Month: August 2016

Persona 4

Let me start off by saying I’m not happy with this picture. For some reason it never really clicked for me, and there were additional problems while working on it, but in the end the client was happy with it and that’s what counts. I’m still posting it here for those of you who will also like it like he did, because my taste isn’t the beginning and end of what people can enjoy. 🙂

I don’t want to get into the issues I had with this pic, in case doing so might spoil it for people who do like it, but I will say I like some of the characters used. I’ve never played a Persona game, but I’m pretty familiar with the Shin Megami Tensei brand and I typically like the characters. P4 has several female characters I really dig, but I also like Teddie (the blonde whose face is obscured) quite a bit, and wouldn’t mind doing a more concentrated picture some time featuring him. Kou (the bluish-grey-haired one with his feet sticking out) was also pretty cute in the anime episode focused on him, but I don’t know if I’ll ever draw him again. I don’t really care for the other two guys in this pic, though.

The real good news, though, is that this is the last of the commissions I had lined up. I can now focus more on my own things, as commissions will remain closed for a while yet. I still have some that will be coming around when the month rolls over, and I also I have a few special arrangements with friends that might crop up. Besides those, though, I’m looking forward to focusing on my comics, pumping out a few more Near Pokédex entries alongside a bunch more standalone pics. I’m really excited to getting back to deciding my own fate for a while until I’m desperate for money again.

Red ‘n Gold

This is a picture I started a long time ago. At the time I really wanted to try doing something with Red and Gold since, of all the protagonists from Pokémon games, they seem to be the best ones to pair up due to them having actually met on Gold’s games. I thought it’d be cute to see them on the losing end of a duel with Team Rocket, so here we are. It’s sort of like the video game version of this picture, now that I think about it. Once I got it started, though, it seemed like there was always something getting in the way of it being completed, but eventually I got around to wrapping it up. Hopefully you guys can enjoy the final product.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting the last of my commissions I had lined up. That means I should be able to focus more on my comic projects now that I can take a short break from them . I’d like to make some more progress on those, since I know people are anxious for the next pages but I’ve barely scratched the surface on completing them.

Chi-Chi x Trunks 1

Let me start off by saying that this is not a new ongoing comic. At this time all that’s been paid for is this single page, and it was paid for at the regular standalone price for an image. I included a number in the title because the commissioner implied that he might pay for a follow-up page at some point, but nothing is set in stone and even if he does I doubt it’ll ever come to much more than that.

This was an interesting image, as the client sent me panels from an existing doujin for reference. The reference images featured much more exaggerated proportions than I typically like to do, but in this case I used them, which is why Chi-Chi has a much more unrealistic body type here than in most of my drawings of her. I know some people like this sort of physique, so hopefully they can enjoy this.

I have one more commission left in my queue, which I’ll hopefully be able to get to work on over the weekend. After that, though, I think I’ll take a break from commissions for a while, as I really need to get to work on the next batch of comics. It seems other things keep getting in the way, haha.

NHML – Buddy Armstrong

The Near Hentai Monthly Lady for August 2016 is Nancy ‘Buddy’ Armstrong of the popular RPG Maker series “LISA”. I’ve never played any of these games, but I’ve been hearing more and more about them this month, though part of that just might be me noticing them more because of this picture.

I only did a cursory bit of research for this picture. What I saw of the games seemed vaguely post-apocalyptic, with most of the game looking desert-esque and having lots of grotesque mutants. I decided to go with a simple approach with the picture and have Buddy paired up with some random guy. I tried to keep some of her more recognizable design elements, since her appearance changes throughout the game(s). This one had a unique challenge for me, since I typically base my art style on whatever source material I have, and here I only had a pixely game sprite and some fan art to go off of. Hopefully fans of the game will still be able to recognize her and appreciate this piece.

CCC – Space Warped 05

The fifth page of Space Warped closes out our prologue. Here we finally see the method by which Goten and Trunks will be hopping universes. The next update for this comic will be the first page of Chapter 1, where we see exactly where/when the boys end up. Unlike the prologue, the chapters will contain sex, so all you who were upset over the time skip in TL’s castle need not worry.

Raffle Winner – Haikyū!!

So this month I did a test run on a concept I’m calling my “free commission raffle”. Basically, I took everyone whose payments went through at the start of the month, and used a randomizer to select one who then got a free $50 commission from me. This is what they asked for, a picture of Shōyō Hinata and Tobio Kageyama from the popular volleyball anime Haikyū!! This picture was fun to work on. I’m not terribly familiar with Haikyū!!, but the characters are cute and I can see why this ship is popular among yaoi fans.