinda like the idea that Boruto’s more naturally able to handle Luffy’s cock than Hinata. As a side note, though, I think it’s funny that anyone who isn’t familiar with the canon of my art will probably assume this question is referring to Boruto’s mom and not the star of Haikyuu!!, but in reality of I’ve never drawn Luffy with Hinata Hyuga/Uzumaki.

Himiko’s Fantasy 1

I watched the first season of Komi Can’t Communicate recently (and will watch the second season when I get the chance). I enjoyed it, and found myself wanting to draw a few of the characters. I don’t want to make any promises, but right now I feel like there’s going to be a fair bit of content based on this show from me in the future.
Himiko Agari is a character I was immediately drawn to. She’s a cute, bespectacled, plump gal who’s terribly shy, and she’s very much my type. She was solidified as one of my two favorite characters in the show when it was later revealed that she’s a masochist, and wants to be the pet dog of the heroine, Komi. I know I’m far from the first, but I set my mind to drawing this fantasy, and I think I’ll do it a couple more times (hence the “1” in the title). Of course, this would be very out of character for Komi, but in Himiko’s fantasy anything goes.
Also, part of me is hoping some folks will read this title in the Post Schedule and expect it to be Toga from MHA’s fantasy, another popular subject for artists to draw. We’ll see if anyone’s fooled.