Month: June 2016

Break Him In

The little guy here is Youngblood, a minor (no pun intended) Danny Phantom villain with only a couple of significant appearances. The first time he showed up it was to team with Ember while dressed as a pirate. His second appearance is this one, where he played cowboy and tried to make Danny’s family think he’d gone crazy. In this pic he takes a slightly different approach to getting his revenge on the ghost boy.

This picture came about after, relatively out of nowhere, I started getting more and more into the idea of a shota getting topped by a younger (but “bigger”) shota. Other artists I hold in high esteem had done this a lot already, and we’re heading that way in A Trip to the Past, but I decided to test the waters a bit for this particular type of pairing. I know ATTTP is very popular, but I’m not sure how much of that is due to the idea of younger boys topping an older one, and how much is just the phenomenon of Dragon Ball and Gohan, both of which seem to go over well around here no matter what.

I have several ideas at the ready from different series if it seems people like this sort of thing. If not, well, it’ll probably still crop up here and there, but maybe not as soon or as often. If you have an opinion on the matter, let me know.

Ash vs. Charizard

So this is a picture I first started way back in February, around the same time I did the Machamp picture. At the time I was thinking of doing a bunch of pictures of Ash getting fucked by various Pokémon and, while I may do more pics of that theme in the future, my passion for doing that kind of dried up. I’ll probably revisit this theme in the future, but I’ve honestly had a wide variety of ideas for Ash… to the point where just settling on which ones to actually draw is a bit of a problem.

I assume this goes with out saying, but for the sake of clarity this picture has nothing to do with the Near Pokédex series. Beyond thing like there being no Pokédex info and actually using a character from the anime (instead of just borrowing design elements), I did my best to keep the Charizard here fairly on model from the original design. One of these days Charizard will probably show up in the Pokédex, but when it does it’ll be a very different take on things.

Eating DNA

I’ve only seen the first five episodes or so, but I’ve been really enjoying My Hero Academia so far. The manga always looked to me like something I would enjoy, so this comes as no surprise, and I knew it was only a matter of time until I drew something from it.

The premise here is probably the most obvious one in the series, and I’m far from the first person to do it. For those who don’t know (spoilers, I guess), early in the series there’s a plot point about the main character (Izuku Midoriya, or Deku) having to ingest some DNA from their world’s equivalent of Superman (All Might) to gain some of his powers. In the show it’s a strand of hair, but they’re pretty clear that it could have been anything with his DNA, so naturally people like me immediately started thinking about cum.

I had some more fun with the lighting in this one, though in this case it was just recreating the lighting already present in the hair eating scene. This also meant using their outfits from that scene, so hopefully All Might is still recognizable even though he’s wearing a less iconic outfit than, say, his superhero tights.

NHML – Princess Peach

I had been toying with the idea of doing Peach in a position like this for a while, so I ran with the idea. Bowser was a late addition, as she was originally just hanging there. I thought the picture needed something more than that, so I threw him in there, and I think his inclusion helps make Peach look less bored, and more fucked to the brink of exhaustion. All in all I’m pretty happy with the first NHML, and I’m psyched to do more.


This is an idea I had several months ago, but never got around to actually drawing it until recently. In the world of alternate character interpretations, I really like this version of Daphne. While she may let just about anyone fuck her, Daphne’s real passion is eating out ass, especially Velma’s. Velma was a bit taken aback when Daphne first came to her for this, but after a few times she came to really enjoy seeing the “pretty one” lose her mind tonguing her asshole. Velma even got comfortable enough that she started to verbally humiliate Daphne, which only made her wetter. After an hour or two of tongue-fucking Velma’s ass and getting called things like “ass-munching slut”, Dahne will finger herself to an earth-shattering orgasm. As long as she gets that, she doesn’t mind letting Fred, Scooby, Shaggy, or even Flim-Flam bust a nut in her every now and again.

I don’t have any plans to write a Scooby-Doo comic, but I like this narrative enough that if I did, that’s basically what the comic would amount to. 😛

I also tried some new lighting stuff in this one, since I thought it’d be sexier if they were holed up in the back of the Mystery Machine at night. Let me know if I messed it up, though, I don’t have a lot of experience with lighting other than “neutral”.

Tomorrow I’m planning to post the first entry in a new monthly feature around here, so my straight followers should check it out. Yaoi fans (particularly of shota) might want to read the description of that one as well, even if the pic doesn’t interest you. We’ll see how it goes!

Titans Tower Nights Page 01

So, this comic has kind of a long and winding history. For a long time, I had been bouncing around a few ideas that would allow me the chance to “doll up” Beast Boy (sometimes it was Robin). I eventually settled on the idea of Beast Boy seducing Cyborg by going femme, and around that time in the cBox there rose up a discussion of doing a Beast Boy/Raven comic. Since Raven is frequently shipped with either Cyborg or Beast Boy (depending on if the shipper likes Terra, mostly), I thought that Cyborg/Beast Boy/Raven made sense as a threesome. So, I tweaked my existing setup to allow Raven to be involved, and then kept the idea filed away for a while. When I decided I was ready to do a new comic, I ran a poll asking all of you which one I should do and placed some of my favorites up to choose from. You picked TTN over two yuri ones, and here we are.

Hopefully it’s pretty clear what’s going on in this page… I wasn’t sure the best way to quickly convey the situation, but if there’s any confusion the second page should explain things when it comes out next year. In the meantime, though, I probably won’t be posting this page anywhere else until more of the comic has been released. It’s just for those of you who follow the blog until then! I hope you guys like it, for some reason I’ve been especially concerned with how this comic will be received.

Special Training, Page 7

Next in line on the update train is Special Training. Gohan’s feeling bad that he came before Goku, so he sets to work trying to make it right despite Goku’s insistence that it’s okay. Here we get to try a position I don’t think I’ve used before, the standing sixty-nine, as Goku decides to reward Gohan’s enthusiasm.

Tomorrow will be the first page of Titans Tower Nights, and I hope you all will like it. I’m a bit nervous about that one, but I’ll probably talk about that more in its own commentary. Until then, I just hope you’ll all enjoy this little bit of Gohan action.

GB – Golden Boy Episode 1a

It took me a while to finish this one; I think I kept putting it off due to the number of characters. For those who don’t know, these ladies are from the first episode of Golden Boy, a classic ecchi anime and one of the pioneers of the genre. I loved Golden Boy when I was younger, but despite being a classic series there seems to be very little art ever made of it. Presumably this is because the show itself is so risque already, but I’d like to make a contribution to fixing that.

Every now and then I’d like to do a Golden Boy pic focusing on a different episode. There were six episodes, each focusing on a different beautiful woman. The woman would (usually, not always) look down on Kintaro at the start, but inevitably fall in love with him by the end of the episode. However, by that point he would have moved on, as he lives the life of a wanderer. Since Kintaro never got with any of the girls, my pics are going to pair him up with them. 🙂 Pretty simple, right?

These are the lovely ladies of T.N. Software, a software development company Kintaro temps at in the first episode. This pic is titled “1a” because I decided to fit all of the women of that episode in, but the focus of the plot was on the blonde in the middle (only referred to as Madame President; the other girls are credited as Employee A, Employee B, etc.). Eventually I want to do a 1b focusing more on her, preferably with her famous bouncy tits on full display. I haven’t decided yet if I want to do that pic before or after doing the other five episodes, but we’ll see.

In other news, I plan to update Space Emperor Slut, Special Training and Titans Tower Nights very soon. All three should be updated sometime this week. I don’t know if I prefer working on the pages all at once or one at a time, but I thin it will be exciting to have three updates close together regardless.