Rosita Character Ask 1

So, funny story. Recently some of my friends went to an event where they watched Sing 2. I didn’t go, but I jokingly asked them to let me know if the second film showed off Rosita’s ass any. I ended up getting texts from them whenever they did anything interesting with her butt, which got me thinking about drawing her again. I’d been thinking about doing a new Rosita pic all day, when I saw this question submitted. I could be wrong, but I don’t think anyone’s submitted a question for her before, and it just seemed like too much of a coincidence to ignore. So, I decided it’d be the one I answered next.
I considered just showing her pole dancing, since she got really into dancing in the first film and her super market dance sequence is a highlight of the movie. However, I really wanted to draw her with some other characters, so I decided to just have her mention the pole dancing instead. Rosita’s life was dominated by her many kids in the movie, so I figured she’d enjoy having lots of free time and such in the Studio. For her partners, I wanted to go with two other anthro characters I’m fond of but don’t draw often. I realize that in the world of furry porn I’m pretty lacking, but I do still enjoy drawing them from time to time regardless.

Anne Anal

I’ve been wanting to draw Anne Boonchuy from Amphibia for… I guess for a few years now? I’ve liked her ever since I first saw her, which is rare. Usually I have to watch a show and get to know a character before deciding I want to draw them, but for Anne it was instant. I never really worked up the momentum to actually do it, though. Early in 2022 I had the idea to do a big pic with a bunch of teen girl protagonists lined up in this position (I’ve done a couple pics like that before, usually with about three characters). I was gonna debut Anne in that pic, and she was going to be alongside Luz (Owl House), Connie (Steven Universe), Rider (Centaurworld), Reggie (Twelve Forever) and… more. I just kept thinking of other characters, and Kipo ended up in there, Tulip from Infinity Train, Hilda, Star Butterfly… the list was getting longer and I realized I wasn’t actually gonna finish this pic. Like I usually do for big pics, the girls were all drawn separately, and recently I decided to dust Anne off and just get one pic of her done by inking and coloring it. So I edited the guy fucking her a bit to imply he’s some random resident of Amphibia (it was originally a human anon), and here she is! Maybe I’ll ink and color some of the other sketches for that failed pic someday, but for now I’m just happy to have Anne in the Studio. The plan is for her to show up again before too long in the MomSwap series, so look forward to that!

Corey Park Character Ask 3

I know this Subscriber’s tasted well enough to have a pretty good idea which furry girls they had in mind when posting this question. However, when it comes to Corey Park, I feel like his tastes have been pretty well-established, and the first furry in the Studio who came to mind as a potential partner for him was Grammi Gummi. Hopefully they won’t be too disappointed that it wasn’t one of their faves who got the spot in this Ask, but I have to answer in-character and Corey/Grammi just made too much sense to me.

MomSwap – Mei and Ming Lee

I watched Turning Red not long ago and thought it was a pretty fun kids movie. I really liked both Mei and her mother, and even though the movie’s built around them having a falling out I still thought their positive moments together were cute and wanted to get them into MomSwap. I figured I’d set it after the events of the film, allowing me to keep Mei’s red hair. I decided to go with her slightly messier non-clip hairstyle, too, since I thought that was her cutest look in the film. While red-haired Ming was also pretty nice in the film, I figured narratively it’d make more sense for her to have her darker hair here.

Eda’s Ambition – Froppy

I figured Eda needed to get with some of the MHA characters, and Tsuyu Asui was my first choice (she’s kinds been with Mina since she’s done an Ask with Pinkfire, but I don’t think that counts). Tsuyu’s been pretty open about offering her tongue services up to people around the Studio, so it wouldn’t be too difficult for Eda to arrange a little shoot with her.

Tribal Tarzan

This is a Mini Commission for one of my Subscribers. The idea for this pic was to show kid Tarzan with anklets, bracelets, and “tribal paint”. I wasn’t sure exactly what they wanted, but I looked to Koko from one of the Pokémon movies for how to handle it. I also gave him a little handprint on his bum, ’cause I figured that’d be fun.

Kaa Character Ask 1

This is something I thought some people might enjoy. I haven’t done anything with Kaa in ages, but the Hypno’s Harem series seems to have revitalized a bit of an interest in hypnosis fetishism in my community and I’ve seen his name come up a few times. There’s even a One-Shot script that’s being submitted featuring Kaa and a few boys (and, funnily enough, that script ended up winning), so I figured I’d go ahead and use this Ask to get a little snake action going. I almost didn’t use Mowgli, just to vary up Kaa’s partners from previous works, but it felt wrong to not include him. Mokuba got in on this because I haven’t drawn him in a while, plus he’s one of the boys from that script I mentioned so I figured there was some interest in seeing him like this.
As for Kaa’s answer, it’s based on my understanding of how his hypnosis works. In the movie, it seems like any distraction makes it easy for Mowgli to break free, and it makes sense intuitively to me that he’d only need a short time to mesmerize someone. Functionally, the purpose of his ability is just to lull prey into a dazed state so he can eat them, unlike Hypno’s more advanced ability that allows for complete control until he releases it. Not exactly useful for harem building, but still good for some quick fun.

Shego Character Ask 1

Kim Possible is one of those shows that I love seeing content on, and was really attached to when it aired, but I just don’t think about often enough to draw regularly. If I had more KP fans in my audience it might be like Teen Titans and live on in spite of that, but so far that hasn’t really been the case. I drew a handful of pics a few years ago when I re-watched the show to share it with my younger sister, but after we finished it it’s been largely off my radar.
Kim/Shego’s one of the most obvious hero/villain pairings I can think of, they just have excellent chemistry together (and I like Ron, but way better than the canon ship IMO). Even so, I’ve never actually drawn them together (just being co-dommed by Warmonga or Drakken), so this is their first one-on-one pic together. While I’m sure they both have other sexual partners in the Studio, I do kinda just picture these two fucking all the time after they came into the Studio.