Month: December 2014

PriPara’s Gloria Ookanda

This is a picture I started a few months ago and finally got around to finishing today. I don’t expect a lot of people to recognize this character, but she’s Gloria Ookanda, the headmistress of the Paprika Private Academy in PriPara, a great magical girl/idol show. While I don’t think it’s gaining much traction where I live (the States), it seems to be doing well in Japan. Personally, I like the show a lot. It’s surprisingly subversive and continues to impress me with genuine twists and reveals. Gloria here is also a big selling point, as a comic antagonist her scenes are often my favorites. The show can be a little repetitive with its musical numbers, but if you can get past that it’s a great show if you like magical girls, idols, or lolis (I happen to like all three).

The loli characters get a lot of love from Japanese artists, but I haven’t seen anything yet for ol’ Gloria. Personally, I love her, she’s funny and curvaceous and has an outrageous hairstyle. Here I made use of her famous sense of smell (she can smell PriPara tickets, hunting them down like a bloodhound). I can’t make any promises, but I would definitely like to draw more of her in the future.

Camp Woody Ch. 1 – Camp Chaos Page 5 (Remake)

I mentioned before that I wanted to redo a handful of the Camp Woody pages, and here’s the first one. I felt the original art was a pretty big departure from the early pages and, while my version is certainly different as well, I think it’s a bit closer to the look of the rest of the comic. Hopefully you all can enjoy the new page as well!

If you’d like to see the original version, drawn by Twisted-Persona, it’s available here:

Writer: Slim
Producer & Editor: Jayrich & No Pants
Artists: Nearphostison (Me)
Colorists: Nearphostison (Me)

December ’14 WWOTM – Jingle Belle

The WWOEC Woman of the Month for December 2014 is one submitted by myself, Jingle Belle. I admit, I haven’t actually read the Jingle Belle comics much, but I like her design and she fits well with the season. So, for that reason, this doubles as my Christmas pic (not that I had one planned).

The funny thing is, I had originally planned to submit Polly Green, Jingle Belle’s Haloween-themed friend, for the October WWOTM. I forgot, though, and submitted Judge J. B. McBride instead. The judge was picked, meaning if I had remember what I had planned, there would’ve been two Jingle Belle characters in the appropriate months.

On a side note, I need to stop naming my files after songs. I had Anita Ward’s “Ring My Bell” stuck in my head the whole time I was working on this.

Camp Woody Ch. 1 – Camp Chaos Page 16

So, at long last the final page to Camp Chaos is up. This page was drafted by Linno, then handed off to me to ink and color. This page more than any other is a blending of the two main artists for the comic.

But this isn’t the end for Camp Woody. No, I’m quite sure there’s more stories to be told, but on top of that I’m planning on doing some revising. Pages 5-8 of this comic were drawn by a different artist and, while I think the pages are fine, the art shifts is pretty dramatic from the more rounded, anime-influenced styles that Linno and I use, respectively. That being said, I intend to redraw those pages myself, so you can expect to see updated versions of them showing up around here at some point.

Writer: Slim
Producer & Editor: Jayrich & No Pants
Artist: Linno
Inks: Nearphostison (Me)
Colorists: Nearphostison (Me)