Month: June 2024

A Stark Situation

I watched and quite enjoyed the first season of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End. I’m hoping to eventually do a fair bit of art from the series, although I can’t say for sure when. In the meantime, I wanted to do something quick and fun with Stark, who I think is very cute and was a joy in the series itself. I figure maybe he’d enjoy having some fun with some random villagers in a town they’re passing through, possibly to kill time while Frieren and Fern are busy taking the mage’s exam.

Natsu Dragneel Character Ask 3

Since I’ve never watched Fairy Tail, I don’t have a strong grasp of Natsu and Gray’s relationship beyond assumptions I can make from other series I’ve watched with an outgoing protagonist and his sullen friend. That being said, this felt like the appropriate response to me, and I guess we’ll see if there’s ever a more definitive answer. For now I figured this would be a good chance for fans of Natsu to see a bit more of him.

Butt Witch’s Busy Weekend, Page 11

This is a unique page for this comic, and I’ll explain why. One of my Lord Tier Subscribers, in lieu of their usual bi-annual commission, asked if they could instead nominate the next guest for Butt Witch’s Busy Weekend. Since it was a character I thought fit the comic, and they agreed to forgo any other input on the page, I allowed it. This is the same Subscriber responsible for all my other Cheetara content, and the page itself was handled the same as any other page would’ve been. Cheetara usually seems to get a pretty good reaction, so I hope some of y’all will enjoy seeing her take some green futa cock here.

Near Pokédex F461 – Weavile

Weavile’s a relatively popular Pokémon to lewd, I think in part due to how their eyes are done. I figured it’d be a good one for the female Pokédex, so here she is.

Also, for anyone interested. here’s the Q&A video I did for Subscribers last month:

Studio Life Magazine 6 with Reagan Ridley

For this cover I asked my Subscribers to nominate “science” characters. There were a lot of good nominations, and if we hadn’t already had several DBZ SLM covers then it’d probably be Bulma here. Instead I went with Reagan Ridley from Inside Job, a character whose representation in my work so far is much smaller than my actual interest in her. I’m extremely fond of Reagan and would like to find more excuses to draw her in the future, but for now this magazine spotlight is pretty nice I think.

Choso Character Ask 1

Unlike Todo, I don’t think Choso is very likely to refer to someone as his brother unless there’s a literal familial connection. Without trying to be funny, I think his brotherly bonds tend to be much more about blood. So, with that being the case, I couldn’t really have him answer this question in the affirmitive.

However, I did have a crossover pairing I wanted to do with him. I’m not sure what exactly made me want to draw Choso with Envy. It might be just because I already had an FMA connection in my head due to Choso’s debut (and, in fact, I’m certain these two met when Envy tried to crash Ed’s debut shoot), or it might be they’re the only two males so far who don’t wear nail polish in canon but do in Studio (to the best of my knowledge). I do also kind of like the image of them painting their nails together. Whatever the case, though, it was a pairing I wanted to do and this Ask seemed like a good chance to do it while also addressing my reading of Choso’s brothers needing to be literal.

Spring Break Prep

While there are a lot of one-off episodic characters with attractive designs in Mike Tyson Mysteries, there’s not much to work with when it comes to pairing Yung Hee up with people outside the mystery team. Cassie is one of those one-off characters, but she’s presented to us as a pretty close friend of Yung Hee’s during her brief appearance. She appears in a season three episode, and the two girls go on spring break together. There’s also a brief scene of them trying on swimsuits together, which Pigeon tries to spy on. We don’t really know anything about Cassie, but since she’s the only friend of Yung Hee’s we meet I thought it’d be fun to pair them up.