Month: September 2023

Krillin Character Ask 1

I feel like a fight between Levi and Krillin would be pretty one-sided, especially since the skills Levi uses to be such an effective Titan hunter probably wouldn’t be super effective against Krillin. I think the idea of Levi and Krillin, both being short kings with the status as the strongest humans in their dimensions makes sense, though, even if I couldn’t really see them working outside of this context.

Futa Witch

This is a pretty old sketch from October of 2019. At the time I hadn’t done as much futa Butt Witch content as I have by now, so it was more of a novelty to show her fucking Reggie like this. I still liked the drawing, though, and when I needed some quicker pics to work on to keep my upload schedule I decided to dust it off for inking and coloring. Hope y’all enjoy it, I really want to do more BW/RA content eventually (futa or non).

Kobeni Higashiyama Character Ask 1

Kobeni has a brief line about her options for earning money for her family, where she mentions prostitution as something she could’ve done besides devil hunting. Now, I’m not advocating for prostitution as a great job here or anything, however I did kinda like the idea of Kobeni reconsidering that once she’s lived the NH Studio lifestyle a bit. For her partner here I went with Kaori from City Hunter, ’cause she reminds me a bit of the lady Kobeni gravitated to during the drinking party, which is my headcannon for her type now.

NHS Fusions – Zilvon

I decided to run a new NHS Fusion poll on SubscribeStar, focusing on non-human characters to try and get an interesting/weird result. The Subscribers voted for Zarbon and Sliver the Hedgehog, and hopefully the result is weird enough. I wanted to keep a body type similar to Zarbon’s, though I drew him a bit less muscular. I thought Zarbon’s skin tone would look good with Silver’s hair color, so I went that direction instead of mixing the colors like I often do for these Fusions. I like the skin-toned foot sole look I’ve been doing with Surge’s pics, though, so I kept that for Zilvon here.