Month: September 2023

MomSwap – Lola and Patricia Bunny

I mentioned during the last NHS MILFs pic that there was a bunny mom I wanted to use for that series who wasn’t in the Studio. There’s actually a number of bunny moms I could’ve been talking about, but the one I was thinking of specifically was Patricia. Patricia is Lola’s mom in The Looney Tunes Show. She doesn’t have many lines or do much in the show, but I like her design and thought she’d be fun to draw. Having a furry MomSwap entry is also a neat change of pace for this series, I think. So here’s Lola and Patricia, and sometime in the near future I’ll probably draw Patricia again for NHS MILFs.

Super Miracle Surprise

So a long, long time ago I had a recurring commission client who bought a lot of my early bi and yaoi content. He commissioned a bit of super hero bi content, and some of the solo pics were posted back then. He also commissioned two short comics. They were never meant to be private or anything, but we were saving them with the intent of releasing them all together as a collection. We fell out of contact before that could happen, though, and I was a bit too embarrassed by the quality to release them at the time. Now, though, it’s been long enough that it doesn’t bother me to share old, poorer-quality content. I decided to release this comic now, and the other completed one I’ll share sometime in the future when I need to.

Makima Character Ask 1

Makima has the energy of a confident, lazy predator, so I picture her casually sizing up people as she goes around the Studio. I don’t personally think she has much of a type, really, but rather goes after anyone she happens to think is interesting for whatever reason. I went with Kazusa for her partner here in part because I just find it easy to picture her catching Makima’s attention, but also because I know this Subscriber is fond of her.

Boingo BJ

When watching the Stardust Crusaders season of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, there were a handful of characters who caught my eye. One such character was Boingo, the Stand user of Tohth. He uses a comic book that predicts future events, and I found his mannerisms and design pretty cute. I figured there was a good chance I’d forget about him if I didn’t draw him quickly, though, so I did this little pic while he was still on my mind.

Krillin Character Ask 1

I feel like a fight between Levi and Krillin would be pretty one-sided, especially since the skills Levi uses to be such an effective Titan hunter probably wouldn’t be super effective against Krillin. I think the idea of Levi and Krillin, both being short kings with the status as the strongest humans in their dimensions makes sense, though, even if I couldn’t really see them working outside of this context.

Futa Witch

This is a pretty old sketch from October of 2019. At the time I hadn’t done as much futa Butt Witch content as I have by now, so it was more of a novelty to show her fucking Reggie like this. I still liked the drawing, though, and when I needed some quicker pics to work on to keep my upload schedule I decided to dust it off for inking and coloring. Hope y’all enjoy it, I really want to do more BW/RA content eventually (futa or non).

Kobeni Higashiyama Character Ask 1

Kobeni has a brief line about her options for earning money for her family, where she mentions prostitution as something she could’ve done besides devil hunting. Now, I’m not advocating for prostitution as a great job here or anything, however I did kinda like the idea of Kobeni reconsidering that once she’s lived the NH Studio lifestyle a bit. For her partner here I went with Kaori from City Hunter, ’cause she reminds me a bit of the lady Kobeni gravitated to during the drinking party, which is my headcannon for her type now.