Month: March 2022

Am I Your Favorite Now?

I’ve had a passing interest in Five Nights at Freddy’s smut for a while, mostly as a curiosity. I did find it interesting, however, when I saw the new Security Breach game. For whatever reason, it feels like this game is really leaning into trying to be lewded, which is an unexpected aesthetic direction for a horror franchise to be sure. Regardless, Roxanne Wolf from this game was submitted for a Mini Commission with Gregory in an anon role. I don’t really plan to do any more FNAF at this time, but I guess you never know. I worry that in this pic I leaned a bit too heavily into how her animatronic in the game looks, I’m not sure but if I do end up drawing her (or any of the others) again, I might try and get further away from that. Regardless, I hope you all like this little divergence from what I normally draw.

Rider and Woman

I really enjoyed Netflix’s Centaurworld, I think it’s a great show. There’s a number of kinda weird/unusual centaur and animal characters I’d like to draw from it, if I can figure out how I want to approach them, but for now I thought I’d do a quick pic of the two main human characters I’m interested in. Rider, on the left, and Mysterious Woman, on the right, both really appeal to me for very different reasons. I’d like to draw more of both of them if and when I can fit them in, along with the centaur characters and stuff… for now, though, let’s just get them fucked by some colorful magic dicks.

Son Goku Character Ask 26

Personally, I would’ve liked to expand Uub’s partners somehow, but this Ask was a good opportunity to draw him again and I think he’s a cutie. I don’t know if this really expands or develops the Goku/Uub relationship, but more Uub is a good thing in my book.

Also, here’s the Q&A video I did for Subscribers last month:

Disrespectful Tongue

I’ve wanted to do something with Lady Tremaine for a while. I realize not everyone will agree, but I find her to be quite the handsome woman, and lewding her was very exciting for me. I think the most straightforward way to lewd her is like this, dominating Cinderella in some capacity. I’m not sure if or when I’ll get to draw her again, but I do think I’d like to try and do something with her and the Fairy Godmother at some point, even though they don’t interact in the movie.

NHS Fusions – Danruto Phantomaki

This Fusion Poll didn’t have a theme like many of the others. I was a bit surprised at the winners, though. I know both Danny and Boruto have their fans, but I haven’t done a ton with either, and I feel like when I have the response has been positive but not overwhelming. Nonetheless, they came out on top here, and so we end up with the somewhat comedically named Danruto Phantomaki. Hope you all like him!

Bell Cranel Character Ask 1

I think it’s really interesting that, for a show built around cute anime waifu’s Bell is easily the cutest character I’ve seen from DanMachi. Normally the protagonists of these types of shows are all kinda slight variations on the same boring dude, but not Bell. I knew it’d happen eventually that he’d get put into some yaoi content, and I’m actually surprised it took as long as it did (he’s had other Asks, but I couldn’t do them for one reason or another). I don’t actually know enough about him to have an opinion on who he should be paired with, so I went the anon route, but luckily that allowed for this great view that I hope y’all appreciate!

Green Ghost

Invincible’s a show with a lot of attractive people in it, especially on the feminine side of things. When I first watched it I thought about drawing a number of characters, but for whatever reason never did. The one who stuck in my mind the most is actually barely in the show, Green Ghost. I’m not sure what it is about her that I latched on to, but I kept thinking about her months after watching the first season. I decided to do a simple little pic of her both in and out of her superhero transformation, and maybe this will be the ice breaker I need to come back and do some more Invincible stuff later. We’ll see.