Month: December 2022

First Shoot #2 – Shuu Inuzuka

So, funny story, but the second First Shoot poll I ran ended in a three-way tie. I might could’ve run a second tie-breaker poll, but since I liked all three winners I decided to just draw each of them. Funnily enough, all three ended up with their random partners being 1 Club members, as well as straight pairings. So that’s weird, but here we are.
Shuu is the best friend of Izumi-kun in Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie. Some of my Subscribers, even those who haven’t seen the show, have taken to him due to his resemblance to Bakugou. Even though I considered him a dark horse in the poll, this interest propelled him to the top, so here he is with BraveStarr’s Judge, J.B. McBride. I drew J.B. back in 2014 as part of the WWOEC Woman of the Month feature. She was actually a character I’d nominated for that event personally, because I love Filmation cartoons and BraveStarr was an outlier many people didn’t know. J.B.’s the romantic interest of the series, and I’d originally planned to draw more of her, but just never got around to it. She makes an interesting and odd crossover for Shuu, though, and I always like when we get non-sequiter pairings like this.


I wanted to draw Rimuru with Veldora for a while, but just never got around to it. I decided to correct that with this quick pin-up, which I thought was cute. Of Rimuru’s associates, Veldora’s the one I’d ship him with first, as the first person he met in the isekai who’s been with him for his whole journey. When Veldora got his human body, I thought he was pretty charming, and I’ll proably draw them fucking eventually.

Cat Noir Character Ask 3

I haven’t done a Cat Noir pic in a while, and I thought people might like seeing him show off the goods. Since I try to avoid showing characters dressed for Asks, I couldn’t show how his ass looks in his tights, but I guess you could watch the show to get an idea of how it looks.

Also, here’s the Q&A video I did for Subscribers last month:

Baba Spread

I’ve been toying with the idea of drawing Fortuneteller Baba for a long time. During my rewatch of the original Dragon Ball, I finally got to her saga, which just motivated me to draw her more. After some encouragement from some of my Subscribers, I decided to go ahead and ink/color this sketch I did of her a while back. I thought if I showed her facing away from the camera, more people might be open to the idea of lewding her, though I fully intend to draw her again from other angles in the future.

Studio Christmas Party Highlights 2022

Last year I finished my ongoing series of Mace and Jackie’s Christmas Carol, so this year I was in search of something to replace it. I went through a few ideas, but none of them felt quite right, until I hit on this. A few years ago I had the idea of an ongoing comic set in a Studio orgy, basically jumping from place to place within the orgy without any real story or anything. I didn’t think the idea had the legs for a regular comic, but I’ve kind of reworked the concept here. So, every year for Christmas, I’d like to do a little montage comic like this one highlighting a few little scenes from that year’s Studio Christmas Party. I think this series could be fun, and I hope y’all will enjoy it. I started this one late because I was having trouble coming up with a concept, so once I had it I just drew the first few ideas I had. Unfortunately, none of them ended up being yaoi, but I’ll try to rectify that next year. In the meantime, please enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Studio Santa #2 – Rose Thomas

Last year I started a new annual tradition for Christmas, of using a randomizer to pick one character from the full Studio roster who’ll do a sexy Santa pin-up. Last year’s Santa was Jody Crowley, who’d just debuted not long before that, but this time it’s someone I drew over a decade ago in 2011, Rose Thomas. Her only other appearance so far was also for a series driven by random selection, the Crossover Yuri series where random girls from a list of characters got paired up. I think she fits the Santa look surprisingly well, and since I never liked how her original pic turned out it’s nice to take another (more successful) stab at her now.

NHS Fusions – Narjiro Kirumaki

So I’ve been thinking it over, and I think I’d like to take a bit of a break from the Fusions series for a while. I still have Fusion Bios to make, and we’ll see some of the ones who exist around in Asks and such, but I ready for a break from creating new ones. I still enjoy making the Fusions, but I feel like the roster’s getting crowded, and people are maybe starting to lose interest as they feel less and less special. I’m sure I’ll do more eventually, but for now Narjiro here is our last one. I tried to mix up the way both Kirishima and Naruto’s hair spikes, and I figured an orange-ish hair would be a nice middle-ground between their respective colors. He’s a bit slimmer than Kirishima, but I think he’s still got a lot going for him, and I hope y’all will like him.

Launch Character Ask 1

This is a case of an Ask fishing for a pairing that I thought would be fun to draw, that I probably wouldn’t get around to doing anything with otherwise. I think if we ever see Tien canonically paired with someone in Dragon Ball at this point, it’ll probably be Yurin, but for the longest time Tien’s most likely straight ship was presented as Launch. I do kinda like this pairing, and I’m totally down for the idea that they’d hook up in the Studio. I didn’t have any interesting twist to present on it, though, so I went with a blunt response instead.