Month: February 2017

Goten Buu Gangbang

This is an idea I had a couple months ago, and the sketch work for it’s been sitting around for almost as long. I thought Goten (and later Trunks) getting gangbanged by a bunch of Buus in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber would be a fun concept, since I haven’t drawn the boys bottoming as often as I’d like. I’m not sure when, but I definitely want to do a Trunks version of this idea and, if people like these, maybe a Gotenks one eventually as well.

Howl Like A Bitch

This is a side commission I took some time ago and finally wrapped up. The client wanted to see Max Goof being made Pluto’s bitch, all for some extra money to buy concert tickets. I kind of liked the concept a lot in spite of myself, and I hope you guys like it, too. The client enjoyed the final result so much he’s already arranging to get a sequel pic done some time in the future.

MomSwap – Violet and Helen Parr

It’s been a minute since the last MomSwap entry, so I decided to finish this one I’ve had sitting sketched out for a month or two. I mentioned at the start that all of the eligible girls from Sleepover Raid would be appearing in this series, and Violet and her mom were of course not exempt from that statement. Their relationship in this universe is a bit healthier than their one in the Xoverse, but Violet still can’t get enough of her mom’s ass. She’s using MomSwap in hopes of finding another girl with the same tastes (and shapely mom) as herself.

NHML – Reiko Mikami

The Near Hentai Monthly Lady for February 2017 is Reiko Mikami, the protagonist of Ghost Sweeper Mikami. I was only loosely familiar with this franchise before now, but I’ve seen a few episodes now and I kind of like it. The show has a really nice early 90’s charm to it, with some fun and interesting ghost stories and a good sense of humor. I don’t want to make any promises, but I wouldn’t mind returning to this series some time. There are a lot of beautiful women in this show, some who only appear for that episode’s plot, so if I get more into it it could be a good source for new material. On the other hand, it’s relatively obscure, so it may not be worth it if nobody will care. ^_^;;

For this entry I decided to pair Mikami up with her assistant, Tadao Yokoshima. Tadao is a perverted teenager, who’s constantly hitting on the aforementioned beautiful women, and is of course obsessed with Reiko. I enjoy pairing desperate characters up with the objects of their affections (as long as said desperate character retains their likability, which Tadao more or less does), so this seemed like the best way to introduce this franchise to the Near Hentai brand. Whether I end up doing more with Ghost Sweeper Mikami, I’m at least happy that I got to do these two together.

My Pet Academia

So the client who purchased this commission off the list of Twenty was apparently inspired by the previous My Hero Academia pictures I had done. The idea here was basically to show Deku off posing in a collar, then put him in the butter churner position with an anonymous dick. Deku’s really cute, so I never mind drawing him. This commission was fun, and I hope you guys enjoy seeing him in this role.