Month: June 2023

Gabi x Pieck

The first time I drew Gabi, I picked out two characters she shared scenes with in the clip compilations I was referencing from who I thought I could pair her with. One was Zofia, who I already did, and the other was Pieck here. I know Pieck’s got some fans, as I recall her being nominated for NHML a number of times, so hopefully those fans will enjoy seeing her here.

Studio Tour 11 – Birdgirl/Harley

I sketched this one a good while back. I’m not sure if I can articulate why I really wanted to do something with these two together, maybe just because I consider their respective shows part of a similar trend, but I wanted to bring them together so here they are. I can think of several shows that portray the heroes and villains dynamic as more like a form of roleplay (sometimes even romantic/sexual roleplay) instead of a battle between good and evil. The show Birdgirl spins off of, Harvey Birdman, is one such example, even. So it made sense to me that, in the Studio where crime and villainy are all pretty much out of the picture, characters who miss that dynamic might instead take to a form of mock battle that functions pretty explicitly as foreplay.

Lin Beifong Character Ask 1

Lin and Toph are in an interesting position within the Studio, with Toph living day-to-day in her TLA younger body, while Lin’s of course a much older woman in TLOK. Of course if I were to pair them up for, like, a scene set within the Avatar universe I’d either set it in a flashback between the two series or use Toph’s older design from TLOK. However, within the outside-continuity Studio, we get a case of the mother being a loli and the daughter is a GILF. I’ve been looking for an excuse to bring these two together since Lin’s First Shoot, and this Ask seemed like as good an excuse as any.

Gohan Posing Commission

This month one of my Lord Tier Subscribers got their bi-annual commission. The commissions at this tier are two-character ones, and this Subscriber asked if they could split that into two one-character pics. I couldn’t think of a good reason why not (usually people wanting just two characters posing will have them doing it in the same pic, but it’s not like it’s more work to have them be separate images), so this is the first of them. Just teen Gohan posing in a fairly inviting way. The other pic will come out in a couple days.

Near Hentai Studio Tour – “Half-Hungry” Version


So, my plan for this update was to do one big update focused on the Food Court in the Studio. I would add a bunch of restaurants, all with characters you could meet and fuck. These characters have less dialogue and simpler scenes than the previous focus characters, but would still be people I think many of you would enjoy getting more intimate with. However, the list of characters I planned to include was rather long, and it was (as always) taking longer than I’d like to work through them all. So, here where I’m roughly halfway through the update I decided to release a partial update just containing what I have so far. The next update will contain everything I’d originally planned to be part of this update, but for now I think there’s enough content to keep y’all happy.