Jasmine x Lapis

Okay, so many, many years ago (back when I was still on Blogspot), I tried to do a big orgy pic that featured a bunch of the characters I’d drawn up to that point. It was mostly populated by characters I thought I’d be drawing a lot at the time, most of whom I haven’t actually drawn more than a handful of times looking back at it now. I put a lot of work into this pic back then, and it’s kinda hovered over my head for a long time. I’ve decided to go back to it, working on it piecemeal in smaller pics. If I get enough of it done this way, then maybe it won’t seem so daunting to go in and finish the full thing somewhere down the line.
This pairing of Lapis and Jasmine was done around the time I drew both of them for the first time, and was the most completed segment of the full image. So I went in and finished it. This drawing is extremely old, and I’d draw these two different if I did it today, I think, but hopefully people will still enjoy seeing them together even if the lineart’s not up to my current standards.

Corey Park Character Ask 8

This Ask serves a couple functions for me, which is why I wanted to run with it. First is just getting to draw Ursula again, which I like, but more importantly using Corey allows me to establish something with her that opens up how she can be used in future pics. Corey’s not the type of guy who’d be comfortable around tentacles, I think. I’m sure he’s seen how other cute boys in the Studio have interacted with tentacles in the past, and that’s not really what he’s about. However, establishing that Ursula can get rid of them (without using the human disguise from her movie, which is a design I’m less interested in), now opens her up for much more content. Otherwise, she’d be stuck pretty much with oral, handjobs/fingering, and boob stuff, which is fine, but now we have a canon explanation for drawing her with human lower parts if I want to later.

West Supreme Kai Character Ask 1

The West Supreme Kai is a minor DBZ character I always liked, but haven’t had much for generally. With this Ask, I thought it’d be fun to give her a small handful of surprise partners. Since she has very little characterization in the show, I took this as an opportunity to just be a little random with the character selection, although I decided to pick three ladies who have all been in the 1 Club for quite a while, like she has. Clockwise, we have Sayuri Kinniku from Kinnikuman, Tara Boumdeay from Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, and Tiana from The Princess and the Frog.

Luca Creampie

This is a Mini Commission featuring Luca Paguro from the film Luca. I haven’t seen this movie, but I remember the shota fans in my audience sharing content of Luca and his friend Alberto when it came out. I’m not personally into either of them, but one of my Subscribers was so here we are.

Li Shang Character Ask 1

Shang is such a straight shooter that I thought it’d be fun for him to give an embarrassingly sincere answer to a question like this. I like the idea of Shang be into Ping before the big reveal, and also enjoying fucking Mulan as Ping, but it’s tough for me to picture him saying he prefers Ping over Mulan. Ping, due to the comedic setups of the film, was never able to really be at ease or natural, so I feel like the more genuine and actualized Mulan would always have the edge with 

Make A Man Out of You

So I had the idea for this pic some time ago, at least a few years. I always thought Ping looked really cute, and I liked the idea of Shang fucking his ass without knowing his little secret. It was just one of countless ideas I never acted on, but drawing Mulan’s First Shoot kinda broke the ice and made it easier for me to go back and put this concept to use.

The Cheetah and The Owl

This is a Master Mini Commission for one of my Master Tier Subscribers, the same Subscriber who brought Cheetara into the Studio in the first place with a regular Mini Commission some time ago. She hasn’t appeared since then, meaning theoretically this pairing could have happened in either the 1 Club series or Eda’s Ambition, but instead it’s its own little standalone pic.

First Shoot #10 – Fa Mulan

Marking our tenth First Shoot is Fa Mulan, star of Disney’s Mulan. Mulan is a character I’ve always liked, and toyed with drawing for a long time. She’s one of several Disney “Princesses” I’ve been wanting to draw for some time, though her inclusion in this First Shoot poll was a bit of a last-minute decision. Here she is now, though, and her random lottery partner ended up being our first Fusion to appear in this series, Catrina (fusion of Catra and Selina Kyle). I ended up liking these two together quite a bit while drawing them, maybe they’ll become friends in the Studio.