Month: March 2018

Near Pokédex F151 – Mew

I’m trying my very best to keep up a decent pace with these Pokédex now that I’m back in the swing with them. No idea how long that drive will last, but hopefully we can bust through a few more ‘mons before I start forgetting about it again.

Anyway, Mew just barely won the last poll, and since she’s so special I tried to do something different with her entry’s setting. Instead of the normal trees or whatever the majority of the entries have been in, Mew and her trainer (or partner, anyway, I kinda doubt this guy actually caught her) are floating around in the night sky. I think it’s kinda pretty looking!

Also here’s episode seven of my video series looking through the superhero drawings I did in my school years:

Mandy and Mindy BGM

Some of you may remember back in, like, July or so of last year when I released several pictures from an abandoned project called “Bad Girls Month”, or BGM for short. The project’s concept was that I would create around thirty pictures of antagonist female characters of all sorts, and release them all within the same month. The problem was that I tend to put off projects I don’t think I’ll be able to release soon unless I am way ahead of schedule, which isn’t often. So the project was slow moving and I only finished a small handful of pics, which I released when I gave up on it. Since then I think maybe one other pic from this project has been released, but I decided to wrap up another one that I’ve had sitting in the previews of my box for some time. Noting that this is an old picture (only the colors are new, really), please don’t judge it by the same standards you would my current work.

This is Mandy and her cousin Mindy, two bullies from the show Totally Spies who serve as the mundane antagonists for the spy heroes when they’re living their civilian lives. Mandy was a consistent presence throughout the whole show (and my favorite character), while Mindy came on later to replace Mandy’s flunky friends that just sorta disappeared. I thought about doing a threesome with Mandy and her earlier friends, just since I think that version of the show (when they’re all still in high school) is more iconic. However, I liked the incest angle of using her cousin more, and I also think Mindy’s just funnier and more entertaining than Caitlin and Dominique were. As for the dialogue, well… Mandy’s just a really verbally abusive character. That’s about 90% of her identity. I kinda like how Mindy doesn’t even seem to mind being called names, though, as long as she gets to taste that sweet cousin ass.

Also, here’s the sixth part to my retrospective video series examining and seeing what I can recall about my old superhero characters I made when I was in school:

Zushi Character Ask 1

So this Character Ask was a bit interesting, just because I think the asker and I have very different reads on this character. I don’t really have any interest in seeing Zushi bottoming for Gon or Killua, and the more I thought about it, the more it seemed he would be intimidated by a prospect like that. If you look at his appearance in Gon’s Ask about him, Zushi’s terrified enough of fucking the two of them, but being on the other end must be pretty frightening considering he views them both as monsters. Nice, friendly monsters, but monsters nonetheless.

Also, for those interested, the fifth part of my look back at the superhero characters I made when I was a kid is here:

Pokémon Trainer Captured by Pokémon

This post was originally going to come out later in the month, but the client who commissioned it already released it elsewhere so I guess I’m moving it up the schedule. Also, he added a texture to the boy’s scarf that wasn’t there in the original (it’s a pain in the ass to do a texture like that and have it look good, but I guess he didn’t actually care if it looked good so that’s my bad), since that’s what he wanted I’m using that version here.

Anyway, this commission was purchased through my Epic Tier on. The client wanted his Pokémon OC Idriss (and his Lucario) tied up and toyed with by an Infernape and Zoroark (the latter of which only appears through its arms in this picture. I typically tend to turn down OC commissions, but I took this one on since this client has been a supporter at a high level for a long time and I think that loyalty deserves some special treatment. Hopefully you guys will enjoy seeing his character made the plaything of wild Pokémon like this. ^_^

Below you’ll find the fourth episode of my look back at the old superhero universe I was building throughout most of my childhood.

Noel Loves Gatomon

So this picture was inspired by a clip my friend Noel Cypress recently released ( where she puts a strapon on her Gatomon plush and lets it fuck her. The clip is hilarious (obviously not meant to be taken seriously), and I enjoyed it (but I like weird porn), so check it out if that interests you at all. But anyway I was watching the clip and thought it’d be kinda neat to see a more fleshed out Gatomon fuck her, so I drew this. In the clip, the premise is that the plush Gatomon can become real this way, so I guess you could call this pic a sequel to the clip. This picture went by way faster than these typically do, partially ’cause I just love drawing Noel and partially ’cause I was excited to show it to her. I think the final result is pretty cute, and I added in some of her lines from the original clip to fill the empty space I ended up with.

Also, for anyone who’s interested, part three of my retrospective look at my old superhero universe is below. This is just a nostalgia trip for me, but hopefully some of you are enjoying seeing what kind of creative stuff I was doing during my school years.

Poison Ivy and Olive Silverlock

This is the second of the “Gotham Academy New Year’s” follow up pics, this time with Poison Ivy and Olive Silverlock. The client wanted them using a double-ended dildo in the “scissors” position, with as much of their bodies visible as possible. I kinda like how Ivy’s arching here, she seems to be really getting into it. ^_^

Also, below you’ll find the second episode of my retrospective look at the superhero drawings I made when I was younger and my plans for them.

Son Gohan Character Ask 5

This was an interesting Ask, since it’s basically just asking if I’m planning a DBZ/Boondocks crossover. Honestly I don’t spend much time planning or thinking about crossover work, but Gohan’s answer here is a pretty realistic breakdown of how likely it is to happen.

In other news, I recently wrapped up my video series looking back at my old superhero universe from my youth. For those who don’t remember, this is a video series where I took these drawings I did throughout my childhood and up through college that were all for a planned shared superhero universe. I talk about what I can remember about each character and what I had planned for them. I was posting these videos on the old site, but when my Google account was taken down I couldn’t access the YouTube they were on any more. I resumed the series once I got access back, and now that it’s done I’m going to just post one video a day at the bottom of my daily posts here until the series is done. These videos contain no nudity or sex or anything like that, but I thought some folks might find them interesting since they’re older drawings and creative ideas from various stages of my developmental years. For convenience’s sake, I’ll be adding the tag “Superhero Retrospective” to all posts with these videos in them (to make them easier to find later).

Diner Blowjob

This is an Iron Giant commission that features Hogarth and Dean at the diner Hogarth’s mom works at. The idea for this one was originally an under-the-table sort of thing, with the camera over the table and x-raying through it. The client later asked if I could pose it more like my old Gohan/Goten/Chi-Chi pic (minus Chi-Chi), which I did. We tried to have the table visible in the shot, but it didn’t look great from this angle so the table’s just invisible.

Huey and Riley Character Ask 2

Here’s another Character Ask directed at Huey and Riley. This one is asking about their first time together, a subject I had actually been discussing with one of the regulars on my blog not too long ago. I had written up a short outline for Huey and Riley at that time, and basically just paraphrased it here for the answer. I misunderstood the crying part, it seems, as I read it as a sad thing but they later messaged me saying he meant it more as, like, crying from happiness. Oops.


Raven Footjob

Towards the end of February, I had one day where I found myself just really in the mood for Raven. So I spent most of that morning sketching out a bunch of potential Raven projects (including one comic), some of which will probably crop up as finished works eventually, some of which won’t. Of them, one of the simpler ones was this cute little footjob pic, so I decided to go ahead and finish it since I needed something light to work on. Hope you all enjoy!