Month: May 2015

May ’15 WWOTM – Marina

The WWOEC Woman of the Month for May 2015 is Marina from Zig & Sharko, a French cartoon about a Hyena that tries to eat this little lady, and the shark who protects her. I’m not sure why she needs the shark to protect her, but after watching a couple episodes I decided I really don’t care for this series and didn’t watch any more. It has a typical Looney Tunes set-up, but the humor is pretty flat and none of the characters are likable or entertaining. Marina here is basically Disney’s Ariel in a different art style (and none of the personality), and the other characters aren’t any more interesting than that.

I went with a simple approach this month because 1) I feel my options are limited with mermaids and 2) I didn’t have enough time (or motivation) to do something more complex. Still, I think it’s pretty decent, and hopefully some of you guys will enjoy it.

Sasuke the Pimp

This image started as a commission, but the commissioner wanted to keep their purchase private. I support that, but since I put a lot of work into this image, I convinced them to let me release an altered version, which you see here. Prostitution is not a theme I typically visit, but here’s one pic of it for those of you who enjoy that.

I never really cared for Naruto myself. I read the first few volumes of the manga, but it never held my interest and I gravitated away to other things. So, probably there won’t be much else of Naruto on from me in the future, unless it’s commissioned or crops up in a crossover project of some kind (of which I have a few planned).

I recently finished my time at university, and should have a lot more time to devote to my art now. I have another commission or two I need to work on, and then I’d like to get back to Eromugen and some other pics that have been sitting half-finished on my computer for a while. Once I get caught up, I’d like to try starting some other comics that update a page at a time like Eromugen, though we’ll see just how much time I actually end up having.