Month: July 2020

Kyle’s Luck

This is a Master Commission done for one of my supporters, featuring Luck Voltia from Black Clover and Kyle from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Most of this picture was left open to my discretion (the client just specified the characters and asked for feet to be visible), and this is what I went with. I don’t know Luck very well, but he definitely seems more like a top to me than Kyle does, since Kyle’s one of those boys that’s always gonna feel like a bottom in any potential pairing. I hope you guys enjoy seeing these two cute boys going at it.

Also, here is the Q&A video I did last month, if anyone’s interested:

Clancy Gilroy Character Ask 1

I picked this question to answer just because I really like Clancy and wanted to take another stab at him. His answer here was sort of stream-of-conscious, I wasn’t sure what he was going to say until I started writing it. I think his answer makes sense, though. In The Midnight Gospel he conducts interviews while navigating zombie apocalypses are being chopped into ground beef or other crazy stuff, so it makes sense in the Studio he’d conduct them while having sex. As for his partner, I pulled out Vegeta since he missed out on the chance to fuck Asta just a few Asks ago. I also liked this position Vegeta used when he fucked Bakugou, so we’re trying it out again.

Frankie’s Anal Toy

This here’s a new Mini Commission done for a supporter The idea was just to have Frankie Foster playing with an anal toy, I chose this position to convey that idea ’cause I thought it’d be fun. I drew Frankie once before in 2016, though back then the idea was to try and adapt her into an anime style. These days my approach to these more stylized western cartoon characters is to try and keep key elements to their original art style while adapting other elements in the hopes of finding a middle ground where they won’t look unnatural with more realistically-drawn bodies. It’s a work in progress, but that’s what I went for here and I hope the final result is satisfactory.

Asta Staria Character Ask 1

I had to specify Black Clover in the title for this Ask to separate his Asks from what’s already been done with the Asta of Hunter x Hunter. Apparently neither of them have last names, as far as I can tell.
So this one seemed pretty obvious to me. Multiple people were hoping to see Asta getting fucked, and while I’m not particularly attracted to him myself (not a fan of his hair, or his face), I knew enough people would enjoy seeing it that I combined the two questions for this response. I haven’t seen much of Black Clover, but Asta strikes me as a typical shounen protagonist, in that he tends to jump ahead into situations without much thought, and that’s what I tried to capture in this answer. I considered using Vegeta as his partner for this, since a number of my followers are interested in him as a top, but I decided to go with Zoro instead. For one, we’ve seen much less of Zoro than we have Vegeta around the Studio (and I’m a little hesitant to rely too much on DBZ characters). Also, though, I feel like there’s a bit of a similarity between One Piece and Black Clover, despite the shows being very different (things like the Pirate/Witch King being similar elements in their premises).

Trunks Riding Goten

This was an annual commission for one of my Master Tier supporters. All they wanted to see was Goten fucking Trunks, the pose and everything else was left up to me. I decided to return to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for the scene, since besides being a recognizable recurring location, it’s also pretty simple and easy to work in. I decided to do a pic focusing on Trunks’ butt and feet, since I figured at least a couple of you guys would appreciate that.

Carnal Kingdom – Mako Mankanshoku Sold

Last month I did a commission of Mako here up for sale, and true to form for the Carnal Kingdom series, this month we see who bought her. Mako’s new mistress is a two-dicked futa demon named Lorenza, as you can see. The client behind this commission had a previous commission featuring her brother, but that one just showed his arms, wings and cocks and she hasn’t appeared anywhere. I wasn’t really looking to design anyone new, so I filled in any gaps here with typical demon stuff (like her tail, black hair, what-have-you). A lot of this picture was left up to me, actually, including the position, angle, and the collar and leash, all of which I presented to the client and got an a-okay to go ahead with. Keeping with Mako’s quirky personality, like last time, I went with a cute and fun expression for her while she gets both her holes stuffed.

Kids Get Special Treatment

As part of a larger project I’m working on, I recently made an AMV of the 80’s action-comedy series City Hunter (it’s not publicly available at this time). I’d been curious about City Hunter for a while, and took to it while making the video. The show has a different new character the protagonists are helping every episode, always a beautiful young woman that the main character, Ryo Saeba, will hit on constantly throughout the episode. Like with every classic anime pervert, Kaori Makimura acts as his counter-measure, ready to smash him with a comedy hammer whenever she catches him going to far. There’s a handful of these one-off women I’m pretty interested in, and maybe I’ll revisit this series to draw them or some of the recurring characters again in the future.
In episode twelve of the original series, titled “Kids Get Special Treatment: A Beautiful Lady from a Dangerous Land”, the duo are protecting a young woman who’s travelling with a boy (they’re teacher/student). Throughout the episode, Ryo gets jealous that the boy (Takuya) is able to do things like take baths and share a bed with his teacher (Kawada Atsuko). Takuya’s just as perverted as Ryo, and eventually starts to grope and harass Ryo’s partner, Kaori. It’s all played for laughs, and Kaori has some pretty funny reactions to the boy just randomly grabbing her at different points.
The first panel of this comic is basically just a recreation of a scene from the episode, though Kaori’s reaction is a bit different here. I just found myself really drawn to these two as a straight shota pairing, and couldn’t settle on just one picture of them. I considered doing a series of pic, like I did with my “After the Cell Games” series, but since these characters aren’t as widely known as Gohan and Chi-Chi I thought it might be more prudent to do a single-page comic like we have here. This way I can include a bit more of a narrative, and panels like that first one, to give context to the sex.
I don’t much expect to draw Takuya again (although never say never), but I’d definitely like to do a bit more with Kaori down the road. I’m not sure what exactly it is, but I’m very fond of her. Now that I’m no longer working on that AMV, it’s possible my interest will fade and I’ll forget about her and the show, but if I can get out another pic or two before that happens I’d like to try.