Month: October 2017

Near Halloween 2017

So for the past three years I’ve done these little Halloween pics with original characters. The original formula was to start with two characters (Lillian L’Orange and Adeline Fortuna), then add a new character each year. So I did a pic with those two, then the next year I did a pic of the two of them with Sophia Huesos, and then last year all three of them were in a foursome with  Kamas Hat-hor-het-aei. That got to be too much work, however, so this year I decided to do something different. I will still draw the other girls sometimes, hopefully, but for now I decided to introduce two cute new ghost girls instead.

The girl on the left with the black hair is named Hamano Michiyo. Normally her hair would cover her eyes, but I wanted to show her eye here in this pic. The girl on the right with the blue ponytail is named  Yamashita Yumi. She was originally a character in my fantasy comic Eromugen, but I never got to the chapters she was going to be in, so I’m re-purposing her here as one of Lilian’s spooky gals.

The first picture is the “official” version, but I’ve also done three variants this year. One is just this image without the orange text, one is the image without the girls being transparent, and one is the same thing but also without the cum everywhere. I wanna thank by friend Anya Lykke for the idea of a ghost girl bukkake where she’s more visible under the cum. I took that idea in my own direction, but I wouldn’t have thought of this concept on my own.

Hawaiian Beor

I recently watched all of HarmonQuest, and I really like it. It’s a show where Dan Harmon, Erin McGathy, and Jeff B. Davis play a tabletop RPG with a rotating fourth guest player, and then their campaign is animated after the fact. It has a lot of my style of humor in it, plus some actually great characters, but practically zero R34-style content. I’d like to fix that, and this is my first attempt. This is also an excellent example of the flaw in the “if it looks like it might be a child, it can’t be posted” mindset, as this is one of the images I had to remove recently from my account on another site. Neither of these characters is under eighteen, however, but due to one of them being a gnome there was enough doubt that it had to go.
Anyway, this is Beor O’Shift, a half-elf barbarian warrior and regular cast member, eating out Hawaiian Coffee, the character played by Aubrey Plaza in her guest episode. The two had some real chemistry and I don’t think it’s too far to reach that something like this could’ve happened if they’d stayed in jail longer than they did in the episode.

Ludibrio Chronicles, Ch. 1 – Liberum Commutatio 06

If you would like to see the original clip starring Alexa and Geizer that this is ripped from, you can find it here:

It’s been a while since I posted a Ludibrio Chronicles page, so here’s the sixth page of Chapter One. Mostly I wanted to post this today to break up the Character Asks a bit… I’ve got a lot of them coming up, but I hate posting them on back-to-back days.