Month: April 2023

The Cheetah and The Owl

This is a Master Mini Commission for one of my Master Tier Subscribers, the same Subscriber who brought Cheetara into the Studio in the first place with a regular Mini Commission some time ago. She hasn’t appeared since then, meaning theoretically this pairing could have happened in either the 1 Club series or Eda’s Ambition, but instead it’s its own little standalone pic.

Eiko Magami Character Ask 2

Even though she doesn’t show up as much as someone like Goku or whatever, I do kinda picture A-ko sleeping around with a large variety of characters in the Studio, mostly women. I don’t picture her as being particularly picky, but thinking over this question I feel like this is probably how she’d see things. For her partner, I have a long list of women I’d like to draw A-ko with eventually, many of whom might be described as “rowdy”. For this Ask I went with Fasha, though, since she’s pretty new and I know this Subscriber has a bit of a fondness towards her.

Alex Casoy Character Ask 1

There’s always a chance, when an Ask is directed at a normal first name, that I’ll guess the wrong recipient of the question. I think Totally Spies! Alex makes sense, though, so hopefully we’re on the right track here. I picture these three basically just fucking around the Studio in a similar way to how they do when not on missions in the show, just with a bit more fucking each other (and others) on the side. I don’t think Alex or Sam mind much not being big stars… Maybe Clover a little.

Killua’s Footjob Campaign

A few months back, a lot of stuff happened and my commission reward on SubscribeStar underwent some changes. The dust has settled on that, but it did result in some shakeups with how that all works. This is the first commission since then, with the idea behind it being Killua giving a footjob to Gregory of Security Breach, with the dialogue pictured. This is the first time I’ve drawn Gregory’s face, so hopefully fans of his will appreciate this one.

Whoah, Mama!

I’ve wanted to draw Bunny Bravo for a while now, so I figured now that I’ve broken the ice with this franchise I should just go ahead and do it. Johnny as her partner, with his signature catch phrase, just felt like no-brainers once I decided to go ahead and draw her.

Frieza Character Ask 6

I’ve grown to quite like the Frieza/Yamcha ship, a kinda crack pairing stemming mostly from a line in FighterZ where Frieza calls Yamcha “handsome” (as he does here). I have a feeling I know who this Subscriber was hoping I’d draw Frieza with, and it’s also not the first time I’ve drawn him with a human, but this Ask struck me as a good opportunity to break the ice with this pairing. I’d kind of like to do more with Frieza and Yamcha in the future, potentially, especially since Frieza’s one of the few characters I’m down to let Yamcha top.

Also, for anyone interested, I’ve begin re-uploading my old videos looking at the superhero characters I made/drew as a kid. Those of you who’ve been following me for a while may remember me sharing these a few years ago, but when my YouTube channel got nuked they disappeared and I didn’t have a good place for them. I’ve made a new channel for this type of content, though, and you can find the first of these videos here:

Raven Fingering

This here’s another Mini Commission for one of my Subscribers. They asked to see the movie version of Raven fingering both her lower holes, and here we are. I’ve personally only seen one of the animated films with Raven in them, so this design can’t resonate with me the same as her television series one, but I do like this design and I hope y’all will enjoy seeing it for a second time here.

Power Character Ask 1

So, I had this image in my head of Power adjusting to the Studio. I picture her looking around, watching videos, and kind of copying what she sees. In this case, I thought it’d be kinda cute if she just flat-out imitates the last thing she saw (Cat Noir’s recent Ask, Power was intrigued by his name and so sought out his Ask when it released), but despite just copying someone else is extremely proud and boastful of her performance. Hopefully that comes across well here.

Something Slipped

This pic’s inspired by the scene of Frieza being resurrected in Dragon Ball Super. He and Goku kinda posture at each other, taking cheap shots as saying, “Whoops, my hand slipped” while Baba watches uncomfortably. The scene feels thick with sexual tension to me, and I wanted to do this version of it for a while.